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Главная » 2020 » Май » 18 » WWSA GACW Contest Rules.
WWSA GACW Contest Rules.

Revision: April 3, 2020.
I - Dates
Second weekend of June of every year.
From Saturday 15.00 UTC until Sunday 15.00 UTC. 24 hours period.
II - Goal
To communicate with the greatest quantity of ham radio stations around the
world, in as many CQ zones and countries as possible, using A1A mode (CW,
III - Bands
Contest will be held in 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m bands.
You should observe CW segments according your national laws and license.
IV - Categories
Mono-operator categories
It could be Monoband (one band at your election) or Multiband.
Only one signal is permitted on air at the time and the operator must do
every task by itself. One station participating in this category, who receives
operative assistance (DX Cluster, announcement, web pages, text
messages, electronic CW decoders, etc) or technically during the period of
the contest must register as Multi-operator. In the Multiband category, as
many band changes as necessary are permitted, without time limits.
Multi-operator categories
In these categories, Multiband operation should be carried out without
exception. Even if participants choose to operate in one band, contest
result calculations will be made as if Multiband was performed.
Only one transmitter and one band is permitted during any 10 minute
period. This period is counted since the first logged QSO. Exception:
another band –but only one band- can be used during this period if the
logged station is a new multiplier. Violations to this rule will convert
category automatically to Multi-Multi.
- Multi-Transmitter
There is no limit to the number of transmitters, but only one signal can be
on air in any band at the same time.
Grupo Argentino de Radiotelegrafía 1
With respect to the power used to participate, either Mono-operator or
- High Power: Maximum power is the one authorized by the license.
- Low Power: Output power must not exceed 100 Watts.
- QRP: Output power must not exceed 5 Watts.
V - Exchange
Stations must Exchange following data: RST & CQ Zone.
VI - Multipliers
There are two types of multipliers.
1. One multiplier for every different CQ zone worked in each band.
2. One multiplier for every radio country worked by band. Stations of same
country can communicate only to compute Zone and Country. For score
computation CQ WAZ definitions and DXCC-GACW-WAE and WAC limits will be
used. Stations working as Maritime Mobile count only as zone multiplier of the
zone they are navigating.
VII - Points
1. QSO between stations in different continents are worth three (3) points.
2. QSO between stations in the same continent but different countries are
worth one (1) point.
3. QSO between stations inside the same country are permitted for zone and
country multipliers but are worth zero (0) point.
4. QSO with stations of South America are worth five (5) points. This only
applies for stations outside South America.
One same stations only gives points one time per band.
VIII - Score
For all the participating stations: Final score is calculated as the sum of the
points times the sum of multipliers.
100 points of QSO x 100 multipliers (20 Zones + 80 Countries) = 10,000 (Final
Grupo Argentino de Radiotelegrafía 2
Other information
Contest rules, received logs list and contest results reading, certificate
downloading, etc can be accomplished in the following website:

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