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Главная » 2010 » Октябрь » 5 » DXNL 1696 - Oct 6, 2010
DXNL 1696 - Oct 6, 2010

     Lot,DJ7ZG, and Babs,DL7AFS, are going to hit the airwaves as TO7ZG from
     St. Barthelemy (NA-146, DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA LH-0377) from Oct 6-20.
     Operation will take place mainly in RTTY, PSK and SSB on 80m-10m.
     As usual the QSLs will be sent very reliably via DL7AFS, direct or
     via bureau. More information and a logsearch are available online at:

     Kasimir,DL2SBY, will activate the channel islands as follows:
       Oct 7-9:  Jersey (EU-013)   as MJ/DL2SBY
       Oct 9-16: Guernsey (EU-114) as MU/DL2SBY.
     Activities will take place in SSB, CW and RTTY on 80m-10m. Kasimir will
     also watch the DX cluster spots on 6m and 2m and if possible will be
     QRV there as well. He uses following equipment TS-2000, FT-900AT,
     Acom 1010, an HF9V Butternut antenna for HF and yagis for 6m/2m.
     Kasimir is a fan of paper QSL cards and therefore confirms only direct
     or via the DARC bureau.

     Pertti,OH2PM, and Ilmo,OH2BO, are planning an activity as OJ0B from
     Market Reef (EU-053) mainly in CW on 160m-10m from Oct 2-11, if the
     weather permits. They will work in SSB during the Scandinavian Activity
     Contest. QSLs via OH2BH, bureau ok.

     Yuri Sushkin,N3QQ, will show up from several IOTA islands in October.
     His travelling schedule looks like this (but may change due to uncer-
     tain connections):
       Majuro         (OC-029) on Oct 6,
       Enewetak atoll (OC-087) Oct 12-15 and Oct 20/21, applied call: V73QQ
       Ujelang  atoll (OC-278) Oct 16-19, applied call: V73RRC.
     His QSL manager is N7RO. Further information and updates can be
     found on his website:

     During the months of October and November Peppe,VP5/I8UZA, plans to
     become QRV from Providenciales Island (NA-002, WLOTA 1476) in SSB and
     maybe also in RTTY on all bands (except WARC). He will also join the
     CQ WWDX SSB Contest as VP5I as single OP/single band (15m). Peppe will
     use a K3 transceiver with an AL-1500 amplifier, a 3ele 153BA yagi,
     a vertical on the beach and maybe also a 2ele Quad.
     QSL cards for both calls should be sent to his homecall.

     Tom,K7ZZ, is going to activate Ascension Island (AF-003) in CW and SSB
     signing ZD8ZZ from Oct 6-19. His QTH will be the Green Mountain (701m).
     Tom will use a 2ele phased vertical array on 160m-10m during this
     "micro lite" operation. QSLs direct via K7ZZ or via LoTW.

     The Czech DIG Club (OK1KIG) is using the special event callsign OL5DIG
     from Oct 1-31. They are working only in digital modes (especially in
     BPSK) on several bands from different QTHs. QSL via OK1AR.

     The British Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society (RNARS) is celebrating
     its 50th anniversary by activating the special callsign GB50RN in CW
     and SSB on 80m-10m from Oct 2-9. The special event station GB50RNARS
     is very active as well and also activated by several members of the
     club. A special award is available for HAMs and SWLs. More information
     can be found on the website of the RNARS:

     YS0IARU is activated during the IARU Region 2 General Assembly until
     Oct 8. All participants may use this station which is equipped with
     100 watts and dipoles for 20m and 40m. QSLs via YS1GMV.

WFF ACTIVITIES: Some members of the "Holyland DX Group" will activate the
     "Qumran national park" (4XFF-030) on Oct 8/9. The team consists of
     Shalom,4Z4BS, Mark,4Z4KX, Ilya,4Z1UF, Vadim,4X4FJ, Ruben,4Z5FI,
     Ros,4Z5LA, Jan,4X1VF, and Yulik,4X6HP. They will work with two stations
     in CW and SSB signing 4X0WFF. Another mobile station will activate the
     "Gedi National Reserve" (4XFF-016) as 4X0WFF/m on 14265 kHz.
     QSL cards are managed by Malik,4X4JU, the WFF awards manager of Israel.
     See also:
     VU2JHM, VU2UR, VU2LX and VU2LU have been spotted as VU0WFF from the
     "Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary" from where they are working until Oct 10.
     Operation takes place mainly in CW running 30 to 40 watts into a multi
     band dipole. QSL via VU2JHM.

SILENT KEYS: OM Gerhard,DK2UA, wellknown DXer (DXCC Honor Roll) and IOTA
     hunter passed away after a long illness already on Aug 24.
     Neil Penfold,VK6NE, died on Sep 27 shortly before his 77th birthday.
     Neil was a former president of the WIA Western Australia and the
     QSL manager of the club.
     Robert "Bob" Earhardt,YS9RVE, aged 70, passed away on Sep 21 suffering
     a heart attack. Bob was an outstanding personality of the DX scene in
     El Salvador between 1975 and 1990.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

Oct 9/10: CQ SA SSB Contest (see
Oct 9/10: Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC), SSB
Oct 1-7:  CW activity weekend of the DTC
Oct 8-10: ADX/NA YL Anniversary Contest
Oct 9:    European Sprint Contest
Oct 9:    The Makrothen Contest (part 1 and 2)
Oct 10:   The Makrothen Contest (part 3)
Oct 10:   ON Contest 80m

IOTA                collected by Fredy,DE0MST  (e-mail:
Island activities:
EU-127, DL, Schleswig-Holstein State SW Group: Markus,DJ4EL, Joerg,DJ1JB,
     and Christian,DM4DX, are planning an activity from the island
     Duene (WLOTA LH-2130, ARLHS FED-103) near Helgoland from Oct 8-11.
     They want to work in SSB on 10m-40m (incl. WARC). QSLs via homecalls.

NA-015, KG4, Cuba (main): KG4AS (N4SIA), KG4QW (K4CQW), KG4SS (K4MIL) and
     KG4VW (W4VW) will be QRV from Guantanamo Bay from Oct 5-19.
     QSL via homecall (direct/bureau).

OC-137, VK4, QLD State South Group: Ray,K9LUK/VK4, will activate the island
     North Stradbroke from Oct 8-16. QSL direct (

Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS/ILLW)
DJ1JB/p     LH 0518   Helgoland      Oct 8-11
DJ1JB/p     LH 2130   Duene          Oct 8-11
DJ4EL/p     LH 0518   Helgoland      Oct 8-11
DJ4EL/p     LH 2130   Duene          Oct 8-11
DM4DX/p     LH 0518   Helgoland      Oct 8-11
DM4DX/p     LH 2130   Duene          Oct 8-11
KG4AS       LH 0358   Guantanamo     Oct 5-19
KG4QW       LH 0358   Guantanamo     Oct 5-19
KG4SS       LH 0358   Guantanamo     Oct 5-19
KG4VW       LH 0358   Guantanamo     Oct 5-19
MJ/DL2SBY   LH 0818   Jersey         Oct 7-9
MU/DL2SBY   LH 0013   Guernsey       Oct 9-16
PJ2T        LH 0942   Curacao        Oct 8-18
PJ2/K8ND    LH 0942   Curacao        Oct 8-18
PJ2/W9VA    LH 0942   Curacao        Oct 8-18
PJ4B        LH 1279   Bonaire        Oct 10-22
PJ5/AA4NC   LH 1851   St. Eustatius  Oct 9-15
PJ7/AA4NC   LH 0711   Sint Maarten   Oct 9-15
TO7ZG       LH 0377   St. Barth      Oct 6-20
ZD8ZZ       LH 1491   Ascension      Oct 6-19

Bandspots of the last 7 days
TS7TI        3.508  2029Z via I8LWL (B)

A61BK        7.132  1635Z via NI5DX (d)
DF3IS/p      7.127  1457Z EU-047, via DF3IS (B)
GB4IWR       7.112  1118Z EU-120, via RSGB
HC8/K6AW     7.066  0450Z RTTY, via K6AW
TM16EK       7.031  1454Z via F6KDU (B)
TM50KOU      7.092  0741Z via F5KOU
TS7TI        7.003  2121Z via I8LWL (B)

SP2010FC/4  10.107  0725Z via SP4GHL (B)
5B/DF6FR    10.109  1857Z
9M6XRO/p    10.107  2035Z OC-295, via M0URX (B)

DU1/JJ5GMJ  14.321  1444Z
FH8ND       14.200  0502Z AF-027, via F1OKV
HB50AIV     14.015  1602Z
HI7/EA7LS   14.021  1117Z
K3GV/VY2    14.306  2044Z NA-029, via K3GV (B)
SK7RN/m     14.267  1526Z EU-037
SP2010FC/4  14.022  1207Z via SP4GHL (B)
TS7TI       14.027  1730Z via I8LWL (B)
VK2IZI      14.275  0715Z
VK4FW       14.170  1430Z via N3SL (B)
YI9GYS      14.200  0519Z via KG9GYS
9M6DXX/p    14.260  1737Z OC-295, via M0URX (B)
9M6XRO/p    14.016  1643Z OC-295, via M0URX (B)
9V1/AD6ZJ   14.184  1618Z via AD6ZJ (B), (L)

HI7/EA7LS   18.071  1536Z via EA7LS
V44KAI      18.080  2051Z via W5TFW

CT9/DL6TK   21.274  1632Z AF-014, via DL6TK (B)
J28RO       21.006  1222Z via F8DFP (B)
TK/DL4FF    21.025  1157Z via DL4FF (B)
9M6/G3USR   21.295  0843Z OC-088, via G3USR (B)

CE3/IZ6BRN  24.975  1911Z via IZ6BRN (B)
EK6LP       24.901  0847Z via RN4LP (L), (d)
PP5OW       24.961  1918Z SA-026
TK/DL4FF    24.891  0853Z via DL4FF (B)

 *  = new QSL manager
(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW
(r) = bureau QSL via e-mail request

DATE           CALL           DXNL

01May-31Dec    3H100TW        1674
     -31Dec    3Z0RADIO       1657
     -31Dec    4A1B           1656
08Oct/09Oct    4X0WFF         1696 *
01Oct-31Oct    5B50           1695
02Oct-30Oct    5H9PD          1695
     -31Dec    5K200LR..      1683
05Sep-28Nov    5R8HT          1691
04Oct-29Oct    5R8RJ          1694
     -Apr/12   5Z4RH ?        1674
2010           8P55AW         1668
12Sep-08Nov    8P9LJ          1692
     -31Dec    9A10P          1685
     -31Dec    9A500AA        1656
     -Sep/11   9J2KK          1682
05Oct-08Oct    9M6XRO..       1695
SOON           9Q1EK          1669
     -31Dec    9Q50AR         1685

     -Aug/11   A92IO          1663
01Oct-28Oct    AB6Z/p         1695
     -Dec      AT10BP         1689
10Jul-Dec/11   BP100          1684
10Oct-Dec/11   BV100          1684
     -May/11   D2AK           1675
     -Apr/11   D2QR           1675
     -Feb/11   D2SG           1692
08Oct-11Oct    DJ4EL/p..      1696 *
     -31Dec    DR2010L..      1660
     -Jan/11   DT8A           1652
     -Dec      DU1/F2JD       1680/1684
     -Jan/11   DU1/JJ5GMJ     1695
     -Aug/11   FO8RZ          1636
02Oct-09Oct    GB50RN         1696 *

07Oct-22Oct    H40KJ & H40BQ  1696 *
     -31Dec    HA2010S        1659
     -31Dec    HG30FHA        1677
     -Nov      HK3JCL         1695
01Sep-31Oct    II3PAN         1691
15Mar-31Dec    IR1C           1667
01Oct-31Dec    IR7WFF         1695
     -2011/12? J28JV          1680
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683
     -31Dec    JT70AS         1680
08Oct-16Oct    K9LUK/VK4      1696 *
05Oct-19Oct    KG4AS..        1695
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
POSTPONED      KH5            1674
     -Dec      KH9/WA2YUN     1568/1655
     -31Dec    LM50NRK        1659
NOW            LU1ZA (S.O.)   1695

07Oct-09Oct    MJ/DL2SBY      1696 *
09Oct-16Oct    MU/DL2SBY      1696 *
     -Dec      OD5/DL6SN      1665
01Sep-31Dec    OE50ARMS       1691
01Oct-31Oct    OL5DIG         1696 *
27Sep-10Oct    OL61IAC        1695
Sep  /Oct      ON30ON         1664
     -Dec      OX3QM          1654
01Oct-28Oct    PC75HV         1695
02Oct-10Oct    PD2RKG/LX/..   1695
     -Dec      R1ANP          1654
Oct  /Nov      R1ANP/A        1695
     -Aug/11   RI1FJ (FJL)    1691

Sep  -Dec      SU/HA3JB       1692
     -27Oct    SX25           1689
Oct  -May/11   T6JC & T6TL    1695
     -Dec      T6MB           1680
NOW            T88CF          1674
15Oct-17Oct    TM40FO         1694
22Oct-24Oct    TM40FO         1694
29Oct-31Oct    TM40FO         1694
     -Dec      TL0A           1675
06Oct-20Oct    TO7ZG (FJ)     1696 *
     -30Nov    UP25F          1675

12Oct-15Oct    V73QQ          1696 *
16Oct-19Oct    V73RRC         1696 *
     -Oct      VK100WIA       1673
Oct  /Nov      VP5/I8UZA      1696 *
     -10Oct    VU0WFF         1696 *
     -31Dec    XR200R         1678
     -08Oct    YS0IARU        1696 *
     -31Dec    YR5EPC         1660
30Sep-01Nov    Z2/AC7GP       1695
06Oct-19Oct    ZD8ZZ          1696 *
     -Sep/11   ZD9GI          1691
19Nov-05Dec    ZL8X           1664/1693
     -Apr/11   ZS8M           1674/1687

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
AN9A       via EA7URM
C91KHN     via ZS6ALB (d)
CR3A       via CS3MAD (B)
CR3L       via DJ6QT (B)
CT9/DF5EM  via DF5EM
CT9/DJ6QT  via DJ6QT (B)
CT9/DK1QH  via DK1QH (B)
CT9/DK4QT  via DK4QT (B)
CT9/DL6TK  via DL6TK (B)
CX7CO      via WB3CDX

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LotW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived direct: CO4SM (NA-056), E4X (EA5RM), NP2B (NA-106),
                     XU7TAS (ON7PP), 7S6W (EU-043) (SM6WET), 9K2YM (EA5KB)

QSLs arrived bureau: VK9X/G6AY (G3SWH), VP2MUM (DL2RUM), VP2V/K6VVA (N6AWD),
                     VP8YLE (SA-002, M5YLO), VP9/KG9N, VQ9LW (WA2ALY),
                     V31RA (K9ZO), V5/DL2SL, XU7XRO & XU7DXX (M0URX),
                     XT2SE (IK3GES), YB3MM, YS1G (G3TXF), Z37M, ZF1A (K6AM),
                     1A0KM (IK0FTA), 5Z4LS (G3RWF), 6Y5/DJ7CF,
                     7X0DX (SP5UAF), 8Q7SH (DJ2BC), 9G5XA (G3SWH),
                     9J2FM (JA4ATV), 9L0W (DK2WV), 9M6LSC (KM0O), 9M6/LA9DL,
                     9U0A (DL7UFR), 9X0LX (DK7LX), 9Y4/DF8AN (SA-009)

                     JW/OZ1IKY, JY9QJ, KH0/KT3Q, KH2/N2NL, KL7J, KP4JFR,
                     LY600KM, LZ05WFF, MC0SHL, MD6V, MJ0ASP, MJ/PA9JJ,
                     MS0INT, MU/PA4N, OH0/W0MM, OK1HRA/p, OL5Q, OY3QN,
                     PJ4/PE2MC, RL1T, ST2AR, SV5/HB9IQB, SV8/DM3DL, TY1MS,
                     VP9/W4OV, VQ9CV, VQ9LA, VQ9RD, XV4D, YC0NSI, YI9PSE,
                     ZB2/ON6NP, ZD8VJ, 3D20CR, 5Z4/IZ2DPX, 6W7RV, 6W/LA7XK,
                     7Q7BP, 9M2TO

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WINQSL), DH5NBK,
F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NE8Z, NG3K, PA3GVI, SP5DRH, 4X1VF, 9M6XRO, etc.

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