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Главная » 2010 » Ноябрь » 16 » DXNL 1702 - Nov 17, 2010
DXNL 1702 - Nov 17, 2010

C6 - BAHAMAS, NA-001
     Kenny,C6ATA (K2KW), Fred,C6AKX (KE7X), and Tom,C6ARR (N6BT), will be
     QRV mostly in CW on 160m/40m and the WARC bands from Eleuthera (NA-001)
     from Nov 20-29. All three of them will take part in the WWDX CW Contest
     in a single OP/single band/low power class. QSL via WA4WTG, bureau ok.

     From Nov 22-30 Nikola,VE3EY, is going to hit the airwaves as TO3A from
     St. Barthelemy (NA-146, DIFO FJ-001/WLOTA LH-0377) in CW, SSB and RTTY
     on 160-10m. He will join the CQ WWDX CW Contest as single OP/allband.
     QSL via VE3EY.

     HC2SL will be active from Nov 22 until Dec 4 (incl. WWDX CW as HD2M).
     They will focus on the lowbands, WARC bands and RTTY before and after
     the contest. QSL cards should be sent to their homecalls.
     Find more information at HC2010 on:

     Gerd,DL7VOG, will be active as HK0GU/1 from Isla Pirata (SA-040) from
     Nov 17-21. After that short sidetrip he will show up as HK0GU from
     San Andres (NA-033) between Nov 22 and Dec 2. Gerd prefers CW and RTTY
     and plans to take part in the CQ WWDX CW Contest as well.
     QSL via DL7VOG, direct and very reliably also via bureau.
     A logbook search will be available later at:

KH2 - GUAM, OC-026
     JA1CGC, Masa,JA1OZK/W6LJ, Akira,JA1NMH/W1NMH, Tadao,JF1TAB, Ken,JH1FUD,
     Hiroshi,JL1LOW, and Shimizu,JA1MFR/WN1Y, will activate Guam (OC-026)
     from Nov 22-27. Masa,JA1OZK, will sign KH2KY, all others: KH2/homecall.
     Activities will take place in CW, SSB and digital modes (also SSTV) on
     all bands. QSLs also via bureau to their homecalls.
     The 11 year old YL Eri,JF1VGZ, will be QRV as KH7ERI/KH2 from Guam
     from Nov 22-24. QSLs direct via JF1VGZ.

P4 - ARUBA, SA-036
     John,W6LD, Denny,KX7M, Rick,N6XI, and Mike,N7MH, will join the upcoming
     CQWW DX CW Contest as multi/single signing P40L. QSL via WA3FRP.
     The team will gather on Aruba (SA-036) on Nov 21 and stays till Nov 29.
     They will work mainly in CW but also in SSB on 160-10m outside the WWDX
     P40W will be the callsign of John,W2GD, between Nov 22 and Dec 1. He
     will join the WWDX CW Contest in the single OP/allband category.
     John will focus on 160m and the WARC bands before and after the WWDX.
     QSL via LoTW or direct to N2MM.

     John,PJ4/K4BAI, Jeff,PJ4/KU8E, and Jim,PJ4/K9YC, will show up from
     Bonaire (SA-006, WLOTA L1279) from Nov 23-30. They plan to take part
     in the WWDX Contest (multi/single) as PJ4A.
     All QSLs via K4BAI, also via bureau (e-mail to

     Janusz,PJ5/SP6IXF, and Wlodek,PJ5/SP6EQZ, are working in CW, SSB and
     RTTY on 160-10m from St. Eustatius (NA-145) between Nov 18 and Dec 3.
     QSLs also via bureau to their homecalls.
     An online log and more information at:

     Masa,K1GI/JN3NFQ, will sign PJ7/K1GI from St. Maarten (NA-105) from
     Nov 20-23. He works "family style" in CW, SSB and digital modes on
     80m-10m including the WARC bands. He will use a FT-450, a dipole for
     40m/20m, a delta loop for 15m/10m and a Buddipole for 80m/30m/17m/12m.
     QSLs via bureau or direct to JG2BRI.

     Noboru,JA2AAU (S79AU), Iwao,JA2LSS  (S79SS), Seiji,JA2ATE (S79TE), and
     Tug,JA2ZS (S79ZS), will be QRV from Mahe (AF-024) working in CW, SSB,
     RTTY and PSK on 160m-6m from Nov 19-27.
     QSLs direct or via bureau to their homecalls.

     K3VX (VP2MVX), K9CS (VP2MCS), K9FO (VP2MFO), K9OWQ (VP2MWP) and
     K9NR (VP2MNR) will activate the volcano Montserrat (NA-103) mostly
     in CW but also in SSB and RTTY on 160m-6m from Nov 22 until Dec 6.
     They also plan to take part in the CQ WWDX CW and ARRL 160m contests.
     The QSL manager for all stations is K9CS.

     Dieter,DJ2EH, will stay on Tristan da Cunha (AF-029) from Nov 20 until
     Dec 8. He will receive his call upon arrival and plans to work in CW,
     SSB and RTTY using a vertical for 160m-30m and a 3 ele wire beam.
     QSL cards should be sent via his homecall, bureau ok.

     Robert,K5PI, will show up as ZF2PI from Little Cayman from Nov 18-22.
     His next stop is Grand Cayman Island (WLOTA LH-1042) from Nov 23-26.
     At last he will join the ZF1A contest team in the WWDX CW on Nov 27/28.
     The 60m band is allowed in ZF since March and so he will be QRV there
     as well. QSLs for ZF2PI via LoTW or K5PI,
     QSLs for ZF1A via bureau, LoTW or direct to K6AM.

     IK1PMR, PA3LEO, LA9SN, N6TQS and K6SRZ will stay on Niue (OC-040) from
     Nov 20 until Dec 3. They will sign ZK2AA in CW and RTTY on 6m-160m with
     four Elecraft K3 radios plus amplifiers. They want to focus on working
     Europe and the lowbands. QSLs via PA3LEO, also via bureau.
     Their next stop will be Norfolk Island (OC-005) from Dec 5-19 where
     they will sign VK9NN. See also:

     Seppo,OH1VR, will be active as ZL7VR from Chatham (OC-038) respectively
     as ZL7V (in the CQ WWDX CW Contest) from Nov 23-30. QSLs via homecall.

6Y - JAMAICA, NA-097
     Mischa,PA1OKZ, is now active as 6Y5NS from Jamaica (NA-097) and will
     stay there until Nov 26. He works in SSB and digital modes on HF.
     QSL via PA1OKZ, but only eQSLs!

9H - MALTA, EU-023
     DL4HG and DL5XAT will show up as 9H3TX from Gozo Island (EU-023)
     from Nov 23-30. They will use 100 watts and verticals and will be
     QRV as Multi/2 in the WWDX CW Contest.
     QSLs via bureau, direct or LoTW to DL5XAT.

     Some members of the "Radio Club de Copiapo" (CE1CPI) will activate
     the special event station XR33M in November and December working in
     SSB on 15m/20m/40m and 80m to remember the rescue of the 33 miners
     after being caught for 69 days. QSLs via CE3BBC.

     The special event station AU2JCB will be QRV in SSB on 40m-10m from
     Nov 20 until Dec 5 to remember the Indian physicist and radio pioneer
     Jagadish Chandra Bose. QSLs direct with 2 IRCs to VU2DSI.

SILENT KEY: Some sources from the US state that Henry "Hank" Kohl,K8DD,
     a wellknown DXer, passed away on Nov 13. He was active from FP, HK,
     C6A, KH0, PZ, V47, VO2, VP2M, YN and many more countries.

DXCC: QSL cards of J5NAR (Guinea-Bissau, operation in 2010) are accepted
     for DXCC credit now.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

Nov 19/20: UFT YL CW Contest, 80m
Nov 20/21: RSGB 1,8 MHz Contest
Nov 20:    Mongolian DX Contest
Nov 21:    13. IGARAG St. Barbara Party
Nov 21:    HOT Party

IOTA                collected by Fredy,DE0MST  (e-mail:
Island activities:
AF-018, IH9, Pantelleria Island: Tony,IH9/IK1QBT, and Emilio,IH9/IZ1GAR,
     will be QRV from Pantelleria (WLOTA 0041) from Nov 23-30. In the
     WWDX CW Contest they will sign IH9X (80m single) and IH9R (40m single).
     QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-009, GM/MM, Orkneys: Russell,G5XW, announced to be active as GM5XW from
     Orkney Mainland (IOSA OR-01, SCOTIA OI-14) from Nov 17-22. He intends
     to activate other islands as well. QSL via homecall (see

EU-080, EA1, Pontevedra Province Group: Francois,EA1/ON4LO/p, plans to
     activate several lighthouses (e.g. Arousa Island) from Nov 20-30.
     QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

NA-078, XE2, Baja California Sur State SW: Manuel,XE2HUQ, and Tony,XE2HVF,
     will be QRV as XF1HUQ and XF1HVF from Magdalena Island from Nov 18-22.
     QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).

NA-171, XE2, Sinaloa State Group: The XE1RCS Radio Club will be active as
     XF1RCS from Venados Island from Nov 18-21. QSL via N7RO & LoTW.
     See their website at:

SA-059, YV5, Los Testigos Group: Members of the Caracas DX Group will be
     QRV as YW5LF from the Los Frailes archipelago from Nov 18-22.
     QSL via DM4TI (bureau/direct).

Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS/ILLW)
C6AQQ        LH 1115   Providencia    Nov 24-Dec 6
EA1/ON4LO/p  LH 0368   Arousa         Nov 20-30
GM5XW        LH 1652   Orkney Mayn    Nov 17-22
IH9/IK1QBT   LH 0041   Pantelleria    Nov 23-30
IH9/IZ1GAR   LH 0041   Pantelleria    Nov 23-30
PJ5/SP6EQZ   LH 1851   St. Eustatius  Nov 18-Dec 3
PJ5/SP6IXF   LH 1851   St. Eustatius  Nov 18-Dec 3
RA0FF        LH 2318   Sakhalin       resident
TO3A         LH 0377   St. Barth      Nov 22-30
ZL7VR        LH 1627   Chatham        Nov 23-30

Bandspots of the last 7 days
MU/F4ERS     1.841  1910Z via F4ERS (B)

MU/F5CWU     3.502  0611Z via F5CWU (B)
PJ2/W1NG     3.512  0710Z SA-099

FJ/SM5FUG    7.021  0728Z NA-146, via SM5FUG (B)
MU/F4ERS     7.036  0752Z EU-114, via F4ERS (B)
MU/F4ERS     7.150  0731Z EU-114, via F4ERS (B)
MW0YDH       7.125  1225Z MW026
TM40CDG      7.106  0905Z via F5KOJ (B)
6V7Z         7.016  2301Z via DE0MST (B)

DT8A        10.104  0657Z AN-010, via HL2FDW (B)
EA8/RW9JZ   10.103  1734Z via RW9JZ
J48JJ       10.109  0821Z via HA7JJS (B)
J48PS       10.105  1631Z via HA6PS
MU/F5CWU    10.106  0753Z RTTY, via F5CWU (B)
5N50K       10.109  1917Z via LZ1CL
9A500AA     10.115  0736Z 9A2AA (B)
9M2MRS      10.107  1728Z via PA0RRS (B)

A43ND/40    14.177  1230Z via A47RS (B)
DT8A        14.080  1047Z RTTY, via HL2FDW (B)
FJ/SM5FUG   14.087  1128Z NA-146, via SM5FUG (B)
J48PS       14.014  0559Z via HA6PS
J48Z        14.016  0614Z via YU1FW (B)
K2FR/p      14.346  1753Z SOTA W2/GC104
NE1SJ/p     14.062  1755Z SOTA W1/CR003
NE1SJ/p     14.292  1801Z SOTA W1/CR003
PJ2/K2NV    14.010  1754Z via K2NV (B), (L)
PJ2/W1NG    14.195  1756Z SA-099
PJ2/W1NG    14.090  1558Z RTTY, SA-099
PJ2/W1NG    14.035  1628Z SA-099
WA3WSJ      14.063  1758Z SOTA W3/PH001
XU7KOH      14.265  1237Z AS-133 via ON7PP (B)
YJ0HA       14.012  0804Z OC-035, via HA5UK
ZL1BD       14.215  0728Z
4K6FO       14.011  0543Z
9G5SG       14.006  0639Z via JA7SGV

PJ2MI       14.105  1141Z SA-099, RTTY, via W2CQ

CP6IB       21.010  1218Z
CX/N3BNA    21.017  1546Z via KA2AEV
ET3BN       21.022  1505Z (d)
HC2SL       21.013  1617Z via EA5KB (B)
OA6/OE3NHW  21.070  1719Z PSK, via OE3NHW
PJ2/K2NV    21.006  1718Z SA-099, via K2NV (B), (L)
PJ2/KK2VV   21.006  1619Z SA-099
PJ2/N2MF    21.006  1531Z SA-099
4B3DX       21.025  1548Z via XE3DX
5N50K       21.019  1521Z via LZ1CL

LW2DX       24.891  1553Z (B)
PJ2/K2TQC   24.895  1605Z SA-099
ZL1BYZ      24.920  0734Z RTTY (L)
9L0W        24.896  1018Z AF-037, via DK2WV (B)

PJ2/N2MF    28.010  1402Z SA-099

 *  = new QSL manager
(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW
(r) = bureau QSL via e-mail request

DATE           CALL           DXNL

01May-31Dec    3H100TW        1674
Nov  -Dec/11   3Y8XSA         1700
     -31Dec    3Z0RADIO       1657
     -31Dec    4A1B           1656
     -Oct/11   5B50J          1700
     -31Dec    5K200LR..      1683
05Sep-28Nov    5R8HT          1691
15Nov-18Dec    5R8IC          1701
     -21Nov    5W0KY          1701
14Nov-01Dec    5X1XA          1701
     -Apr/12   5Z4RH ?        1674

08Nov-18Nov    6V7Z           1700
     -26Nov    6Y5NS          1702 *
     -Jan      7Q7HB          1700
2010           8P55AW         1668
     -31Dec    9A10P          1685
     -31Dec    9A500AA        1656
23Nov-30Nov    9H3TX          1702 *
     -Sep/11   9J2KK          1682
01Nov-21Nov    9L0W           1699/1701
     -Apr/11   9M2MRS         1697
NOW            9M6/KM9D       1699
SOON           9Q1EK          1669
     -31Dec    9Q50AR         1685
     -Nov/11   9Q6CC          1699

     -Aug/11   A92IO          1663
     -Dec      AT10BP         1689
20Nov-05Dec    AU2JCB         1702 *
10Jul-Dec/11   BP100          1684
10Oct-Dec/11   BV100          1684
17Nov-30Nov    C50C/C52C      1701
20Nov-29Nov    C6ATA..        1702 *
Nov            CG3MUG         1699
06Dec-13Dec    CY0/N0TG..     1698/1701
     -29Dec    CY0/VE1AWW     1700
     -May/11   D2AK           1675
     -Apr/11   D2QR           1675
     -Feb      D2SG           1692
29Oct-28Nov    D7G20          1699
     -Aug/11   DL20Y2DM       1700
     -31Dec    DR2010L..      1660
     -31Jan    DT8A           1652
     -Dec      DU1/F2JD       1680/1684
     -Jan/11   DU1/JJ5GMJ     1695

20Nov-30Nov    EA1/ON4LO      1702 *
     -Aug/11   FO8RZ          1636
17Nov-22Nov    GM5XW          1702
     -31Dec    HA2010S        1659
22Nov-04Dec    HC2/SM5COP..   1702 *
     -31Dec    HG30FHA        1677
     -Nov      HK3JCL         1695
17Nov-21Nov    HK0GU/1        1702 *
22Nov-02Dec    HK0GU          1702 *
23Nov-30Nov    IH9/IZ1GAR..   1702 *
15Mar-31Dec    IR1C           1667
01Oct-31Dec    IR7WFF         1695
     -2011/12? J28JV          1680
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683
     -31Dec    JT70AS         1680

17Nov          K7NRA          1701
22Nov-27Nov    KH2KY..        1702 *
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
POSTPONED      KH5            1674
22Nov-24Nov    KH7ERI/KH2     1702 *
     -Dec      KH9/WA2YUN     1568/1655
     -31Dec    LM50NRK        1659
NOW            LU1ZA (S.O.)   1695
     -Jan/11   LU/LA6IKA..    1700
09Nov-19Nov    MU/F4EGD..     1701
     -Mar      OA/OE3NHW      1701
     -Dec      OD5/DL6SN      1665
01Sep-31Dec    OE50ARMS       1691
10Nov-24Feb    OR4TN          1700
     -Dec      OX3QM          1654

21Nov-29Nov    P40L           1702 *
22Nov-01Dec    P40W           1702 *
23Nov-30Nov    PJ4/K4BAI..    1702 *
08Nov-Apr      PJ4/PE1MAE     1700
18Nov-03Dec    PJ5/SP6IXF..   1702 *
20Nov-23Nov    PJ7/K1GI       1702 *
     -Dec      R1ANP          1654
Oct  /Nov      R1ANP/A        1695
19Nov-27Nov    S79AU..        1702 *
07Nov-19Nov    SM1YRA         1700
Nov            SU/HA3JB       1692/1698
Oct  -May/11   T6JC & T6TL    1695
     -Dec      T6MB           1680
     -Dec      TL0A           1675
22Nov-30Nov    TO3A (FJ)      1702 *
03Nov-23Nov    TR8GV          1700
     -30Nov    UP25F          1675

05Dec-19Dec    VK9NN          1702 *
Nov  -Mar/12   VK0KEV, Macqu. 1700/1701
22Nov-06Dec    VP2MVX..       1702 *
Oct  /Nov      VP5/I8UZA      1696
18Nov-22Nov    XF1HUQ..       1702 *
     -31Dec    XR200R         1678
Nov  /Dec      XR33M          1702 *
     -31Dec    YR5EPC         1660
18Nov-22Nov    YW5LF          1702 *
10Oct-06Dec    ZD9AH          1696a
     -Sep/11   ZD9GI          1691
20Nov-08Dec    ZD9 (DJ2EH)    1702 *
23Nov-26Nov    ZF2PI          1702 *
20Nov-03Dec    ZK2AA          1702 *
23Nov-30Nov    ZL7VR          1702 *
19Nov-05Dec    ZL8X           1664/1701
     -Apr/11   ZS8M           1674/1687

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
BD4RDU              (d)
CE2/CX1EK   via CX1EK (d, see
CT7/CT3FN   via HB9CRV (B)
DT8A        via HL2FDW (B)
EA8/DJ9RB   via DJ9RB (B)
EA8/M0MPG/p via M0MPG (B)
ED1RCM      via EA1RCM (B)
EG3VP       via EA3RKR (B), eQSL
EG0EJA      via EA3RKR (B)
IY1EY       via IK1QBT (B)
J28AA       via K2PF (B)
J48CM       via YU7CM
J48Z        via YU1FW (B)
JG1DVQ      via DL1EHR (B)
K8V         via W8JWN (B)
KH0WF       via JH1AJT (B)
KL0JW       via DJ0JB (d)
LZ3/M0DOL   via M0DOL (B)
MU/F4EGD    via F4EGD (B)
MU/F4ERS    via F4ERS (B)
MU/F5CWU    via F5CWU (B)
MU/F5NHJ    via F5NHJ (B)
NQ2A        via K2DER
OE50GMU     via OE4GMU (B)
OE50PPF     via OE6PPF (B)
OE50RWL     via OE2RWL (B)
OH0/SP7VC   via SP7VC (B)
OL5DIG      via OK1AR (B)
ON4JOTA     via ON4GDV
ON60BLV     via ON bureau
PH60OTC     via PA0RLM (B)
PI9ESA      via DL3LUM (B)
PJ2/DF7ZS   via DF7ZS (B)
PJ2/DL5RDP  via DL5RDP (B)
PJ2/K8LEE   via K8LEE
R3BB            eQSL
R9FA        via RA9FN (L)
RD0C        via UA0CA
RW9XU/9     via UT4MF
S79K        via G3NKC (B)
SN120KJB    via SQ9KDO (B), eQSL
SN50WMB     via SP7HDA
SO2010FC    via SP9RQH (B), (L), eQSL
SO3BASF     via SP3PKC (B)
SP0DSMW     via SQ6NTM (B)
SP2010FC/4  via SP4GHL (B)
SQ3BASF     via SP3PKC (B)
SV5/SV1LK   via SV1LK (B), (L)
SV9/YL2VW   via YL2VW (B)
SX25A       via SZ1A (B), (L)
SX25GYG     via SV1GYG (B)
SX25HKH     via SV1KHK, eQSL
TI5KS       via N3KS (B)
TI5/N6JRL   via N6JRL
TJ3AY       via F5LGE (B)
TM50KOU     via F5KOU (B)
TM55CCA     via F6FMT
TM6MXP      via F5KFL (B)
V26BD       via NQ3X (d)
V31BD       via K5WW (B)
V55JAM      via V51Q
V5/ZS6XK    via ZS6XK (B)
VE3IYOB     via VE3NOO (B)
VK7GK       via DL8NU (d)
W1/I7SWX    via I7SWX
WT4Q        via W2NY (B), (L)
XE2/K6PT    via K6PT
XM7CPR      via VE7ZZF (d)
YB2UTX      via YC2YTC
YB9/HB9MPX  via HB9MPX (B)
YB0/WK1S    via JA1PBV (B)
YJ0HA       via HA5UK (B), (L)
YO/KG8CO    via KG8CO
YQ0U        via YO5BFJ (B)
YR5N        via YO5PBF
YV1FM       via IT9DAA (d)
Z23MS       via UA3DX (B)
ZD9AH       via DL2AH (B)
ZL2AO       via ZL2AAA
ZL8X        via DJ2MX (B)
6V7Z        via DE0MST (B)
9A/HA5TAA   via 9A3JB (B)
ZL2AO       via ZL2AAA
9G5SG       via JA7SGV
9L0W        via DK2WV (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived bureau: PJ2/DL5RDP (SA-006), R10KDR (RU6UR), RC80MO (RZ3FR),
                     PP5VK, SE50A, SF6DX, SN70W (SP2LNW), SN90SN (SP7PKI),
                     SP80MVG (EU-132), SQ80JKS (SQ9JKS),SV9/DL3YAT (EU-015),
                     T30GM (PG5M), T88NY (JA4CZM), XV4D (DL7UFR),
                     XV9TH (SK7AX)

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN QSL), DJ5AV,
DJ5MN, DK8JB, DL1MDV, DL1SBF, DL7VOA, DO3ME, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX,
IK1QBT, NG3K, SM5COP, SP5UAF and others.

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