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Главная » 2011 » Август » 30 » DXNL 1743 - Aug 31, 2011
DXNL 1743 - Aug 31, 2011

     Harry,7Q7HB, is back in the club Makokola in Malawi and stays there
     until Nov 23. He will try to operate as much as possible because the
     power supply is unstable and diesel for generators scarce.
     QSL via G0IAS (only direct).

     The special event callsign 9A20V remembers the tragic events 20 years
     ago. The station works in CW and SSB on 80m-10m until Nov 21.
     All QSOs will be confirmed via bureau automatically.
     The QSL manager for direct requests is 9A6DR.

9H, MALTA, EU-023
     Jasper,PB2JJ, will sign 9H3JN fron Malta (EU-023) in CW/SSB on 40m-10m
     from Sep 2-14. QSL via homecall.
     Logsearch will be available at:
     Raul,IC8ATA, is working holiday style as 9H3AT from Malta (EU-023)
     between Aug 29 and Sep 5. QSL via homecall. See:

     Marko,S55EI, will be QRV in SSB and PSK31 on 40m/6m/2m signing CN2EI
     from Sep 3-20. QSL via homecall.

     Matthias,CT9/DJ8OG, announced to be active from Madeira (AF-014) on
     80m-10m from Sep 6-12. QSL via homecall.
     He will sign CR3L during the WAE SSB Contest. QSLs for CR3L via DJ6QT.
     Leonid,CT9/RW9JZ, is working mostly in CW on 40m-10m until Sep 5.
     QSL via homecall.

     The special event station ER20MD is celebrating the 20th anniversary
     of the independence of Moldova. QSL via ER1FF.

     The special event station TM2GRF is working on all bands from the
     Geishouse Rallye France from Aug 27 until Sep 10. QSL via F8BUO.

     Jan,HB0/OK1XD, will be active in holiday style mainly in RTTY and PSK31
     but also some SSB and CW from Sep 1-10. QSL via homecall.

     Lothar,DK8LRF, will be QRV as HK3JCL mainly in SSB on 20m/40m between
     Sep 6 and Nov 16, PSK31/RTTY/Pactor only with a sked (
     You can contact him also via the Echolink station DM0ZHS-L near Munich,
     Node # 249774, or direct at HK3JCL, Node # 255165.
     QSL via homecall, bureau ok.

     Max,IZ4JMA, will sign IS0/IZ4JMA from Isuledda Island (EU-024) from
     Sep 3-10. His next activity will be also in CW/SSB/digital on 10m-80m
     signing IM0/IZ4JMA from La Maddalena (EU-041) from Sep 10-17.
     QSLs via homecall.

     The special club stations OE2XXM and OE5XXM are working in SSB mainly
     on 80m/40m and on 2m/70cm from the International HAM meeting in Gosau
     using the special ADL 553 from Sep 1-30. QSLs via bureau.
     See also: or

     Nao,JA1HGY, will be QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY as OH0HG from Sep 2-4, including
     the All Asian DX Contest. Log:
     Before and after his visit to Aland he will sign OH0HG/OH2 from Finland
     Nao is celebrating the 50 years friendship with Martti,OH2BH, with
     this visit.

     The Radio Club de Binche will activate the special event station
     ON4WAR to commemorate the Belgian resistance in World War II on
     Sep 3 (1100-2000 UTC) and Sep 4 (1000-1800 UTC). QSL via ON7RY.

     Robert,W3BTX, is working holiday style signing P49T in SSB and CW on
     10m-160m from Aug 31 until Sep 7. Other OPs are W3TEF and W3PN.
     QSL via W3BTX.

     Fred,PA0FAW, will use the special callsign PA11WSF mainly in CW and
     PSK31 during the "World Statues Festival" from Sep 1-25. He will also
     activate WFF FF-005. Fred is an ISWL member and thus can be counted
     for ISWL Monitor Award as well. QSL via PA0FAW, SWL reports welcome.

     Fred,K9VV/NP2X, will be QRV as PJ6/NP2X from Sep 4-9. He will work in
     holiday style with 100 watts in CW and maybe also SSB but not digital
     modes on HF (no 6m). If the conditions are bad he will go diving.
     QSL via K5WW.

     A group from Poland and Germany (SP1EG, SP6TRX, SP9DTE, DF7MR, DL1HRG,
     DL9FR, DM2TO, DM3VA, DM7DX, DM7EA and DM7MA) will be QRV as SN1LH from
     the Niechorze lighthouse from Sep 2-6.
     Follow the QSL route announced by the operator.

SV9, CRETE, EU-015
     Ron,SV9/WB2GAI/p, is working from Chania on Crete (EU-015) between
     Aug 29 and Sep 30. This is his 4th IOTA DXpedition and as usual in CW
     on 80m-10m. Ron still has his logbooks of 2001, 2005 and 2009.
     QSL for DX stations via bureau and for US stations direct.

     SU/HA3JB will be active on the HF bands from Sep 1 until Nov 30.
     QSLs only direct via his homecall.

     The 300th birthday of the Russian scientist Michail Lomonossow V. is
     celebrated by activating the special event station R300ML from
     different oblasti in the Archangelsk region between Sep 1 and Nov 30.
     QSL via RN1ON.

     Following special stations were active from Aug 22-28 to celebrate
     20 years of Ukrainian independence: EM20C (via UX5PC), EM20L (US0LW),
     EM20LTD (UR3LTD), EM20UJ (UR5UJ), EM20UU (US7UU), EM20UKR (UR7UC),
     EM20V (UR2VA), EN20C (UX7CQ), EN20UO (UX5UO), EN20UP (UT4UP),
     EN20UZ (UR5UZ), EN20W (UR4WWE), EO20IO (UX3IO), EO20IZ (UX5IZ),
     EO20IGN (US7IGN), EO20K (UR4KWA), EO20M (UX7MA), EO20RR (UZ1RR),
     EO20UD (UR7UD), EO20UM (UT0UM), EO20UR (UT7UR), EO20UU (UT7UU),
     EO20ZZ (US0ZZ), EM0BSCC (UU0JM) and EM0UBC (via UR4UXD).

     Canadian HAMs may use special prefixes to celebrate the centennial of
     Parks Canada between Sep 1 and Oct 31.
     VA stations may use CF, VY stations may use CI, VO stations may use CH
     and VE stations may use CG instead.

     Wim,ON7PP, is QRV again as XU7TZG since Aug 22. QSL via homecall.
     More information is available at:

CASHOTA UK and Ireland Heritage
     CASHOTA together with Ireland Heritage will be QRV from several places
     during the European Heritage month.

CY9 QSLs Wanted for Museum
     Duane,WV2B/VA1ZZ, is looking for QSL cards of DXpeditions to St. Paul
     Island (Nova Scotia/Canada, CY9) as a donation for the St. Paul Island
     Museum in Dingwall, NS.

DXCC Card Check
     The DXCC QSL checker Scott Lehmen,N9AG, has died. He held many awards
     and was a member of the DXCC Honor Roll. Our thoughts are with his

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

Sep 3:    LZ Open SES Contest
Sep 3/4:  JARL AA DX Contest
Sep 3/4:  IARU Region1 Fieldday
Sep 4:    DARC 10m Digital Contest Corona

A short note addressed to all stations joining the All Asia DX Contest:
     It is not forbidden to give a short report to a fieldday station
     calling you. The short report is given much quicker than describing
     that you are in a different contest working only Asian stations.
     Such a quick report is more like Ham Spirit.

IOTA                collected by Ric,DL2VFR  (e-mail:
Island activities:
AS-066, R0L, Sea of Japan Coast group: R3BY/0 working mostly in CW on 80-17m
     from Antipenko Island until Sep 4. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-028, I*5, Toscana (Tuscany) Region group: IA5/IZ0KRC is spending his
     holidays on Elba until Sep 9. QSL via IZ0KRC.

EU-030, OZ, Bornholm Island: OZ/DF6FL, OZ/DL9ZE and OZ/DL5FF are working
     from Bornholm in SSB, CW and RTTY on 40m-10m until Sep 10.
     QSLs via their homecalls (bureau/direct).

EU-054, I*9, Egadi Islands: IF9/IK2ANI will be QRV in SSB, CW and RTTY on
     30m-6m from Sep 1-6. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

NA-029, VY2, Prince Edward Island (incl. Satellite Islands): K3GV/VY2 will
     be active mostly on 15m and 20m from Prince Edward Island (PEI) for
     one month starting on Sep 1. QSL via K3GV (bureau/direct).

NA-041, KL7, Alexander Archipelago: K6VVA/KL7 is going to hit the airwaves
     from Revillagigedo from Sep 6-8. This is not the Mexican archipelago
     with separate DXCC status but an island group with the same name off
     the coast of Alaska. Rick will focus on working Europe and Japan on
     30m, 20m and 17m.
     See also:  or
     QSLs only via N6AWD (bureau/direct).

Rockall announcement (IOTA EU-189): EA2TA, EA3NT, IZ7ATN and MM0NDX have
     the ambitious goal of bringing the lonely and inaccessible cliffs of
     Rockall in the North Atlantic on the air for 24 to 48 hours in 2012.
     After evaluation of past weather data the group sees a chance to start
     a try during late May or early June next year. This time they will have
     the support of an experienced mountain climber (Nick Hancock). The team
     says that they are aware that near-perfect landing conditions are
     necessary to make this enterprise a success.
     They are looking for sponsors now (via Paypal
     In view of some unsuccessful attempts to activate Rockall in recent
     years this seems to be not very easy either.

Bandspots of the last 7 days
CT9/RW9JZ    7.111  2148Z via RW9JZ

MJ/I1FQH    10.114  1820Z via I1FQH (B), (L)
OI3V/LH     10.117  0951Z
RK0UT/p     10.108  1748Z RDA-ZK33, (B)
SK6QA/LH    10.107  0945Z LH-SE-38
SN2NP       10.117  0648Z via SP2BIK (B)
SV8/DM3CW   10.121  1824Z EU-075, via homecall (B)
UP44Q       10.106  1655Z via UN0GL (B)
YO9IAB/p    10.124  0940Z YOFF-015, (B)
ZL4RUGBY    10.112  0518Z via ZL4PW (B), OQRS

CT8/DK6EA   14.192  1303Z LH PT-14, via homecall (B)
NE1SJ       14.064  0725Z SOTA W1/CR-008
PJ2/DL1THM  14.276  2102Z SA-099, via homecall (B)
PY7ZZ       14.265  1736Z (d)
RA9UIV/9    14.015  1701Z (d)
UP7Z        14.011  1810Z via UN7ZZ
V85TL       14.021  1549Z (d)
VA2OTA      14.062  1805Z via VE2JCW (d)

PQ8OP       18.130  1851Z SA-045, via PT2OP (B)
PQ8XB       18.069  1142Z SA-045, via PT7WA (B)

CT3MD       21.285  1317Z AF-014, (B)
CT9/IZ2DPX  21.295  1407Z AF-014, via IZ2DPX (B)
FS/W6IZT    21.018  1432Z via N7ZG (L)
PJ2A        21.292  2011Z via N5UCF (B), (L)
PQ8OP       21.262  2040Z SA-045, via PT2OP (B)
5N6/YL2SW   21.303  1628Z via YL2SW (B)
5R8UI       21.270  1507Z AF-057, via IZ8CCW (B)

T70A        50.099  1128Z (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW
(r) = bureau QSL via e-mail request

DATE           CALL           DXNL

     -Dec      3Y8XSA         1700/1717
     -25Oct    5B50J          1700
23Aug-31Aug    5W0GJ          1741
     -Apr/12   5Z4RH ?        1674
     -23Nov    7Q7HB          1717/1743 *
     -30Nov    8J1MORSE...    1731
21Aug-02Sep    9A/DH7KU       1741
     -31Dec    9A11P          1723
     -21Nov    9A20V          1743 *
     -05Sep    9H3AT          1743 *
02Sep-14Sep    9H3JN          1743 *
     -Sep      9J2KK          1682
     -2012     9J2RI          1739/1742
NOW            9M2/KM9D       1731
     -04Sep    9M2/SQ9UM      1740
LONGTERM       9N1FE          1740
SOON           9Q1EK          1669
     -Nov      9Q6CC          1699

     -?        A35CT          1741
UNKNOWN        9U7T           1742
     -31Dec    BP100          1684
     -31Dec    BV100          1684
03Sep-20Sep    CN2EI          1743 *
06Sep-12Sep    CT9/DJ8OG..    1743 *
     -05Sep    CT9/RW9JZ      1743 *
     -31Dec    CW5RV          1711
     -31Aug    DL20Y2DM       1700
     -30Sep    DR16BENE       1741
12Aug-04Sep    DU9/PA3GZU     1740

15Aug-03Sep    E51AND         1741
23Aug-11Sep    EF1AST         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF1DFP         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF1DR          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF1HLW         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF2RC          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF2TW          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF4GEL         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF4RCH         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF4TD          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF5AR          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF5DM          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF5DY          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF5FL          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF5GUI         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF7CIN         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF7FT          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF7JB          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF7TV          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EF8AKN         1742
23Aug-11Sep    EG5DM          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EG5FL          1742
23Aug-11Sep    EG5KB          1742
UNKNOWN        ER20MD         1743 *
26Aug-04Sep    EX20ID         1742

     -Jul/12   FR8NE          1710
01Sep          HB0/OK1XD      1743 *
     -31Dec    HB60LU         1711
     -31Dec    HG15IPA        1724
01Jan-31Dec    HG200LST       1708
06Sep-16Nov    HK3JCL         1743 *
     -09Sep    IA5/IZ0KRC     1743 *
01Jan-31Dec    IA7MM          1708
01Sep-06Sep    IF9/IK2ANI     1743 *
01Jan-31Dec    II1ITA..       1708
     -31Dec    II4LXV         1742
01Mar-30Sep    IO4UI          1717
10Sep-17Sep    IM0/IZ4JMA     1743 *
03Sep-10Sep    IS0/IZ4JMA     1743 *
27Aug-02Oct    IR2LV          1742

     -2012     J28FJ          1739
     -2011/12? J28JV          1680
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683
     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
     -Oct      JG8NQJ/JD1 (M) 1739
06Sep-08Sep    K6VVA/KL7      1743 *
16Jun-05Sep    K1VSJ          1732
01Sep-30Sep    K3GV/VY2       1743 *
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
     -May/12   KH4/W5FJG      1728
POSTPONED      KH5            1674/1705/1741
     -31Dec    LA200D         1713
30Aug-06Sep    LX/PA1AW       1742
30Aug-06Sep    LX/PA3EWP      1742
30Aug-06Sep    LX/PA9JO       1742
30Aug-06Sep    LX/PA7FM       1742
     -31Dec    LZ85R          1721

03Sep-04Sep    ON4WAR         1743 *
01Sep-30Sep    OE2XXM         1743 *
01Sep-30Sep    OE5XXM         1743 *
02Sep-04Sep    OH0HG          1743 *
CANCELLED      OJ0CC          1742
28Jul-04Sep    OH1K           1738
Aug            OL100VP        1721
27Aug-10Sep    OZ/DF6FL       1742/1743 *
22Aug-03Sep    OZ/DL2GF       1741
27Aug-10Sep    OZ/DL5FF       1742/1743 *
27Aug-10Sep    OZ/DL9ZE       1742/1743 *
     -Sep      P29CW          1713
     -Mar/12   P29FR          1742
31Aug-07Sep    P49T           1743 *
01Sep-25Sep    PA11WSF        1743 *
01Jan-31Dec    PA30..         1708
30Sep-01Oct    PG6MILL        1742
21Aug-08Sep    PJ2/DH2AK      1742
21Aug-08Sep    PJ2/DL1THM     1742
04Sep-19Sep    PJ6/NP2X       1743 *

1Sep-30Nov     R300ML         1743 *
     -04Sep    R3BY/0         1743 *
     -Dec      RI1ANC         1708
SOON           RI1F/UA1PBA    1740
     -Sep/12   RI1FJA         1741
     -Sep/12   RI1FJM         1741
21Aug-06Sep    S79DO          1741
02Sep-06Sep    SN1LH          1743 *
01Sep-30Nov    SU/HA3JB       1743 *
29Aug-30Sep    SV9/WB2GAI/P   1743 *
28Sep-26Oct    T32C           1740
     -Nov      T6FR           1742
     -Jun/12   T6MO           1733
     -Nov      T6SH           1734
20Aug-03Sep    TK5UX          1741
     -31Aug    TM11NOR        1742
27Aug-10Sep    TM2GRF         1743 *

Aug            UE90K          1739
25Aug-10Sep    UM20Y          1742
     -Dec      VK0BFG         1741
     -Mar/12   VK0KEV (Macq)  1700/1701
May  -Aug      W3CVD/4        1726
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
     -14Nov    XF1/K5ENS      1739
NOW            XT2RJA         1712
UNKNOWN        XU7TZG         1743 *
     -Sep      ZC4MIS         1732
     -Sep      ZD9GI          1691
19Aug-31Oct    ZL4RUGBY       1741
     -31Dec    ZL50GH         1711
     -2012?    ZS6KX/7        1740

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
A71/JY5FX    via JY5FX (d)
AT0ULH       via VU2CDP (B), (L)
CG100NS      via VE1CDD (B)
CO6CAC       via EA5KB (B)
CR5L         via CT1DSV (B), (L)
CR5LSV       via CT5KAO (B), (L), eQSL
CR6LH        via CT1GZB (B)
CT2HXM       via F6KOP (B)
CT8/DC2CT    via DC2CT (B)
CT8/DK6EA    via DK6EA (B)
CW1R         via CX1AA (B)
DA0LCC/LH    via DH4HAN (B)
DA0WLH       via DL4NH (B)
DA2011LH     via DH3WO (B)
DF0DLFF      via DL7AFS (B)
DN0AWG/LH    via DO1OMA (B)
DU2/OE5LXP   via OE5LXP eQSL only
EF4RCH       via EA4RCH, eQSL, (L)
EF4TD        via EA4TD, eQSL, (L)
EF5AR        via EA5AR (L)
EF5DM        via EA5DM
EF5DY        via EA5DY
EF5FL        via EA5FL
EF5GUI       via EA5GUI
EF7CIN       via EB7CIN
EF7FT        via EA7FT
EF7JB        via EA7JB, eQSL
EF7TV        via EA7TV
EF8AKN       via EA8KAN
EG1GEG       via EA1LT (B)
EG1TDH       via EA1HNP (B), eQSL
EG5DM        via EA5FL
EG5FL        via EA5DM
EG5KB        via EA5KB (B)
EH8FLH       via EA8AKN (B)
EO18IKF      via US6IKF
EO18IKN      via US6IKN (B)
EO60RUL      via UZ9RR (B), (L), eQSL
GB0BHL       via G0TQT (B)
GB2LBN       via GM4UYZ (B)
HB0/DJ9CB    via DJ9CB (B)
HB0/IZ2QCP   via IZ2QCP (B), eQSL
HB0/PA3FYG   via PA3FYG (B)
HI3/KB2MS    via KB2MS (B)
HI3/W1JNZ    via W1JNZ
HF6WGC       via SP6CES (B)
HF85LKK      via SP8AUP (B)
HG50MHZ      via HA5HRK (L), eQSL
HG5MORSE     via HA5BA
LO2F         via AC7DX (B)
LR5D         via LU4AA (B)
LU/IW1FC     via IZ1MLQ (B)
LX8RTTY      via LX1DA (d)
LY2011USCARS via ES2TT (B)
LY/SP5VYI    via SP5VYI (B)
MJ/I1FQH     via I1FQH (B)
N0B          via N7UN (B), (L)
N6L          via K6LSN (B), eQSL
N7L          via K7VV
NP2X         via K5WW (B)
OE/DJ5RE/p   via DJ5RE (B)
OE/DK7FK     via DK7FK (B)
OE/ON4UP     via ON4UP (B)
OE9/DK9ES    via DK9ES
OH0/WS4T     via WS4T (L), eQSL or ES1WST (d)
OH5/DG2SBL   via DG2SBL (B)
OJ0UR        via M0URX (B)
OJ0VM        via OH6VM (B)
ON18CS       via ON4RSX (B)
ON30CLM      via ON6HC (B)
OX3XR        via OZ3PZ (B)
OZ/AL3T      via DL7ET (B)
OZ/DL5SE     via DL5SE (B)
OZ0FR/p      via DL2VFR (B)
PA2011DYK    via PA3RGH (B)
PG6HK/LH     via PD2J (B)
PJ7/AF6WU    via AF6WU (L), (d)
PQ8OP        via PT2OP (B)
PQ8RS        via PU1KGG (B)
PQ8XB        via PT7WA (B)
R10RTRS/0    via R7AA (B)
R3ARS/1      via RA3AKF (B)
RA/JA8BMK    via JA8BMK (B)
RA/N6TR      via N6TR (B)
RE0RFF/0     via RA0Q (B), eQSL
RW9QA        via W3HNK (d)
SN5N         via SP5KP
SN9Y         via SP9UOP (B)
SP/DD3JA/p   via DD3JA
SQ8SET       via SP8WQX (B)
SV8/DM3CW    via DM3CW (B)
T32JB        via I5JHW (B)
TC2X         via OH2BH (B)
TC7LHW       via TA7EB (B)
TF/G4ODA     via G4ODA (B)
TM1G         via ON6DP (d) / F6CNM (B)
TM5SM        via F5RJM (B)
TM7T         via ON7EQ (B)
TM89YON      via F5KCC
TM0COL       via F6FMT
TM0MN        via F4DTO (B)
UN3M         via EA7FTR
UP44Q        via UN0GL (B)
UP7Z         via UN7ZZ
VK2IZI       via EB7DX (d)
YF8RIM       via EA7FTR
YY7OMF       via YV5AJ (B)
Z330A        via Z30A
ZA/IW7DZJ    via IW7DZJ (B)
ZA/YU1FW     via YU1FW (B)
ZB2LGT       via ZB2JK (d)
ZS6/4Z5LA    via 4Z5LA (B)
4X/LY2H      via LY2H

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived direct: FG5FR, FG5GP, PJ4B (PA8A), TE8X (TI5AA)

QSLs arrived bureau: D44TT (K1BV), EG7TV, EY8CC, EY8CC, EY8MM (K1BV),
                     FR/DJ7RJ, FS/K9EL, H40FN (HA8FW), HR9/WQ7R (K5WW),
                     HS0ZCW (K4VUD), HZ1IK (DK7YY), OX/DL2SWW, OX/DL2VFR,
                     OX3XR, P40A (WD9DZV), PJ4/W0OZ, PW6C (K9AJ),
                     PY0FF (W9VA), R1ANP (RW1AI), T32AJ (K9AJ),
                     V47NT (N2NT), V51JF, VP2MZM (K2DM), YI9PSE (N6NKT),
                     Z23MS (UA3DX), ZD9AH (DL2AH), ZK3OU (N7OU),
                     ZK3YA (W7YAQ)

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DJ5AV,
DO3ME, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, JA1HGY, NG3K, OE2IKN, WB2GAI and others.

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