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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 10 » ET3, ETHIOPIA (K3LP, UY5LW, UW7LL)
ET3, ETHIOPIA (ET3AA Youth Development Project; DX-Pedition 2011).
Dave Collingham, K3LP, sent the following press releases to OPDX on December 9th (edited):

  Good Evening DXers:
      I got the 160 meter antenna up today, 127' vertical (abt 5 ' L at  the end) with four ground radials 128' each.
      I also sent an email to Igor (UY5LW) and Yarik (UW7LL) asking them  to join our team this evening through the weekend to expand radio
    and amplifier count.
      We have a perfect SWR on 160 meters and noise level is about S7-8.
    Our goal for the ACOM 2k or 1010 was not possible due to security.
    I was able to bring and pay tax on a 500w solid-state amp (Ameritron)  ALS-500M. It works fine on 15, 20 and 40, but only 200w on 80 & 160.
    Real bummer! I've install earth ground on radio, amp and all power  supplies. Still the same issue.
      If Igor arrives this evening, we'll put their amp on 160. If not,  it's going to be 200w on 80 & 160 m until we resolve issue.

    David - K3LP

  Hello DXers:
    The 160 and 80 meter bands exhibited the typical large city noise -   20+ noise level. I installed a 400' beverage with no success. It looks  like the best time is going to be at sunrise (5:30 AM to 6:30AM local)  and sunset. The noise level reminded me of what I experienced for two  days in Iraq (YI9) 1 year ago.
    Since the ET3AA license is issued to a specific location, it's not  an option to find a remote location. This morning (Saturday - Dec. 10),  our team heads to the university to administer the student exams (Qty 58  tech, 34 general and 5 extra).
    Paul (N6PSE), Al (K3VN) and Bill (N2WB) have been active each day  from Sid's QTH as ET3SID.
    Igor (UY5LW) and Yarik (UW7LL) will arrive today at 1:00 PM local  time, they will be part of our team through Monday morning. I'll have
  them get on the air as ET3AA with me with a second rig around 2:00 PM  today.
    We look forward to more 10 meter QSO's - I was able to work North  America about an hour before and half hour after our sunset.
    I know everyone is looking for 160 and 80 meters. We'll try a few  more tricks today to try and make it happen.

  Take care,
  David - K3LP

December 8th (edited):
  "Good Evening DXers:
  Our Team, David (K3LP - Team Leader), Paul (N6PSE), Al (K3VN) and
  Bill (N2WB) arrived at the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia International airport
  this morning at 7:30 AM, Thursday, December 8, 2011. Our amplifier,
  1,000 feet of coax, power meters, 160 and 80 meter antennas and other
  items were all held in Customs until about 1:30 PM. After paying the
  required 65% tax fees for electronic equipment and providing a letter
  from the university, we now have all the equipment in hand.
    Paul (N6PSE), Al (K3VN) and Bill (N2WB) arrived at Sid's home, had
  dinner and headed for bed. They plan to get up early and be on the air
  around 3:00 AM local time on Friday, December 9th.
    I was able to set-up a laptop PC, CW Keyer and other equipment at the
  ET3AA university station and made about 50 QSOs on 10 meters CW about
  1.5 hrs before local sunset. There was a nice opening to EU and NA at
  the same time. Stations were being heard and worked from W5, W8, W4,
  W3, W2 and W1 areas. I QRTed after a brief exchange of QSOs in order
  to complete more enhancements to the station.
    On Friday, I plan is to install the 160 meter and 80 meter vertical
  antennas with the students. In addition, if time permits, we complete
  a 10 Meter 6 element Vee Beam at 70' that could be used during the 10
  meter contest. We will have both the ET3SID and ET3AA stations on for
  the 10 meter contest.
    I'll (K3LP) be on 160 meters Friday at Sunset thru Sunrise, 1.823
  MHz for JA and 1.835 MHz. I'll be using the 500w solid-state amp.
  Depending on the activity, I may bounced to 80 meters CW for a few
  minutes. We were not able to get a large amp into the country during
  this time.
    We'll see everyone on the band tomorrow.

  Take care,
  David -K3LP"

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