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Главная » 2010 » Ноябрь » 5 » ICPO Bulletin (05-12 November 2010)
ICPO Bulletin (05-12 November 2010)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
05/11/2010:  Gert, ZS6AYU (3DA0GF - CW) and Hannes, ZS6BZP (3DA0HC - SSB)
will be active from the Hawane Resort, near Mbabane, Swaziland, on 5-8
November 2010. QRV 40-10m, including the WARC bands. If possible
simultaneous operation. Direct QSL's only. CW QSO's to ZS6AYU and SSB QSO's
to ZS6BZP, to their addresses on [NG3K]

05/11/2010:  Rudi, ZL2KBR will be active as 5W0BR from Apia, Upolu Island
(IOTA OC-097, WLOTA 1944, WW Loc. AH46CD) between 5-13th November 2010. QRV
on all HF bands using SSB and PSK31. He plans to use a FT857D w/100 watts
into a dipole or vertical antenna. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
Website: [OPDX Bulletin]

06/11/2010:  Laurent, F8FSC/p will be QRV on 6 November 2010 from the Mill
of Rongeon, located in the commune of Cousance (CP 39190), canton [county]
of Beaufort (DDCF 39-03), Department Jura/39 and Province Franche-Comte (DPF
10). Activity will be on the lower HF bands, propagation permitting. QSL via
home call, bureau or direct. [F8FSC]

06/11/2010:  Five operators: Joe SP9FKQ, Kris SP9UPK, Jan SP9WAN, Darek
SQ9IDG and Zbig SQ9CXC will work from WFF NEW ONE as SP9YFF/6 on: 6 November
SPFF-516 LasyStobrawsko-Turawskie- Protected Landscape Area; 7 November
SPFF-517 Jezioro Turawskie - Natura 2000 Territories. Start about 0900 UTC
on Saturday and QRT about 1500 UTC Sunday. Band: 80-10 mtr. Mode: CW, SSB,
RTTY - multi trx. QSL via SQ9IDG, direct, bureau and WFF LogSearch).
Website: [SP9BGL]

06/11/2010:  Jacek, SQ9OKV will activate Wisnicko Lipnicki Landscape Park
(WFF SPFF-140) on Saturday, 6 November 2010. He will use his personal home
call as this area is his QTH (Lomna/Nowy Wisnicz, Poland). This activation
also counts for Pogorze Wisnickie Protected Landscape Area (WFF SPFF-470,
Bytom gmina PGA BO02). QRV on 80, 40 and 20 metre SSB, starting about 0900
UTC. QSL via the bureau or direct. [SQ9OKV]

06/11/2010:  Look for XU7KOH to be active on all bands and modes from Koh
Russei (IOTA AS-133) on 6-9 November 2010. The operators will be XU7ACY,
XU7ADV, XU7AJV and XU7KOH. QSL via ON7PP, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

07/11/2010:  Stephan, SM5YRA will be active as SM1YRA from Faro Island (IOTA
EU-020) and lighthouse (ARLHS SWE-011, WLOTA 2093, Admiralty C7162, WW Loc.
JO97QX) on 7-19 November 2010. He will operate holiday style on digital
modes and SSB with 100 watts and dipoles. QSL via home call (bureau
preferred) and eQSL via SM1YRA/L. [425 DX News]

08/11/2010:  Operators Matthias DL5MFL, Juergen DL4MAQ and Sven DF9MV are
planning to be active from the Le Calao resort, Senegal, on 8-18 November
2010. A 6V7** callsign is being requested and will be released when
available. QRV 160-6 metres, using CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via
DE0MST. The DXpedition currently has a Blog page running at: [OPDX Bulletin]

10/11/2010:  OR4TN operated by Karel, ON5TN, will again be at the Belgian
Princess Elisabeth Station (WAP BEL-02, IOTA AN-016) on Antarctica. Period:
10 November 2010 until 24 February 2011. As upon arrival a lot of work needs
to be done at the base, Karel only expects to be QRV starting in December.
Best chances will again be 40m (late local evening) and 20m (around and
after local midnight). Please do not send emails to Karel's home email
address. QSL via ON5TN. [F6AJA]

13/11/2010:  Algarve STAR DX Team members Jose CT1EHX, Toze CT1GFK, Goncalo
CT1GPQ and Hermann HB9CRV will be active as CR6A from the Sardao lighthouse
(DFP FBA-02, PFFP FP-057, ARLHS POR-014, PT-426, Admiralty D2164), located
in the SW Aletejano Natural Park (WFF CTFF-012, DPRN FF-012) on 13th and
14th November 2010. QRV on 80-15m using SSB, CW and RTTY. They will also
have one station dedicated to the WAE RTTY Contest, category unknowed at
moment. QSL via CT1GFK, bureau or direct. Website: [Algarve

13/11/2010:  North America SOTA Operating Event to expand the awareness of
US and Canada SOTA activities will be held the weekend of 13-14 November
2010. Various calls, various cities. NA and CA SOTA Organizations.
Frequencies: 7.040, 7.255, 14.060 and 14.342 MHz. QSL to all participants,
per operator instructions, or Info:

22/11/2010:  Operators JA1OZK (W6LJ), JA1CGC, JF1TAB, JH1FUD, JL1LOW, JA1NMH
(W1NMH) and JA1MFR (WN1Y) will be active from Barrigada, Guam Island (IOTA
OC-026, USi GU003S, WLOTA 0064, WFF KFF-110 Guam NWR) from 22-27 November
2010. Masa, JA1OZK is expected to show up as KH2KY (Guam Japanese DXer
Club), the others will sign KH2/homecalls (which are also their QSL routes,
bureau ok). QRV on all bands, using CW, SSB and digital modes. [NG3K]

25/11/2010:  Nick, K9NB and John, K9EL will be operating from the island of
French St. Martin (IOTA NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383, Grid Loc. FK88) as
FS/homecall between 25 November and 1 December 2010 and will be a casual
entry into the CQWW CW Contest. Outside of the contest the plans are to be
active on all bands 160-6m as conditions permit. Primary focus will be on CW
with SSB and RTTY possible. QSL to home calls. Skeds welcome (k9el at
comcast dot net). [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Vitaly, RN4WA will use the callsign 8Q7DV from the Sun Island
resort, South Ari Atoll (IOTA AS-013, WLOTA 0317), Maldives, in the CQWW DX
CW Contest as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. He will use GPs on the water,
single radio and ACOM2000. QSL via UA9CLB, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Look for Saty, JE1JKL to be active as TO5T from the FM5BH QTH
in Ducos, island of Martinique (IOTA NA-107, DIFO FM-001, DDFM 97, WFF
FFF-016, WLOTA 1041) in the CQWW DX CW Contest (27-28th November) as a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via JE1JKL, direct or bureau.

27/11/2010:  Dave, N2NL will be active as NH2T from Yigo, Guam Island (IOTA
OC-026, USi GU003S, WLOTA 0064, WFF KFF-110 Guam NWR), during the CQWW DX CW
Contest as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via LoTW. QSLs can
also be sent via W2YC, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Tomi, OH6EI will be activate OH0Z, from the Aland Islands (IOTA
EU-002, WLOTA 1373), for the CQWW DX CW Contest as a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via W0MM, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Operators John W6LD, Denny KX7M, Mike N7MH and Rick N6XI will
be active as P40L from the P40L/P49Y QTH in Pos Chiquito, island of Aruba
(IOTA SA-036, WLOTA 0033), as a Multi-Single entry in the CQWW DX CW
Contest. QSLs go direct to WA3FRP. [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Robert, S53R will be active from The Sudan as ST2AR, a
Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry, in the CQWW DX CW Contest. QSL direct to
S53R. [NG3K]

27/11/2010:  Al, WP3C plans to be active in the CQWW DX CW Contest as a
Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry from Utuado, Puerto Rico (IOTA NA-099,
USi PR006S, WLOTA 2802). QSL via W3HNK. [NG3K]

11/12/2010:  Tom KG4ZOI, Ryne KG4ZUI and Chessa KJ4IYI will be active as
KG4ZOI from Roanoke Island (IOTA NA-067, USi NC013S, WLOTA 2614, Dare
County), North Carolina, on 11th and 12th December 2010. QRV on, or near,
7.225 and 14.260 MHz SSB. QSL direct to KG4ZOI. []

10/01/2011:  Radio Club D'Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (IOTA NA-096, WLOTA
0343), will activate special callsign 4V1 to remember the Haiti Earthquake
of 12 January 2010. QRV from 10-20 January 2011. QSL via Gary D. Mentro
(N3OS), 11028 Ewing Dr, Dade City, FL 33525-0931, USA. Frequency and times
will be announced on 14.300 MHz, (Inter-Con and MM Net Frequency) in
recognition of the assistance the nets provided for months following the
massive earthquake of 12 January 2010. They will operate from several sites
at various times on numerous frequencies. Check 14.300 Mhz often for
operation times and frequencies. [ARRL]

30/01/2011:  Karl, OE3JAG will be QRV holiday style as PJ2/OE3JAG from the
island of Curacao (IOTA SA-099, WLOTA 0942) between 30 January and 11
February 2011. Activity will be mainly CW on 40, 30, 20, 17 and 12 metres.
QSL via home call, by direct (IRC), bureau, e-mail request-buro and/or LoTW.

03/02/2011:  Dennis, WA2USA plans to be active as WA2USA/4 from St. George
Island (IOTA NA-085, USi FL007S, Franklin County), Florida, between 3
February and 3 March 2011. QRV RTTY, CW and SSB on 160-10 metres, including
WARC bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. []

04/02/2011:  Akira, JA1NLX will be active as A35AY from the Fafa Island
resort, Tongatapu group, Kingdom of Tonga (IOTA OC-049, WW Loc. AG28KV) from
4-9 February 2011. QRV on 80-10m, using mainly CW with some RTTY with FT857,
microHAM CWKeyer, 5m long Buddistick with a lots of radials for 80 - 10m or
Random wire on fishing pole with ATU. Frequencies -
3505/7015/10115/14035/18075/21035/24895/28035 QSX up 1-3KHz for CW and
10140/14085/18110/21085/24920/28085 QSX up 1-5KHz for RTTY. QSL via JA1NLX
by the bureau, LoTW, or direct with SASE ($2.00 or 1 IRC). OnLine log be
available after the vacation. Logs will also be uploaded to LoTW. Website: [NG3K]

04/11/2010:  On the occasion of the visit to Barcelona of Pope Benedict XVI,
for the dedication of the expiatorio temple of the Sagrada Family, ARMIC,
with the aid of collaborating manifolds, will have 3 radio stations
operative in different points from the city: 1) from the ELEVEN building of
Catalonia (EA3RKR) will activate the callsign EG0EJA on Sunday, 7 November
2010 only. 2) from the Center of Press in Atarazanas and 3) in front of the
facade of the Birth, by where the Pope will leave to say the Angelus, using
the callsigns EG3VP and EG3VSP. A special QSL will be available for a single
contact and a diploma will be available for contacts with 2 of the 3
stations. QSL all three calls via EA3RKR, EuroBureauQSL, URE bureau or
direct with SASE. The diploma will be free of charge by Internet in pdf
format, a week after the event when all stations upload their logs
( The activity will be the point of closing of tour ARMIC
30 Years 30 Activities, that celebrate the three decades of existence of the
School of Radio of the Association of Radio hams Handicapped people
Invidentes de Catalonia ARMIC, that shortly will present/display their new
projects. [SP9JPA]

05/11/2010:  YS1YS, HU1YS and special event callsign YS1FRACAP will be used
during the FRACAP (Federacion de Radio Aficionados de Centro America y
Panama) Convention that will be held on 5-7 November in San Salvador. QSLs
go direct to YS1GMV. [425 DX News]

06/11/2010:  Guelph Amateur Radio Club, VA3IF will be active as a special
event station on 6-11 November 2010 to commemorate Remembrance Day. They
will be operating from the McCrae House, birthplace of Col. John McCrae,
author of "In Flanders Fields." on 6-7 November from 1 am-5 pm
EST; and 7-10 November from 10 am-5 pm EST. A certificate will be available
direct, with sufficient postage, to GARC, 11 Waxwing Cres, Guelph, ON N1C
1E1, CANADA. Website: [RAC]

06/11/2010:  The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association, W0JH will be active
as a special event station from Split Rock Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-783),
Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald on 6-8 November 2010. QRV on 3.860, 7.260,
14.260 and 21.360 MHz SSB. QSL certificates will ONLY be sent via e-mail!
Send your request with required QSO info (call sign, date, time, freq., RST
report, etc.) to: [W0JH at ARRL dot NET] or complete QSL Request Form at: (you do NOT have to send a printed QSL card!). A file
suitable for printing will be sent to you via e-mail. [ARRL]

C.O.T.A. Activity in Honor of St. Mary
Dear friends and colleagues OM and SWL:
For the 61th anniversary of the proclamation of the Virgin Mary "Virgo
Fidelis" as a patron saint of the Carabinieri, as well as to raise awareness
and celebrate the first "mother" of every policeman, I’m pleasure to inform
you that ...
from 15th November 00.00 UTC to 24.00 UTC on 21th November 2010 the C.O.T.A.
(Amateur Radio Association "Carabinieri On The Air") will activate the radio
station IQ6CC
1. The special call will operate on all HF bands and modes.
2. The QSL Manager is Lorenzo Iannone (IZ4SUC).
3. The QSL cards for the contact can be sent via bureau or direct (with
This is the Operators list: IZ6IQA Claudio, IK6BAK Eliseo, IZ6OYU Fabrizio,
IZ6FYI Giuseppe, IK6HLN Gianni, IZ6FUQ Stefano, I6TND Vito, IK6ZJE Domenico,
I6YOT Mimma and IW6MKI Ubaldo.
On 8 December 1949, His Holiness Pope Pius XII, in accepting the request of
the Military SE Bishop Carlo Alberto Ferrero Cavallerleone, officially
proclaiming Mary "Virgo Fidelis Patron Saint of Carabinieri Force", by the
celebration of 21 November, to coincide with the presentation of the Virgin
Mary in the Temple and the anniversary of the Battle of Culqualber.
You are all invited to attend and we will be delighted to contact all those
who wish to demonstrate their sympathy to the Italian Military Police
I also hope that you find time to follow this activation as well as all
activities on the COTA website there are all and more
useful info for activation. "73". See you soon"ON AIR" [IZ0RNU]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:

05/11-13/11  5W0BR: Upolu Island WLOTA:1944 QSL ZL2KBR (d/b)
07/11-19/11  SM1YRA/L: Faro WLOL:SWE-011, WLOTA:2093 QSL SM5YRA (d/b)

KD8HB - Joyce - 7* - NOV. 5 to NOV. 5 - CW Only
Bands: 20,30,40,80 CW only.
OHIO: Champaign, Madison, Fayette, Pickaway, Ross, Pike, Scioto (maybe),
Adams, Brown, Highland, Clinton, Greene, Clark and Champaign. QSL via home
call. [County Hunter Web]

W4SIG - Kerry - 11/9/10 to 11/10/10 - SSB and CW
An ambitious trip for some much needed Kentucky counties. Now good for
BINGO! Will start about 1200z each day and run very late in the evening.
Will run 40cw/40ssb/30cw/20cw/20ssb. All bands are available and might be
able to run on special requests and if time permits. Unfortunately due to S7
engine noise (thanks Ford) and being by myself I must usually stop and run
county lines so I can copy well. This combined with running multiple
bands/modes will slow me down. Plan is to start early on Tuesday and get
home in the wee hours Thursday. Please keep an ear out as there is a
possibility that I may need to push this trip out a day or two. PLEASE post
me. As usual the route is subject to change for unknown circumstances.
KENTUCKY: Allen, Monroe, Metcalfe, Cumberland, Clinton, Wayne, Pulaski,
Casey, Russell, Adair, Taylor, Green, Marion, Washington, Boyle, Lincoln,
Garrard, Jessamine, Madison, Clark, Estill, Powell, Menifee, Wolfe, Morgan,
Magoffin, Floyd, Knott, Martin, Johnson, Lawrence, Elliott, Carter, Lewis,
Rowan, Fleming, Robertson, Nicholas, Harrison, Scott, Woodford, Anderson,
Washington, Nelson, Spencer, Hardin, Meade, Hart, Edmonson, Warren and
Simpson. QSL via home call. [County Hunter Web]

** The 144 MHz EME NewsLetter - Current Issue November 2010 **
Since 2003 DF2ZC publishes the 144 MHz EME NewsLetter. This is
a free service for the EME community. Bernd, DF2ZC, informed us
that the latest edition of the EME-Newsletter is now available
at: - EMENL201011 [974 KB] [MMMonVHF]

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated 04 November 2010)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal
"Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

I am pleased to announce the launch of my On-line QSL Request System (OQRS).
In addition to the long established ability to request bureau cards via
e-mail, you can now request QSL cards for any of the 100+ callsigns that I
manage to be mailed to you direct and to pay for the postage etc. via
PayPal.  Why bother with mailing direct? The OQRS is easy and reasonable.
Any queries or unforeseen issues will be handled via e-mail. Please visit my
web site for further information and instructions.

73 for now

Phil Whitchurch
QSLs via Bureau: 3D2GM, 5B4AGD, 7P8MM, 7XØDX, 8N7IOTA, 9K2/SP4R, 9M6DXX,

QSLs via Direct: 4U1ØNPT (OE1ZKC), 6W/HAØNAR (hc), 9LØW (DK2WV), J5NAR
(HAØNAR), PJ2/OH1VR (hc), R1FJM (RX3MM) and SV2ASP/A (

IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:
SOTA (Summits On The Air) at:
WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:
WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:
WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:

VP8ORK Press Release #3 - The Low-Band Plan

Many have been asking about our low-band plans for the upcoming VP8ORK South
Orkney DXpedition in January 2011. With antennas to cover 75, 80 and 160m
simultaneously from sunset to sunrise, dedicated receive systems and
top-of-the-line radios, we will be active on all these bands, every night,
for almost two solid weeks. Rest assured that we're giving the low-bands a
top priority.

Of course this doesn't mean we're ignoring 40m and up.  It just means we're
putting in a bigger effort than usual on those bands where the need is

We realize that lone operators at remote polar science stations often have
limited time and equipment to make an effort on every band, let alone 80 or
160. This is why the big Antarctic DXpeditions are there to fill in the
gaps. These expeditions offer experienced DXers a chance at working some new
band-modes, and newcomers a chance at climbing the honor-roll.

Here is a listing of our low-band arsenal:

160 transmit
The Battle Creek Special (160 main)
85 foot vertical wire supported by Spiderbeam telescoping pole (160

80 transmit
SteppIR vertical with 80 meter coil (CW) (80m)
60 foot vertical wire supported by Spiderbeam telescoping pole (75m)
60 foot vertical wire supported by second Spiderbeam telescoping pole

160/80 receive
DX Engineering 4 square with DX Engineering preamp and DX Engineering
splitters to feed 3 low band radios.
Two RX beverages as an option to 4 square dependant on circumstances
encountered on site.

7 x K3 transceivers  (sponsored by Elecraft)
3 x Acom 1010 amplifiers  (sponsored by Acom)
2 x Acom 1000 amplifiers (sponsored by Acom)

and VE3EJ

I'm sure most of you recognize these calls.  This team brings with it an
unprecedented amount of experience in Antarctic DXpeditioning, contesting
and low-band knowledge to ensure that all bands are covered from start to

But, even with a great plan, the best equipment and experienced operators,
activating the remote entities of the Southern Ocean is still one of the
most challenging aspects of amateur radio. These islands are some of the
windiest, coldest and roughest places on earth to survive, and just reaching
them is an achievement in itself.  Its no secret that private,
non-governmental Antarctic expeditions come at an astronomical cost, and
without support from everyone within the DX community these trips would
simply not happen.

We're extremely grateful to have major DX foundations such as the NCDXF,
INDEXA and the ARRL funding us with large donations.  We're also thankful to
have support from many worldwide DX clubs and commercial equipment sponsors
such as Elecraft, Acom, DX Engineering and SteppIR.  But even with all that,
and each team member contributing over $12,000, it still doesn't even come
close to covering the massive expense of a polar expedition.  We need
financial support from all of you.

If you haven't sent in a donation yet we hope you will consider joining
those who have already stepped up to help.  Our website [1]
gives full details of our trip, and is where you can contribute at whatever
level you feel comfortable.

We look forward to working you on all bands!

James Brooks, 9V1YC
The Microlite Penguins DXpedition Team
VP8ORK South Orkney 2011
Space Weather News for Nov. 3,  2010
FARSIDE SOLAR FLARES: An active  region just over the sun's eastern horizon
is crackling with solar flares and hurling material high above the stellar
surface.  One of today's flares, a C4-class event, created a wave of
ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere despite the fact that the blast site
was not directly visible from Earth.  The source of this activity appears to
be old sunspot 1112, which has spent the last ~12 days transiting the far
side of the sun, and is now about to turn back toward our planet.
CARG 10 Meter Contest 2010
December 5, 2010
8am to 8pm local time
28.300Mhz  a 28.500Mhz
Caribbean Amateur Radio Group, Inc WP4CRG
Rules available after Nov 1, 2010 in
73' Wilfredo "Junior" Aviles / KP4ARN
ZL Ham November Band Scope

I am proud to announce the first issue of ZL Ham Band Scope.

ZL Ham Band Scope is a round up of news, contests, views and items of
interest bought to you at the start of every month.

Members can go to the ZL Ham Download section or non members can use the
link below to download your copy of Band Scope.

November 2010 Band Scope

73, Peter Bennett ZL1UPB [Southgate ARC]
With Tropical Storm Tomas expected to move through the Caribbean on Thursday
and Friday, WX4NHC ( -- the Amateur Radio Station at the
National Hurricane Center (NHC -- will activate at 9 AM
(EDT) on Saturday, November 6.
Hurricane Warnings have been issued for Haiti, Guantanamo, Cuba, the
Southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Tropical Storm
Warnings have also been issued Jamaica and the Cuban provinces of Santiago
de Cuba and Holguin.
Read more here:

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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