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Главная » 2012 » Июнь » 8 » ICPO Bulletin (08-15 June 2012)
ICPO Bulletin (08-15 June 2012)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
08/06/2012:  Carolyn, 5B/KC9URR, and Padraig, 5B/KC9UUS, are currently doing
their first DXpedition to the island of Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051)
until 17th June, 2012. They will work holiday style, SSB only, using a FT-857
and Buddipole. KC9UUS is only 15 years old. QSLs via homecalls (Bureau/direct).
QSL cards will be sent after their return home. [DX Newsletter]

08/06/2012:  Gianpiero, I1UWF, will be active as F/I1UWF on 8th June 2012 from
the Fort de la Revere (DFCF 06-019, WCA F-00213), commune of Eze (CP 06360),
Department Alpes Maritimes/06 and Provence Cote d'Azur (DPF 20). He will also
activate Corniches de la Riviera [Natura 2000] (WFF FFF 117). QRV starting
around 1300 UTC on 7.140 MHz, then QSY to 14.240 MHz SSB. QSL via home call,
direct or Bureau. [F6FNA]

08/06/2012:  John, K9EL, will once again be active as FS/K9EL from the island of
French St. Martin (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383, Grid Loc. FK88) from 8-24
June, 2012. QRV holiday style on 80-6 metre CW, SSB and plans to put an emphasis
on RTTY. On 6 metres John will use a 3 element yagi and amplifier. QSL via home
call and LoTW. Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog daily. [OPDX Bulletin]

08/06/2012:  Operators Mike SV1RK and Stavros SV3CJU will once again be active
from Sapientza Island (EU-158, GIOTA INS-011, MIA MG-101) and lighthouse (ARLHS
GRE-116, GLHA GRE-116, TWLHD WLH SV-079, WLOTA 1471, WW Loc. KM06US) after 7
years as J48SAI from 8-10 June, 2012. QRV using CW, SSB and RTTY on the HF bands
and 6 metres. QSL via LoTW or via SV1RK, Bureau or direct. [OPDX Bulletin]

08/06/2012:  JA2MET is now active as JD1BMG/JD1 from Chichi-jima (WLOTA 2269 WW
Loc. QL17CC) until 10th June, 2012. He will also activate Haha-jima (WLOTA 2282,
WW Loc. QL16BP) on 21-24 June. Both islands are in the Ogasawara (AS-031) group.
Focus will be on 6 metre Phone and maybe some CW. QSL via home call. [DXAT]

08/06/2012:  William, KD8PZO, will be doing some vacation style operation from
Burton island (USi VT020, Not IOTA), Lake Champlain, Franklin county, State of
Vermont, from 8-10 June, 2012. QRV as KD8PZO/1 on 20-10 metre SSB. QSL via home
call, direct or Bureau. [USi]

08/06/2012:  ON7EX, ON6VOX and ON4LO will be active as ON4LO/LH from the
Lightship Mayflower (ARLHS BEL-048), Canale Brugge - Gent, on 8-12 June, 2012.
They will be QRV on 80-10 metre SSB. QSL via ON4LO, direct and Bureau. [425 DX

08/06/2012:  Moreira, PT7ZT, and GPDX-CE will be active as PT7ZT/p from the
Paracurú lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-276, DFB CE-09, DFCE CE-09, WW Loc. HI06LO), in
the Municipality of Paracurú, Ceará State, from 8-10 June, 2012. The lighthouse
is located on the Ponta Paracurú, a headland about 90km west of Fortaleza. If
all goes well they will also participate in the Portugal Day Contest. Working
conditions are the usual: FT-890AT and the GP20 antennas Vertical Dipole and
Window Tagra. QSL via PT7ZT, direct or Bureau. [PT7ZT]

08/06/2012:  The Silesian Radioamateur Group SP9YFF/p will be active on the 8th
of June 2012 from the Stanowisko Sasanek Nature Reserve (WFF SPFF-190). TX 100W,
wire antenna, SSB only. QSL direct to home call. Further information at: [SP9UPK]

08/06/2012:  Steve, G3ZVW (also ZD8N), is now active through the month of June
as V73/AF6SU from the V73AX club station on Kwajalein Atoll (WW Loc. RJ38UR),
Ralik Chain (OC-028), Marshall Islands. He has been active on 20m CW so far. QSL
via G3ZVW direct of bureau. Do not send to AF6SU. [dx-world]

09/06/2012:  Members of Radio Club F5KTC will be active as F5KTC/p on 9th June
2012 from the Fort Saint Elme (DFCF 66-005, WCA F-03141), located in the commune
of Collioure (CP 66190), canton [county] of Cote Vermeille (DDCF 66-19),
Department Pyrenees Orientales/66 and Province Languedoc Rousillon (DPF 12). QRV
80-20 metres, propagation permitting. QSL via home call by the Bureau. [F5PRR]

09/06/2012:  Alain, F6CUG, will be homecall/p on 9th June 2012 from the Castle
of Laborde (DFCF 21-128), Department Cote d'Or/21 and Province Burgundy (DPF
05). QRV on the low HF bands, propagation allowing. QSL via home call, Bureau
preferred. [F6CUG]

09/06/2012:  Look for Patrick, F8DYD, to be active on 9th June 2012 as F8DYD/p
from the Tour Chappe TC86CL (de Clairvaux) and the Tower of Haut-Clairvaux (DFCF
86-097), commune of Scorbe-Clairvaux (CP 86140), Department Vienne/86 and
Province Poitou-Charentes (DPF 19). QRV on the HF bands, propagation permitting.
QSL via home call, Bureau or direct. [F8DYD]

09/06/2012:  Andy, N8OFS/p (SMIRK #6737), will be active from EN91or for the
ARRL June VHF QSO Party (9-11 June). "I will once again be Broadcasting Live and
Direct from the Big Caboose at the beloved AC&J Railroad for the 6M Sprint...
This will be my Second of Six trips to the Caboose for 2012... 50W from the
Kenwood TS-60 to the 'DOMINATOR'(tm) at 28.5ft, parked and locked on 52.525 MHz
FM..." QSL via home call, direct only or e-QSL. [N8OFS]

09/06/2012:  T48K will once again be activated for the ARRL June VHF QSO Party
(9-11 June) as a Limited Multioperator entry from FL10MW. QRV mainly on 6 metres
with a five element Tonna and 100 watts, but will also try some contacts on 2
metres with 50 watts and 9 element homebrew cubical quad, looking for the very
first QSO ever made between Las Tunas, Cuba (NA-015, WLOTA 0032) and the United
States. QSL via DK1WI. [NG3K]

09/06/2012:  The Tri State Flora And Fauna Group W3WFF will be active for WFF
Green Day (9 June, 2012) from the Powdermill Nature Reserve (WFF KFF-623),
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Starting at 1200z, they will be QRV on 40-10m
CW and SSB near WFF frequencies with 100w and wire antennas. Logs will be
uploaded to the WFF LogSearch and LoTW, and QSLs are OK direct or Bureau via
N3GJ. [N3GJ]

10/06/2012:  Ulli, DL9WVM, will once again be active as A6/DL9WVM from Dubai
Mirdif between 10-30 June, 2012. Activity will be on 80-10 metres, all modes.
Ulli is working remotely from Dubai for his company in Berlin and sits the whole
day beside his equipment. QSL via LoTW, or via his home callsign, direct or by
the Bureau. [OPDX Bulletin]

10/06/2012:  Dandy, K6ZRH (also DU1IMA), plans to be active from Palawan Island
(OC-128, WLOTA 1612) as K6ZRH/DU1 from 10-30 June, 2012. QRV on 40, 20 and 15
metre SSB. QSL via home call, direct only. [rsgbiota]

10/06/2012:  Robert ON4LRG, Janny ON5PO, Paul ON6DP, Didier ON6YH, Pierre ON7PC
and Jean ON7ZM will be active on the 10th of June 2012 from the Castle Saint
Fontaine (WCA ON-00496, BCA LG-095). They plan to work from 0600 till 1000 UTC
on all bands as OP0P/P or homecalls/p. QSL for OP0P is via ON6DP, Bureau,
direct, LOTW or e-QSL. QSL others via their home callsigns. [RN1CW]

11/06/2012:  Chas, NK8O, will be active from Mwanza, on Lake Victoria, Tanzania,
as 5H9CP from 11-22 June, 2012. Primarily a CW operator he will be QRV on HF
when time permits, using an Elecraft KX3 (QRP). The antenna design will depend
on the local trees. Scheduled times and frequencies will be released on
The hobby comes only after his obligations at the Nyakato Health Center, of
course. QSL via NK8O. [dx-world]

11/06/2012:  Tetsu, JH8SGR, will be active from Gotland Island (EU-020, WLOTA
2969) as SM1/JH8SGR from 11-13 June, 2012. He will use 500 watts into wirebeam
antennas. QSL via his home callsign. [OPDX Bulletin]

12/06/2012:  Patrick, IM0/ON7ARQ, will be QRV from Sardinia on 12-26 June 2012.
He will join the All Asian DX Contest from Isola di San Pietro (EU-165, IIA
CI-009, MIA MIS-031, WAIS FM10) in the southwest of Sardinia. QSL via home call,
direct or Bureau. [DX Newsletter]

15/06/2012:  Tony, JA6CNL, will once again be active as KH0N from the island of
Saipan (OC-086, USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333, WW Loc. QK25UF), Northern Mariana
Islands, from 15-18 June, 2012. QRV on 80-6 metre CW only. QSL via JA6CNL.

15/06/2012:  Andy, N8OFS/p (SMIRK #6737), QRV 2012-06-15 0000z till 2012-06-17
2359z from EN91or for the SMIRK 50MHz QSO Party. "I will once again be
Broadcasting Live and Direct from the Big Caboose at the beloved AC&J Railroad
for the 6M Sprint... This will be my Third of Six trips to the Caboose for
2012... 50W from the Kenwood TS-60 to the 'DOMINATOR'(tm) at 28.5ft, parked and
locked on 52.525 MHz FM..." QSL via home call, direct only or e-QSL. [N8OFS]

16/06/2012:  Taka, JA8COE, will once again be active as JA8COE/8 from Yagishiri
To (AS-147, WFF JAFF-034, WLOTA 2512, WW Loc. QN04QK), Hokkaido Prefecture,
Rumoi Subprefecture, Tomamae District, from 16-18 June, 2012. QRV on 40, 20, 17
and 15 metre SSB, PSK and RTTY. QSL via home call, JARL Bureau or direct

17/06/2012:  On 17th June 2012, National French Mills Day, members of the Radio
Club F5KAI will activate F5KAI/p from the only horse powered mill left in the
Nord-Pas-de Calais area. QRV from 0600 UTC to 1400 UTC, 80/40/20m, mainly SSB.
QSL via the REF Bureau. [UBA HF News]

17/06/2012:  On 17th June 2012, the Radio club of Binche (ON7RY) will activate
the Special Event Station ON44WAR from the historical place of Bruly-de-Pesche
(Belgium) in order to commemorate the sacrifice of the Belgian Resistance (WW
II). The timetable of activities will be as follows, from 09:00 AM up to 05:00
PM (UTC+2): - at the hour up to the hour and a half: CW transmissions with a
Whaddon MK VII Paraset on 3.515 MHz, 3.541 MHz, 7.006 MHz, 7.010 MHz, 7.016 MHz
and 7.025 MHz. - at the hour and a half up to the next hour: SSB transmissions
on 40m. QSL information via ON7RY (direct or via the Bureau). [UBA HF News]

17/06/2012:  ON6WL/p will be aired from "De Buylaers Lokeren" [Buylaers Nature
Reserve] (WFF ONFF-065) on 17th June 2012, starting around 0700 UTC until 1100
UTC. This activation will also count for Kasteel Verloren bos (BCA OV-006, WCA
ON-00338). Bands will be 40 and 20 metres. [UBA HF News]

26/06/2012:  JA2MET will be active as JA2MET/1 from Mikura-jima [jima means
island], North Izu Islands (IOTA AS-008, WW Loc. PM93TU), Philippine Sea, Miyake
Subprefecture of Tokyo Metropolis, between 26 June and 1 July, 2012. He will be
QRV on all HF bands and modes. Mikura-jima is also within the boundaries of the
Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park (WFF JAFF-009). QSL via home call, Bureau or
direct. [DXAT]

01/07/2012:  To commemorate Armed Forces Day with the local Veterans
Association. A large event will be held in Alexandra Park, Hastings, East
Sussex, England (EU-004, WLOTA 1841, Grid Loc. JO00) together with all local
associations. This will be held on Sunday 1st July using the callsign GB0AFD
(Armed Forces Day). We hope that many Ex Servicemen Operators from RNARS, RAFARS
and Royal Signals Association will give us a call and help build up interest for
the general public attending the event. Our intended operating bands will be SSB
or CW or PSK31 on 80/40/20m/30m. Depending on conditions other bands may be
tried. We will have a Linear 300/400W using wire dipoles, we will also monitor
2m and 6m CW or SSB. Our times of operation are from 10am till 1600pm. We would
welcome any schedules, Contact Tony G4KLF QTHr. [Pete at the DX-Newsdesk]

06/07/2012:  A large group of ORARI members will be active as YE0M from Pulau
Kaliage Besar (OC-177, WW Loc. OI34GI), located within the Kepulauan Seribu
[English: Thousand Islands] Marine National Park (WFF YBFF-025), Jakarta
Province, Indonesia, from 6-9th July, 2012. Operators include YB0AA, YB0AZ,
be on 160-2 metre CW, SSB and RTTY. All QSLs will be handled by their QSL
Manager: OM Jel - YB1GJS. More details about Direct / Buro / LoTW will be
available during the course of DXpedition. Website: [dx-world]

20/07/2012:  Rick, NE8Z, will be active once again as HC1MD from Tumbaco (WW
Loc. FI09TS), Pichincha Province, Ecuador, from 20-31 July, 2012. QRV on 40 to
10 metres, and possibly 6 metres, using CW, SSB and RTTY. Rig: Kenwood TS-850s,
Heath SB-200 amp, Carolina Windom (80-10m CW+SSB+RTTY). QSL via K8LJG (John
Kroll, 3528 Craig Drive, Flint, MI 48506 USA). []

20/07/2012:  Waldi SP7IDX and Mek SP7VC will be active as LA/SP7IDX and LA/SP7VC
from Mageroya Island (EU-044, WLOTA 0160, WW Loc. KQ21VC) between 20-29 July,
2012. They plan to use 2 stations. One for the HF bands and the second for
50Mhz. Operation will be 80-6m using SSB, RTTY *also in IOTA Contest 2012.*
During the travel to Mageroya Island there is the possibility of activity from
Seskaro Island (EU-139, WW Loc. KP15VR) in the evening or at night 19 July and
the next day 20 July in the morning as SM/SP7VC and SM/SP7IDX. QSL also OK via
home call, the log will be uploaded in LoTW. [NG3K]

21/07/2012:  The Pontefract & District Amateur Radio Society (FISTS #14041)
introduce our hobby to the public with the clubstation GB1AVR at the Steam Rally
in Ackworth from 21-22 July, 2012. They will be operating in the Watertower
field between Pontefract and Ackworth (competing with fairground organs!). QSL
via the RSGB Bureau or direct to Nigel, G0BPK ( [PDARC]

23/07/2012:  Operators Antonio IZ8IQL, Giorgio IZ8FAV, Sal IZ8GGF, Carlo IZ0EGC,
Giuseppe IZ0GZW and Gianni IW0BTN will be active as IB0F from the island of
Ponza (EU-045, IIA LT-001, MIA MI-076, WLOTA 1395), Tyrrhenian Sea, from 23-31
July, 2012. They will also participate in the RSGB IOTA Contest (28-29 July).
QSL information TBA. Website: [rsgbiota]

30/07/2012:  Ray, PE1GUR, will be active as PA6FUN from Ameland Island (EU-038,
WLOTA 1059, WW Loc. JO23VK) between 30 July and 15 August, 2012. QRV on 6 metres
only...Es, Ms and Tropo. QSL via PE1GUR, Bureau or direct. [rsgbiota]

09/08/2012:  Chuck, W4XP, will be active in his spare time from Diego Garcia
Atoll (AF-006, WLOTA 1645, Grid Loc. MI62) as VQ9XP, from the VQ9X club station,
between 9-25th August, 2012. Focus on 6m, some HF. QSL via home call, direct
only and LoTW. [dx-world]

10/08/2012:  Trond, LA9VDA, plans to rent a cottage at Flø, located on
Hareidlandet Island (EU-079) from 10-13 August, 2012. Look for him to be QRV on
the HF bands as LA9VDA/p, using SSB and CW. If Trond has the time, he will make
side trips to Dimna Island (EU-079, WLOTA 2438) and Nerlandsøy Island (EU-079,
WLOTA 2193). QSL via home call, direct or Bureau. [DE0MST]

13/08/2012:  Trond, LA9VDA, plans to operating holiday style as LA9VDA/p from a
cottage on Little Sandøy Island (EU-056, WLOTA 2279) from 13-17 August, 2012.
QRV SSB and CW on the HF bands. QSL via home call, Bureau or direct. [DE0MST]

08/09/2012:  Wayne, AB8DD, will be operating from Kiser Lake State Park (930
acres), Champaign County, Ohio, for the Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA)
event on 9th September, 2012. Kiser Lake Wetlands Nature Preserve, located
within the park, consists of two separate areas on the south side of the lake.
These areas are remnants of a 300-acre fen known as Mosquito Lake Bog which was
created by the last glacier invading Ohio. Look for activity on all bands
(propagation permitting), mainly SSB and CW. QSL via home call. [AB8DD]

08/09/2012:  Look for the The Milford Ohio Amateur Radio Club (MARC) to be
active on 9th September from the East Fork State Park (4870 acres, WW Loc.
EM79WA), Clermont County, Ohio, during Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA)
2012. Operations will be setup in the Turkey Ridge Shelterhouse. Plans are to
run three SSB stations, operating on 80 through 10 metres, using the club call
W8MRC. QSL via the information on under W8MRC. [WS6K]

10/06/2012:  Members of the Amateur Radio Association of the District of Leiria
(ARAL) will activate CS5FAT from its facilities in the Cova da Iria at the
Shrine of Fatima from 10-13 June, 2012. Activity will be on the HF, VHF and UHF
bands. QSL via CT6ARL, direct and Bureau. Website: [OPDX

10/06/2012:  Mike, W2GR, will be on the air with the with the special callsign
N2W from 10-24 June, 2012. This will be during the week before and the week
after Nik Wallenda tries to or becomes the first person in history to walk
over...directly over Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Mike will be active on 40-10m
CW, RTTY and SSB. QSL via W2GR, direct only (CBA). The walk will be broadcast
live worldwide on ABC on Friday June 15 2012. [W2GR]

12/06/2012:  Look for special prefixes CJ3 and CK3 to be aired from the Province
of Ontario, Canada, between 12th and 26th June, 2012, to celebrate the
Centennial of the City of Kitchener, Ontario. QSL via the operators'
instructions. [RAC]

12/06/2012:  Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812 (the
French invasion of Russia) special callsign R200V will be active from 12 June to
12 September 2012 from various historical places in the regions of Smolensk and
Moscow. QSL via RK3LO (bureau, LoTW and eQSL). [425 DX News]

13/06/2012:  The Kuwait Amateur Radio Society will be active with a special
callsign celebrating World Blood Donor Day which is held on June 14th every
year. Look for 9K2KCBB between 13-15 June 2012 on SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL direct
to 9K2RA ( [dx-world]

15/06/2012:  The Burnaby Amateur Radio Club (VE7BAR) has been granted permission
to use the special event callsign CG7CWPC to celebrate the 100th anniversary of
the C.W. Parker Carousel at the Burnaby Village Museum. QRV on all HF bands and
modes from 15 June to 15 July, 2012. QSL via VE7EES, direct or Bureau. Website: [RAC]

15/06/2012:  Look for special event callsign VC2L to be aired between 15 June
and 15 July, 2012, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Laval-Laurentides
Amateur Radio Club. QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL via VE2NHK, direct or
Bureau. [RAC]

15/06/2012:  Mike, VE3NOO, of Bath, Ontario, has been granted permission to use
the special callsign VX3ROYL to commemorate the Bi-Centennial War of 1812
(Escape of the Royal George) between 15 June and 15 July, 2012. Look for
activity on all bands and modes. QSL via VE3NOO, Bureau or direct. [RAC]

15/06/2012:  Pete, VE3IKV, of Cobourg, Ontario, will activate the special
callsign VX3T on 15 June 2012 for the Calgary Stampede Centennial celebrations.
QSL VX3T via VE3IKV, direct or Bureau. [RAC]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:

08/06-24/06  FS/K9EL: St. Martin Island WLOTA:0383 QSL H/c (d)
08/06-10/06  J48SAI: Sapientza Island GLHA:GRE-116 WLH:SV-079 WLOL:GRE-116
                        WLOTA:1471 QSL SV1RK (d/B)
08/06-12/06  ON4LO/LH: Lightship Mayflower WLOL:BEL-048 QSL H/c (d/B)
08/06-10/06  PT7ZT/P: Paracuru DFB & DFCE:CE-09 WLOL:BRA-276 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/06            F/G3TTC/P: Ile de Sein WLOTA:2721 QSL HC (d/B)
09/06-11/06  T48K: Cuba Island WLOTA:0032 QSL DK1WI (d)
10/06-30/06  K6ZRH/DU1: Palawan Island WLOTA:1612 QSL H/c (d)
11/06-30/06  GX4BJC/A: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B)
11/06-30/06  MX1SWL/A: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B)
11/06-13/06  SM1/JH8SGR: Gotland WLOTA:2969 QSL H/c (d/B)
12/06-26/06  IM0/ON7ARQ: Isola di San Pietro WLOTA:2989 QSL H/c (d/B)
14/06            F/G3TTC/P: Ile d'Houat WLOTA:1105 QSL HC (d/B)
15/06-18/06  KH0N: Saipan Island WLOTA:1333 QSL JA6CNL (d/B)

08/06-10/06  J48SAI: Sapientza Island EU-158 Grid:KM06US 6m 100W QSL SV1RK (d/B)
08/06-24/06  FS/K9EL: St. Martin NA-105 Grid:FK88 6m 3el+amp QSL H/c (d)
09/06            EURO 2012 QSO Party VHF 144MHz SO/MO/CW/SSB/FM  09 0300z-0359z
09/06            JT65a Tropo Contest 50 MHz/Open Class  09 1000z-1400z
09/06-10/06  DDFM 50MHz Contest CW/SSB/FM  09 1600z-10 1600z
09/06-11/06  ARRL June VHF QSO Party  09 1800z-11 0259z
09/06-10/06  Championnat de France TVA SO/432MHz&Up  09 1800z-10 1200z
09/06-11/06  N8OFS/P: ARRL June VHF Grid:EN91OR 52.525FM QSL H/c (d)
09/06-11/06  T48K: Cuba NA-015 ARRL June VHF Grid:FL10MW M/O 6/2m QSL DK1WI (d)
10/06            SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 6m Class  10 0000z-2359z
10/06            70MHz & Cross-band Contest 4M+6M/Mix/SO/MO  10 0700z-1700z
10/06            Contest Veneto 50MHz SSB-CW/Fixed/Portable  10 0800z-1400z
10/06            PW 144MHz QRP Contest CW/Phone/3w pep  10 0900z-1600z
10/06            RSGB 2nd 144MHz Backpackers  10 0900z-1300z
10/06            50 RASE Dx Sprint 6m SO/CW/SSB/Mix  10 1400z-1800z
11/06            Memorial OK1WC Activity 6m CW-SSB/SO/LP/QRP  1600z-1659z
12/06            LY 432MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  12 1700z-2059z
12/06            NRAU 432MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  12 1700z-2100z
12/06            RSGB 432MHz UKAC SO/Fixed/Open  12 2000z-2230z
13/06            MOON Contest 432MHz Phone/CW/Digi  13 1800z-2000z
14/06            LY 50MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  14 1700z-2059z
14/06            NRAU 50MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  14 1700z-2100z
14/06            SPAC June 50MHz Contest CW/SSB/FM/Open Class  14 1700z-2100z
15/06-17/06  SMIRK 50MHz QSO Party SO/Phone/CW  15 0000z-17 2359z
15/06-18/06  KH0N: Saipan OC-086 Grid:QK25UF 6m CW 500w 4el QSL JA6CNL (d/B)
15/06-17/06  N8OFS/P: SMIRK 50MHz QSO Party Grid:EN91OR 52.525FM QSL H/c (d)

Contest Calendar:

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated: 05 June 2012)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make
More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

The following operation is approved for DXCC credit:
XX9E - Macao - 2012 Operation
73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager
QSLs via Bureau: 3B8MM, 5V7PRF, 6W/DL2AWG, 7Z7AA, 8R1PY, 9J3A, 9K2F, 9M2/R6AF,

QSLs via Direct: 3CØE (OQRS), 3C6A (OQRS), 5V7V (I1FQH), 6H6IARU (N7RO), A35YZ

QSLs via LoTW: 4Z5IW, 7O6T, 9MØC, CX4ACH, DH4JQ, J37LR, J37T, JA4FHE, KH7Y,
IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:
WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:
WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:
WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:

  As a result of further tremors on the afternoon of May 29 emergency
communication has been intensified by the radio amateurs. Due to a request of
the Italian civil defence authority the National emergency radio and volunteer
group (RNRE) sent a mobile unit of five radio amateurs to the crisis region in
northern Italy and prepared two other units which are ready for immediate use.
The HF frequency 7060 kHz is used by IQ1HQ, the RNRE headquarters, and IQ0TK,
the civil defence authority in Rome. VHF links are currently running on 145.200
MHz. The main earthquake occurred on May 20 at 0200 UTC in the region of Emilia
Romagna in northern Italy.
  The EUFF Green Party 2012 will take place on 9th June, 0600-1759 UTC. This
day is thought to encourage amateurs to leave their home QTH and do some
portable activities in nature. QSOs with stations in WFF areas are supported
especially. See also:  and
  The Danish regulator has announced the availability of 5250 to 5450kHz, 472
to 479kHz and an expansion to the 70MHz allocation. Effective from 1 June, the
5MHz pilot scheme will cease and 5250 to 5450kHz can be used by A and B
Certificate holders using all modulation types with, respectively, 1000W and
100W maximum output power. Issued trial licenses are valid until expiry. The
allocation at 472 to 479kHz will commence on 1 January 2013. 70MHz will expand
to 69.9375 to 70.0625MHz, 70.0875 to 70.1125MHz and 70.1625 to 70.5125MHz.
  Horacio, LU4DXU, reports that Juan Manuel, LU4ZS, is currently based and
active from the Vicecomodoro Gustavo Marambio Base (Air Force) - Seymour Island
(AN-013, AA LU-03, WAP ARG-21, WFF LUFF-056). He has been QRV on 40 & 80m so
far, working fellow LU's. QSL via LU4DXU. [dx-world]

  On the occasion of Gerhard Mercator's 500th birthday the special event
station ON500MERCATOR will be put on the air. With his large world map from 1569
(Nova et orbis terrae aucta descriptio ad usum navigantium) Mercator acquired
world fame. The eponymous projection was developed by him and is important for
the maritime and aviation because of its conformal projection. QSL via ON7KO.
See also: [DX Newsletter]

  The special event station R200BS remembers 200th anniversary of the Battle of
Borodino until July 31. QSL via RK3CQ. [DX Newsletter]

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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