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Главная » 2012 » Февраль » 24 » ICPO Bulletin (24 February - 02 March 2012)
ICPO Bulletin (24 February - 02 March 2012)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
24/02/2012:  Denis, 9A7DCK, will be active on the 24th of February 2012 from
Castle Gornja Rijeka (WCA 9A-00056, 9A-COTA 9A-056). He plans to work on 40 and
20 metres from 0900 till 1300 UTC using the special callsign 9A207DCK/p. QSL via
9A7DCK, Bureau or direct. [RN1CW]

24/02/2012:  Operators Ed A65BT, Joel A65BX and Obaid A61QQ will be active from
Sa'diyyat Island (AS-021) as A65BT 24-25 February, 2012. Operation mainly CW,
with the possibility of some SSB also. QSl via A65BT, P.O. Box 60926 - Abu
Dhabi - U.A.E. []

24/02/2012:  Yankee Clipper Contest Club members Tom N1GN, Bill NE1B and and
Karney W2AFC will be active as C6ANM from Nassau (Gambier Village), New
Providence Island, Bahamas (NA-001, WLOTA 1115, WW Loc. FL15GB) as a
Multi-Single entry in the CQ 160-Meter SSB Contest (24-26 February). QSL via
LoTW preferred, or direct to WA2IYO. [NG3K]

24/02/2012:  Members of the Radio Club Mar Del Plata (LU2DT) will be active as
LT5D for the South American Lighthouse Weekend (24-26 February) from Punta
Mogotes (WLOL ARG-005, WW Loc. GF11FV), Argentina. QSL via LU2DT (
Website: [LU7DSY]

24/02/2012:  Look for Ezequiel LU1EEZ/D, Mark LU7CAW/D, Alberto LU4DIS/D and
Mariano LU9ACJ/D to be active from the Martin Garcia lighthouse (WLOL ARG-045,
TWLHD WLH LU-005, Admiralty G0791, WW Loc. GF05VT), Martin Garcia Island
(SA-055) for South American Lighthouse Weekend. QRV on all HF bands. QSL via
Ezequiel, Alicia M de Justo 3442, Lomas del Mirador, Bs AS 1752, Argentina.
Website: [LU7DSY]

24/02/2012:  Rick, LU9DA, plans to be active for South American Lighthouse
Weekend as LU9DA/D from the Baliza Escollera Norte Mar Del Plata light (WLOL
ARG-123) and the Baliza Escollera Sur Mar Del Plata light (WLOL ARG-124),
Argentina. QSL via LU9DA, direct ( Website: [LU7DSY]

24/02/2012:  Henning, OZ1BII, will be active from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
(NA-018, WFF OZFF-006, WLOTA 0072), as XP2I between 24-27 February, 2012. He
will use the special callsign XP2I, from the QTH of Jesper, OX3KQ. QRV using CW
only on the useable HF bands (160-10m), with a Ten-Tec Eagle 599. QSL via
OZ1BII. Website: []

24/02/2012:  Look for The Three Stars DX Group to be active during the South
American Lighthouse Weekend from the Cabo Carranza (WLOL CHI-005) lighthouse,
Chile. Operators Carlos CE6AMN, Roberto CE6UFF, Alejandro CA6WKD and Irma CA6UTF
will be QRV on 40 20 and 10 metre SSB. QSL via CE6AMN. Website: [LU7DSY]

24/02/2012:  John, K6AM, will be active as ZF2AM from Savannah, Grand Cayman
Island (NA-016, WLOTA 1042), for the CQ 160-Meter SSB Contest (24-26 February)
as a Single-Op/High-Power entry from CQ zone 8. QSL via K6AM, direct or Bureau
and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/02/2012:  Luc, F5RAV, will once again be active from La Calao, Somone,
Senegal, on 24-26 February and again on 3-7 March, 2012. He will be operating
from Jean-Francois, 6W7RV, QTH as 6V7T. QRV on 160-10m, WARC included, using SSB
and PSK31. He will also once again be in the French REF SSB Contest (25-26
February) and the ARRL DX SSB Contest (3-4 March). Between 27 February and 2
March he will be signing C5LT from from Kololi, The Gambia. QSL only direct to
his home call. See details on Also, visit his BLOG page at: [OPDX Bulletin]

25/02/2012:  Brian, K1LI will be active as J7Y from the island of Dominica
(NA-101) between 25 February and 13 March, 2012, with primary focus on ARRL DX
SSB Contest (3-4 March). QSL direct to his home callsign. []

26/02/2012:  Look for JJ0LUH (T88XG) and JA0EKI (T88XH) to be active from the
Republic of Palau (OC-009) between 26 February and 2 March, 2012. Activity will
be on 160-10m CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK61 and JT65. QSL both call signs via JA0EKI.

26/02/2012:  Bob, N7MSU plans to be active from Belize as V31SU between 26
February and 15 March 2012 using CW, SSB, PSK31. During this activity, he will
be QRV from various locations including Caye Caulker, Orange Walk Town, San
Ignacio and Gales Point. QSL via home call, Bureau or direct (see

26/02/2012:  Guenter, DL2AYK, will be active as V31YK from Placencia, Belize (WW
Loc. EK56TM), between 26 February and 11 March, 2012. This will include a
Single-Op entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (3-4 March). He will be QRV on 80-10
metres, maybe 6m, using CW/SSB/RTTY and possibly some PSK31. QSL via home call,
direct or Bureau. [NG3K]

27/02/2012:  During his stay in Senegal, Luc, F5RAV, will make a side trip and
will join Francisco, EA1BT, to operate as C56/F5RAV from Banjul, The Gambia,
between 27 February and 2 March, 2012. QRV on 80-10m, WARC included, using SSB
and PSK31. QSL only direct to his home call. [OPDX Bulletin]

27/02/2012:  Alan, G3XAQ, will be active on HF CW from Banjul, The Gambia, as
C56XA between 27 February and 15 March, 2012. The trip is primarily to take part
in the RSGB Commonwealth Contest (10-11 March). QSL via G3SWH. Website: [G3SWH]

27/02/2012:  Bert DL2RNS, Olaf DL7JOM and Rudi DM2XO will be active from
Gingerbread Hill, St Peters Parish, the island of Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA
1475, WW Loc. FK86VS) as VP2MSN, VP2MOM and VP2MXO, respectively, between 27
February and 10 March, 2012. QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL via home calls,
direct or Bureau. []

28/02/2012:  Willy, ON4AVT, will be active as C5AVT from near Banjul, The Gambia
between 28 February and 20 March, 2012. QRV on mostly 15m PSK, using an FT-817
and Buddipole. QSL via home call, direct or Bureau. []

28/02/2012:  John, W5JON, will again be operating as V47JA from their Calypso
Bay, St. Kitts, W.I. vacation home, located 300 feet from the Caribbean Sea, at
CQ Zone:8, IOTA NA-104, Grid: FK87pg. Dates: 28 Februay 28, 2012 until 28 March
28, 2012. Active 80-6 metres SSB (incl. 60m). Also ARRL Int. DX (SSB) Contest
(Mar. 3-4), and CQ WPX (SSB) Contest (Mar. 24-25), SOAB. Radios: Kenwood
TS-590S, Yaesu FT-857D, and SB200 Amplifier. Antennas: 80-10m Multiband Dipole,
and metal roof mounted S9, 18' and 31' Verticals; 6m - 3el Yagi. XYL Cathy
(W5HAM), will occasionally operate as V47HAM. ALL QSL's to his home call: W5JON.
Also LoTW. [NG3K]

29/02/2012:  Toshi, JA8BMK, will be active from Nepal as 9N7FOX between 29
February and 9 March, 2012. QRV holiday style on 80-10 metre CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL is via JA8UWT, direct or Bureau. [NG3K]

29/02/2012:  Look for Masayoshi, AE6YW/JI1DSO to be active as AH0/AE6YW from the
island of Saipan (OC-086, USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333, WW Loc. QK25UF), Northern
Mariana Islands betweeen 29 February and 6 March, 2012. QRV on 80-6m, plus the
satellites. QSL via JI1DSO, direct or Bureau.

29/02/2012:  Look for Adam, DJ0IF and Mek, SP7VC to be active on all bands/modes
as CT9/homecalls from Santana, island of Madeira (AF-014, DIP MA-001, PIP
MD-001, WLOTA 0053, WW Loc IM12NT), between 29 February and 7 March, 2012. This
will include a Multi-Single entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (3-4 March) using
the callsign CR3L. QSL CR3L via DJ6QT. QSL CT9/DJ0IF and CT9/SP7VC via their
home callsigns, Bureau or direct. []

29/02/2012:  Nigel, G3TXF plans a second operation as ZD7XF from St. Helena
Island (AF-022, WLOTA 1488) between [approx] 29 February and 13 March, 2012.
Activity will include the Commonwealth Contest (BERU), which take place on 10-11
March. Nigel plans to operate CW on HF in addition to trying to put St. Helena
on air on both 80m and 160m. The first ZD7XF operation was in late June 2011
when 12,000 CW QSOs were made in nine days. As last time, it is hoped to be able
to upload the ZD7XF log regularly to both ClubLog and LoTW from St Helena.
Website: []

01/03/2012:  Look for George, K4IIO / GM0IIO, to be active as C6AZZ from Grand
Bahama Island (NA-080, WLOTA 0527, WW Loc. FL06UO) from 1-8 March, 2012. He will
be QRV on 160-6 metres, mainly CW. George will also participate in the ARRL DX
SSB Contest (3-4 March) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (20m) entry. QSL via K4IIO,
direct and LoTW. [NG3K]

01/03/2012:  The Radiogrupo Sur ( team CV5A are working
on their next Dxpedition to Flores Island (SA-030, WLOTA 0528, WW Loc. GF25AB)
with plans to be active in March 2012. QSL via CX2ABC, direct only.

01/03/2012:  Harry, AC8G, will once again be active from the island of Grenada
(NA-024, WLOTA 0718) as J37K from 1-4 March, 2012. This will include a Single-Op
entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (3-4 March). QSL via AC8G direct with SASE.
Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [NG3K]

01/03/2012:  Jeff, N6GQ, will be active from Grenada, Nicaragua (WW Loc.
EK71AU), as YN2AA during the ARRL DX SSB Contest (3-4 March) as a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. Look for Jeff to be active before the
contest on 160-6 metres. QSL via NN3W, direct or Bureau. [NG3K]

02/03/2012:  Michel, F6GWV and Gildas, F6HMQ will be active as TO11A from the
island of Guadeloupe (NA-102, DIFO FG-001 WLOTA 0644, Grid Loc. FK96) between
March 2-16, 2012. Entry in the ARRL DX Phone Contest (3-4 March) and also QRV on
50MHz. QSL as via F6HMQ. []

03/03/2012:  Andrei, NC2N (ex-NP3D), plans to be active from Guatemala as
TG7/NC2N between 3-8 March and from Honduras as HR5/NC2N from 9-12 March, 2012.
Low power, holiday style DXpedition on 10-80m CW, RTTY, SSB, including ARRL SSB
DX Contest (3-4 March).  Uploading Logs to LoTW as soon as he can. Andrei will
try to complete his 3rd Triple Play Award from TG-land. Paper QSL's direct only
via W3HNK or RW6HS. []

03/03/2012:  Peter, VE3IKV, will be active as W4/VA3RA from St. Simons Island
(NA-058, USi GA003S, WLOTA 4115, Glynn County), Georgia, on 3rd and 4th of
March, 2012. Look for activity on, or near, the usual island and IOTA
frequencies. QSL via VE3IKV, direct or Bureau. []

05/03/2012:  Peter, VE3IKV, will be active holiday style as W4/VA3RA from Key
West (NA-062, USi FL040S, Monroe County), Florida, between 5-17 March 2012.
Expect activity on 80-10 metres. QSL via VE3IKV, direct or by the VE3 Bureau.

21/03/2012:  Yuki JA3VWT (XT2VWT), Kita JA3IVU (XT2IVU), Jun JH3AEF (XT2AEF) and
Shu JO3VVO (XT2VVO) will be active from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, between 21-28
March, 2012. They will be QRV on 80-10m SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via home
calls. []

23/03/2012:  Steve, 9M6DXX, will be operating as 9M8Z from Sarawak (OC-088,
WLOTA 0119), East Malaysia, once again from 23 to 28 March, 2012. Activity will
include a single-operator all-band high-power entry in the CQ WPX SSB contest
(24-25 March). QSL via Tim, M0URX, direct (SAE plus $2 or 1 new IRC), via the
Bureau, LoTW, or OQRS (see [G-13038]

27/03/2012:  Look for Kevan, 2E0WMG, to be active from Lundy Island (EU-120,
WLOTA 1997) as 2E0WMG/p from 27-31 March, 2012. QRV on, or near, the ususal
island and IOTA frequencies. QSL via home call, Bureau or direct. []

04/04/2012:  Mauri, AG1LE, plans to be activate as KP2/AG1LE from the Radio Reef
contest station, Christiansted, island of St. Croix, US Virgin islands (NA-106,
USi VI002S, WLOTA 2477), between 4-11 April, 2012. Keep an eye on the KP2/AG1LE
blog for more info at: []

14/04/2012:  UBA Sectie ON4EKO will activate the special event station ON100TT
to commemorate the Titanic Centenary between 14 April and 31 December, 2012. QRV
on all HF and VHF bands, using all modes. QSL via ON4WDL, direct (with SAE + 2
green stamps) or by the Bureau. [UBA HF News]

18/08/2012:  Dundee Amateur Radio Club members Paul GM0BKC, Pete GM1CMF, Colin
GM4JPZ, Scott MM0SVK, Mark 2M0LEW and Ally MM0DRA will be active as GT4AAF/p
from the Isle of Man (EU-116, WLOTA 0449) from 18-25 August, 2012. QRV on all
bands and modes. QSL via Bureau, or direct to GM0BKC. []

25/09/2012:  Tommy, VK2IR and Peter, VK2NN will be in Hawaii (OC-019) on a
holiday style DX'pedition with family from 22 September to 6 October, 2012. They
hope to operate as KH6/homecalls on 40-10m and look forward to meeting local
hams. QSL via VK2IR. []

26/02/2012:  The Coventry Amateur Radio Society will be operating GB4WWR on 26
February to commemorate the Daventry Experiment. The station will be at the
Birth of Radar memorial in Litchborough, on the Northampton Road, approximately
2.5 miles South of Weedon, England (EU-005, WLOTA 1841). The NGR is SP650 557.
Activity will be on 80, 40 and 20m, SSB. QSL via the RSGB Bureau. [GB2RS]

01/03/2012:  Look for special event callsign 8N1MOMO to be active from 1 March
until 5 April 2012 to celebrate the 36th Koga-city (JCC 1404) Momo (or Peach
Blossom) Festival and the 19th Fire Balloon Contest. Koga(-city) is located in
Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto region, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan.
QSL via the JARL QSL Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/03/2012:  From 1st to 28th March, 2012, Fred PA0FAW will run the special
event callsign PA100NOM, celebrating 100 years of the National Open Air Museum
in Arnhem, Netherlands. QSL via PA0FAW. (Direct, Bureau and - No LoTW).

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:

24/02-26/02  LT5D: Punta Mogotes WLOL:ARG-005 QSL LU2DT (d)
24/02-26/02  LU1EEZ/D: Martin Garcia WLH:LU-005 WLOL:ARG-045 QSL LU1EEZ (d)
24/02-26/02  LU4DIS/D: Martin Garcia WLH:LU-005 WLOL:ARG-045 QSL LU1EEZ (d)
24/02-26/02  LU7CAW/D: Martin Garcia WLH:LU-005 WLOL:ARG-045 QSL LU1EEZ (d)
24/02-26/02  LU9ACJ/D: Martin Garcia WLH:LU-005 WLOL:ARG-045 QSL LU1EEZ (d)
24/02-26/02  LU9DA/D: Baliza Escollera Norte MDP WLOL:ARG-123 QSL HC (d)
24/02-26/02  LU9DA/D: Baliza Escollera Sur MDP WLOL:ARG-124 QSL HC (d)
24/02-29/02  XP2I: Greenland WLOTA:0072 QSL OZ1BII (d)
24/02-26/02  XR4C: Cabo Carranza WLOL:CHI-005 QSL CE6AMN (d)
24/02-26/02  ZF2AM: Grand Cayman Island WLOTA:1042 QSL K6AM (d/b)
25/02-10/03  KG4SS: Guantanamo Bay WLOTA:0358 QSL K4MIL (d/b)
25/02-03/03  KG4OS: Guantanamo Bay WLOTA:0358 QSL KD4OS (d)
26/02              GB4WWR: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL RSGB Buro
26/01-04/02  NH0J: Tinian Island WLOTA:3108 QSL W1NN (d)
26/01-04/02  NH0Z: Tinian Island WLOTA:3108 QSL JA1LZR (d)
27/02-10/03  VP2MOM: Montserrat Island WLOTA:1475 QSL DL7JOM (d/b)
27/02-10/03  VP2MSN: Montserrat Island WLOTA:1475 QSL DL2RNS (d/b)
27/02-10/03  VP2MXO: Montserrat Island WLOTA:1475 QSL DM2XO (d/b)
28/02-11/03  3C0E: Isla de Annobon WLOTA:0174 QSL EA5BYP (d)
29/02-06/03  AH0/AE6YW: Saipan Island WLOTA:1333 QSL JI1DSO (d/b)
29/02-07/03  CT9/DJ0IF: Ilha da Madeira WLOTA:0053 QSL HC (d/b)
29/02-07/03  CT9/SP7VC: Ilha da Madeira WLOTA:0053 QSL HC (d/b)
29/02-13/03  ZD7XF: Saint Helena Island WLOTA:1488 QSL G3TXF (d/b)
01/03-05/04  8N1MOMO: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL JARL Buro
01/03-08/03  C6AZZ: Grand Bahama Island WLOTA:0527 QSL K4IIO (d)
01/03-31/03  CV5A: Isla de Flores WLOTA:0528 QSL CX2ABC (d)
01/03-05/03  J37K: Grenada Island WLOTA:0718 QSL AC8G (d/LoTW)
02/03-16/03  TO11A: Guadeloupe Island WLOTA:0644 QSL F6HMQ (d/b)

>From Andy, N8OFS:

Greetings earthlings and howdy gang...

Now that myself and the AC&J Railroad can see far enough into our XTAL
ballz, I can let you all know of my 6 52.525FM ONLY Caboose contesting
activations for 2012... Some dates are guessed, but should be right...

(1) CSVHFS (K9JK) Spring 6M Sprint May 12 2300Z - May 13 0300Z...
(2) ARRL June VHF June 9 1800Z - June 11 0300Z...
(3) SMIRK June 15 0000Z - June 17 2359Z...
(4) CQ WW VHF July 21 1800Z - July 22 2100Z...
(5) ARRL September VHF September 8 1800Z - September 10 0300Z...
(6) CX Phone September 16 1300Z - September 17 0700Z...

I'll also be the 'free VHF' station for the K8QQQ Field Day, parked and
locked on 52.525FM as always... For this one I will have both vertical
and horizontal polarities... After finially and totally retiring from
Silly Slide Bland (SSB), I have retuned my PAR OA-50 for 52.525FM...
FM til death...

The CrAzY 6 Meters FM only, sometimes found in a Caboose guy... [N8OFS]

25/02-26/02  Mississippi QSO Party 6m-70cm Class  25 1500z-26 0300z
27/02-11/03  V31YK: Placencia, Belize Grid:EK56TM 6m 50W 4el QSL DL2AYK (d/b)
28/02              LY 2.4GHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  1800z-2159z
28/02              NRAU Microwave Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  1800z-2200z
28/02              The 50MHz Open Cumulative SO/MO/LP/MP/H  1800z-2200z
28/02              RSGB 50MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open  2000z-2230z
28/02-11/03  3C0E: Annobon AF-039 Grid:JI28 50.104CW 50.145USB QSL EA5BYP (d)
29/02              WSJTGroup Winter Sprint 50-222MHz WSJT  0100z-0500z
29/02-06/03  AH0/AE6YW: Saipan OC-086 Grid:QK25 6m + Sat QSL JI1DSO (d/b)
01/03-08/03  C6AZZ: Grand Bahama Isl. NA-080 Grid:FL06 6m CW QSL K4IIO (d)
01/03-04/03  YN2AA: Nicaragua Grid:EK71AU 6m 100W 3el quad QSL N6GQ (d)
02/03-16/03  TO11A: Guadeloupe NA-102 Grid:FK96 6m 100W QSL F6HMQ (d/b)

Contest Calendar:

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated 21 February, 2012)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make
More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

QSLs via Bureau: None to report! :o(

QSLs via Direct: 5R8UI (IZ8CCW), 8P9MS (DL9MS), A31A (IK1PMR), CE3FZ (,
EA8/IK1PMR (H/c), H4ØKJ (SP7DQR), J8/N2IEN (H/c), PJ5/DL7VOG (H/c), PJ7/IK1PMR
(H/c), T32C (OQRS), TF/IK1PMR (H/c), TU2T (OQRS), TX3T (RZ3EC), TX5A (RZ3EC),
YB1CCF ( and ZK2A (IK1PMR).

T32AU, V31YN, VE2JM, YU5A and ZM4G.
IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:
WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:
WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:
WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:

7P8D - Lesotho
UPDATE - Team has now been finalised.
ZS2DL (Donovan), K5LBU (Frosty), V51YJ (Andrew), LZ1UQ (Mitko), DJ3CQ (Jo),
DL2MDU (Chris), ZS1TT (Rhy), ZS2DK (Mitch) and ZS6RJ (Roger). They will operate
160-10m running a minimum of three stations 24/7. Dates of the expedition have
had to change because of a motor sport event taking all the accomodation so new
dates will be from 23 November to 3 December. This will include an entry in the
CQWW CW contest. You can follow progress on their website at: []

9K2F - Failaka Island
Just want to let everyone know that Failaka Island AS-118 will be activated
again with the call 9K2F. Team members will be heading to the island on March 7,
installing antennas and then on air until March 12. QSL via 9K2HN.

ATBDW - Bet Shankhodar Island
An Indian team plan to be active as ATBDW (call correct) from Bet Shankhodar
Island AS-175 between March 15-30, 2012. This island group has never been
activated before and plans are to be QRV on 80-10m, CW/SSB/Digi. Website and QSL
details to follow. []

VK8BI - Bremer Islets
By Craig VK4LDX
It’s been six months since I announced that I’d be conducting another IOTA
DXpedition, this time to Bremer Island OC-185. I’m delighted to say that
everything is going to plan. The flights are booked and paid for. The charter
boat, accommodation and generator have all been arranged and confirmed. Full
info at: []
Deleted Country -
    According to the Finnish Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the
Saimaa Canal Treaty between Finland and Russia has been finalized by relevant
Finnish and Russian authorities through ratification.
    The Treaty has entered into effect with a date of February 17, 2012.
    Malyj Vysotskij Island (MVI), R1M, is no longer included in the Treaty.
Thus, MVI will be deleted from the DXCC list as of February 17, 2012, and added
to the Deleted Entities List.
    Administratively at HQ, we will not make the necessary changes to the DXCC
system until after the final data processing for 2011 is complete -- this
includes the tables shown in Logbook of The World.
    DXCC members will see their current entity totals drop by one on their Mixed
awards, and on the bands and modes where MVI credit is given. They will also see
their DXCC Challenge totals drop commensurately. [ARRL]
Pirate Alert!
Message from John Mclinden ZS1LF/ZD9GI -
I don't operate CW, but I see there has Pirate using ZD9GI call sign, he was
busy on 40m. ZD9GI Gough Island (WAP ZAF-Ø5) is no longer operational as I am
QRT from the 15 September 2011. Any new contacts will be a pirate operating and
QSL cards will not be honored. I have updated my QRZ page as well putting the
alert on it. It was ON5NT , that warned my about the pirate. Actually there is
no Hams on Gohgh Island at all; it will take a few years for one to go down
again. [I1HYW]
South Sudan assigned Z8 call block
The Republic of South Sudan has received the prefix block Z8A-Z8Z from the ITU.
24, 25, 26 DE FEBRUARY 2012
XR4CA Cabo Carranza CHI-005, Admiralty G1846, WW Loc. FF34QK
XR2FPC Punta Caraumilla CHI-014, Admiralty G1870, WW Loc. FF46DV
XR1FC Punta Caldera CHI-065, WW Loc. FG42NW
3G3L Punta Lutrin CHI-071, Admiralty G1768, WW Loc. FF32JV
CE1DY Concordia Directional CHI-101 -histórico-  WW Loc. FH41TP
XR2BPA Baliza Puerto Aldea NAC-135
XR4LR Baliza Espigon Puerto Rapel NAC-208A
XR4AC Baliza Alto Capellania Norte4 NAC-208B

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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