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Главная » 2009 » Сентябрь » 18 » I.C.P.O. Bulletin (September 17 - 25, 2009)
I.C.P.O. Bulletin (September 17 - 25, 2009)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
17/09/2009:  Heinz, DL7HKL will be active until September 28th as
EA8/homecall from Gomera Island (AF-004, DIE S-014, WLOTA L 1526). QRV
using SSB on 20, 15 and 10 meters especially during the evening hours.
QSL via homecall, bureau or direct. [DX Newsletter]

18/09/2009:  Rene, DL2JRM will be active September 18-20th as
OZ/DL2JRM/p from Romo [aka Roemoe] Island (IOTA EU-125, DIA NS-001). QRV
40-10 meters, mainly CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

18/09/2009:  Bill, N7OU will be making a lightweight, solo dxpedition,
to Chatham Island (OC-038, WLOTA L 1627), September 18-30th, signing
ZL7/N7OU. QRV 80-10m, CW only, 100w/vertical. QSL via N7OU. [NG3K]

19/09/2009:  On September 19th François, F5JNE/p will activate the
Castle of Turny (DFCF 89-308), in the city of Turny (CP 89570), canton
[county] of Brienon sur Armançon (DDCF 89-07), Department Yonne/89 and
Province Burgundy (DPF 05). Starting around 0600 UTC on 80m then 40m, CW
and SSB.QSL via home call, bureau preferred and SWL cards are welcome.

19/09/2009:  Taka/JO2JDJ (JD1BLP) and Koya/JI5RPT (JD1BLY) will be
active from Chichi-Jima Island (IOTA AS-031, JIIA AS-031-003, WLOTA L
2269, WW Loc. QL17CC, JCG #10007) from September 19-22nd. QRV 40m to 6m
+ satellites, using CW, SSB and Digital modes. QSL via home callsigns.
JD1BLY's logsearch will be on web site at: [JI5RPT]

19/09/2009:  Look for Tomi, OH6EI to be active in the SAC CW Contest
(September 19-20th) as OH0Z from Riddarklint hill, Mariehamn, Aland
Island (EU-002, WLOTA L 1373) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry.
QSL via W0MM, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

19/09/2009:  The TC Special Wireless Activity Team (
will be active as TC3BLH from Balyos lighthouse (Admiralty E4884, WW
Loc. KN30UL), Sea of Marmara, Turkey, from September 19-23rd. They plan
to operate mainly on 20 and 40 meter SSB. QSL via operator's
instructions. [425 DX News]

19/09/2009:  Volta DX Team and Project DX Team members Ern/I2FUG,
Oscar/IK2AQZ and John/IK2JYT will be active as TK/homecall from Corsica
(IOTA EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA L 1390) from September
19-24th. They will operate 160-2m (sorry no 6M allowed on TK) SSB, CW
and digital modes, with two stations using small amplifiers, verticals
and loop antennas. Side trips to the islands of San Cipriano (EU-164,
DIFM TK-037, MIA MCO-013), Forana (EU-100, DIFM TK-035, MIA MCO-016) and
Grande Sanguinaire (EU-104, DIFM TK-002, MIA MCO-022, WLOTA L 0098) are
also being planned. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

19/09/2009:  European Heritage Days - On September 19th and 20th, look
for TM5FKB, from the Fort of Le Kremlin Bicêtre (DFCF 94-014), commune
of Le Kremlin Bicêtre (CP94270), canton [county] Le Kremlin Bicêtre
(DDCF 94-16), Department Val de Marne/94 and Province Ile de France (DPF
21). Military gear exhibition and visit of the building. QSL via F6GVH,
bureau preferred and SWL cards are welcome. [F5NQL]

19/09/2009:  The Tri-County Amateur Radio Club, WC5C will reactivate
Greer Island (USi TX-058, Not IOTA, Tarrant County), located in Lake
Worth, Texas, on September 19th (1400z-2200z). Club members will travel
to the island by boat, kayak and canoe and by foot across a causeway.
QSL via WC5C ( [USI]

19/09/2009:  Koji, JM1CAX (ex-D2NX), will be active from Niue Island
(OC-040) as ZK2NX between September 19-25th. Activity should be on all
bands, especially 30/17/12 meters, mostly CW, but some SSB. QSL via
JM1CAX, by the bureau or direct. [OPDX Bulletin]

20/09/2009:  Ken, G0ORH will be active September 20-27th from the Isle
of Arran (EU-123, IOSA CL01, SCOTIA CS14) as GM0ORH/p. Look for activity
on or near the usual IOTA and island frequencies. QSL via home call.
[425 DX News]

22/09/2009:  Kevan, 2E0WMG/p will be active from the Isle of St. Agnes,
Isles of Scilly (EU-011, WAB SV80) on September 22nd and 23rd. Operation
will be on 80, 40 and 20m SSB only. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

22/09/2009:  San, A45WH (VU2CEO) and VU2MCJ along with with two SWL's
will be active from Masirah Island (IOTA AS-014), Sultanate of Oman,
September 22-24th. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [AT

22/09/2009:  Willi, DJ7RJ has received the call TO7RJ to be used from
Mayotte (AF-027, DIFO FH-001, WLOTA L 0376) from September 22nd through
October 21st. He will be leaving the island October 25th, so he will be
active as FH/DJ7RJ during the last days. Expect Will to operate CW and
SSB on 160-10 meters, and perhaps 6 meters. QSL via home call, direct or
bureau. [425 DX News]

23/09/2009:  Wilhelm/SP8AJC and Henryk/SP9JPA will be active as 3Z8WFF
from Krempna, Magurski National Park (WFF SPFF-010) from August 20-23rd.
QSL via SP8AJC, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

23/09/2009:  Barrie, G4AHK will be active from Malawi between September
23rd and October 12th using the callsign 7Q7BJ. QRV all HF bands, mainly
SSB/CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [AT International]

23/09/2009:  Operators Lewis/WW4LL and Andrei/EW1AR/NP3D will be active
as TI5/homecall from Costa Rica between September 23-28th. Activity will
be on all bands using RTTY, SSB, and perhaps some CW. QSL via LoTW, also
direct per address. [OPDX Bulletin]

24/09/2009:  Tim/M0TDG, and Martin/G3ZAY plan to be active from Miquelon
island (NA-032, DIFO FP-002, WLOTA L1417) as FP/homecall from September
24-27th. They will operate CW and SSB; low band operation will depend on
equipment availability (and airline baggage limits). Martin will also
try to activate McNutt island (VE1, NA-126, CIsA NS009), Nova Scotia, on
September 29th. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

24/09/2009:  Gerry, IZ1DSH and Pasquale, IZ1MLQ will be active September
24-27th as IL7T from San Domino Island (EU-050, IIA FG-001, MIA MI-085,
WLOTA L-1284). They will have two stations active on 40-10 meter SSB, CW
and digital modes. QSL via IZ1DSH, direct or bureau. Further information
can be found at [425 DX News]

24/09/2009:  Look for Fred, PA1FJ to be active as PJ2/PA1FJ from the
island of Curacao (SA-006, WLOTA L0942) between September 24th and
October 7th. QSL via home call either direct, by the Bureau or eQSL.

24/09/2009:  The Amateur Radio Expedition to the rarest IOTA references
in Vietnam is the project of the longtime friends: Russian Robinson Club
and R-Quad Antenna Company. Operators Sergey/RA3NAN, Oleg/RK3FA,
Eugene/RZ3EC, Andy/RZ3EM and Andrey/UA6BGB will be active from September
24th to October 1st from the following islands: Ngu Island (AS-185) as
XV6RRC from September 24-26th; Cham Island (AS-162) as XV7RRC from
September 27-28th; Tam Island (AS-157) as XV3RRC from September 29 to
October 1st. They plan to run 2 stations on 160-10 meters with the
following setup: Elecraft K3 - 2 pcs; Acom 1000, Ameritron ALS600
amplifiers; 160-80-40m Vertical on 18m mast, 20m VDA on 12m mast, VDAs
on 15-17m on 12m mast, BiggIR Vertical (40-10m), LowBands RX antennas
(if the conditions permit). QSL direct to RZ3EC, or use the online
bureau request form. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW after Expedition is
over. Further info and log search available at:

25/09/2009:  Gab, HA3JB (SU8BHI), will be active from the island of
Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA L0051) as 5B/HG3IPA between September
25th and October 2nd, including an entry in the CQWW RTTY DX Contest
(September 26-27th). QSO is good for the Hungarian International Police
Association Award (HA-IPARC Award). For details on the award, visit: . Also, a new online log search is available
at: . Those who send for a QSL, please write
your E-mail address on your card, and he will advise you by E-mail when
your QSL arrives. QSL via HA3JB: Gabor Kutasi, P.O. Box 243, H-8601
Siofok, Hungary. [HA3JB]

25/09/2009:  Look for Jon, M0OVL to be active as M0OVL/p from the island
of Inner Farne (IOTA EU-109) from September 25-26th. Sorry everyone but
only 4 hours operations each day 1000 - 1400 UTC. Activation dependent
on the weather. Web site at: []

26/09/2009:  Look for EA2CYJ to be QRV from Spain in the CQWW RTTY DX
Contest (September 26-27th) as a Multi-Single entry. Operators mentioned
EA2CYJ, bureau preferred. [NG3K]

26/09/2009:  Val, RD3AF will be active in CQWW RTTY DX Contest
(September 26-27th) as EF8M from Santa Maria de Guia, Las Palmas Gran
Canaria (AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA L 0969). QSL via UA3DX. [AT

26/09/2009:  A team of operators will be active from Eschdorf,
Luxembourg, as LX7I in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 26-27th) as a
Multi-Two entry. QSL via LX2A, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

08/10/2009:  Arne/LA7WCA, Maurits/LA3XIA and John/G4ATA will be active
as JW7WCA, JW3XIA and JW/G4ATA respectively from Longyearbyen,
Spitsbergen Island [Svalbard] (EU-026, WLOTA L 0125) between October
8-13th. QRV on all HF bands, using SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls.

10/10/2009:  The Alamance Amateur Radio Club, K4EG will be active
October 10-11th to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Cape Lookout
Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-126, WLOTA L 0596), located on Core Banks barrier
island (NA-067, USi NC033S, Pamlico county), North Carolina. QRV on SSB:
7.250, 14.250, 21.250 and 28.450 MHz; CW on 7.055, 14.055, 21.055 and
28.055 MHz. They also plan to monitor 18.081 and 10.110 MHz. QSL via
KA4KJI (Gary Hills, 1931 Malone Rd, Burlington, NC 27215 USA). [ARRL]

17/10/2009:  Gary, N0PBM and Don, KM0R be camping on Berry Bend Island
(USi MO-013L, St. Clair county), Missouri, and will be QRV in the W/VE
Island QSO Party (October 17-18th) using the callsign KM0R. QSL via home
call. [USi]

17/10/2009:  Heinz, VA7AQ reports that the Surrey Amateur Radio Club,
VE7SAR will be active in the W/VE Island QSO Party (October 17-18th)
from Deas Island (CIsA BC045), BC. QSL via the information on

17/10/2009:  Jerry, N1QLL will operate as portable VE9 from Deer Island
(NA-014, CIsA NB005), New Brunswick, during the W/VE Island QSO Party
(October 17-18th). Transmission will be limited to 20 and 40 meters:
mostly 20 and mostly SSB. 7.270 and up, and 14.270 up to 14.340. CW will
center on 7.050 and 14.050. He will be camping out, totally
self-contained (no electricity, water, or waste disposal available) so
power will be 40 watts or less. QSL via home call. [USi]

17/10/2009:  The Tri-County Amateur Radio Club of North Texas, WC5C will
be active in W/VE Island QSO Party (October 17-18th) from Pelican Island
(USi TX050L, Tarrant county), Texas. QSL via [USi]

22/10/2009:  Steve, 9M6DXX, will operate (SSB only) as 9M8Z from Sarawak
state, East Malaysia, island of Borneo (IOTA OC-088, WLOTA L 0119), from
October 22-26, including a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the
CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th). QSL via M0URX direct, via the
bureau, LoTW, or request direct or bureau cards on-line. [F5NQL]

24/10/2009:  Zoli, HA5PP will be active as 5B/HA5PP from the island of
Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA L 0051) during the CQWW DX SSB
Contest (October 24-25th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band entry. QSL via home
call, bureau or direct. [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Nick, LZ1NK will be active from Yenisakran, near Aliaga,
Asiatic Turkey, as TB3A during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th)
as a Single-Op/Single-Band (40m or 20m) entry. He will also be QRV prior
to the contest as TA3/LZ1NK. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Operators Lee/ZL2AL, Stan/ZL2ST, Peter/ZL2LF, Mike/ZL2CC,
Gary/ZL2IFB, Wayne/ZL2WG and John/ZL2QM will be active from Hawke's Bay,
New Zealand (IOTA OC-036, WLOTA L 0069, WW Loc. RF80LQ) as ZM2M in the
CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th) as a Multi-2R entry. QSL via
ZL2AL, bureau or direct. [NG3K]

06/11/2009:  Steve/9M6DXX and John/9M6XRO will operate from Pulau Labuan
(IOTA OC-133, WLOTA L 0456) from November 6-8th (and possibly for one or
two hours from 0000 UTC on November 9th) as follows: 9M6DXX/P 10m - 80m
on SSB only; 9M6XRO/P 10m - 160m on CW and RTTY. Stations will be using
linear amplifiers to a multi-band vertical and a 160m inverted-L, both
mounted very close to the ocean. They hope it will be possible to
operate on 160m CW at the same time as SSB on the other bands. QSL both
9M6DXX/P and 9M6XRO/P via M0URX, either direct, via the bureau or LoTW.
See for details. [F5NQL]

28/11/2009:  Look for Zoli, HA5PP to be active from Cyprus (AS-004, Mia
MCI-002, WLOTA L 0051) as 5B/HA5PP for the CQWW DX CW Contest (November
28-29th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band entry. QSL via home call, direct or
bureau. [NG3K]

28/11/2009:  Look for Nick, LZ1NK to be active as YM3A from Yenisakran,
near Aliaga, Asiatic Turkey, for the CQWW DX CW Contest (November
28-29th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (40m) entry. Expect some activity
prior to the contest using the callsign TA3/LZ1NK. QSL via home call,
bureau or direct. [NG3K]

18/09/2009:  Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of
Rijkevorsel by the British 49th Infantry Division (the so-called "Polar
Bears"), club station ON4NOK will operate special callsign ON65POL from
September 18-27th. QSL via ON7YX, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

19/09/2009:  Special event station GB0LME will be active all bands/modes
September 19th and 20th for the Lincoln Model Engineering Society, North
Scarle, Nr Newark, England (EU-005, WLOTA 1841), where all the equipment
on display is powered by steam. QSL via G4DBS or the RSGB bureau.

19/09/2009:  Bittern DX Group members are once again operating the
special event station GB2TX raising awareness and funds for the British
Wireless for the Blind fund initiative "Transmission 2009". The BWBF was
officially launched in 1929 by Sir Winston Churchill and today still
distributes specially adapted radios to the blind and partially sighted
on a free and permanent loan. Over the past three years BDXG members
have scooped 4 transmission trophies and in just four years they have
raised almost £ 5000 through sponsorship for the BWBF. Our station will
be operated from the car park of the Emcy Garden Centre, near Holt in
Norfolk and we will be active on all bands and most modes during the
weekend of 19th and 20th September. We have a display showing the
wonderful work of the charity and as well as accepting pledges on site
we have just set up a online donation page should anyone be able to help
us. Please QSL Direct to David Edwards M0CNP, please inc. $1 (Europe) or
$2 (if Outside Europe) or if prefered an IRC, plus an SASE or to "GB2TX"
via the bureau. Website:  Please help Us by
Donating Online: [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

19/09/2009:  Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of
radioactivity pioneer and Nobel laureate Pierre Curie, special event
station TM0RPC will be active September 19 to October 2nd on all bands
and modes. QSL via F5KEB. [425 DX News]

19/09/2009:  Special event station 8J2MC will be active on all
bands/modes from September 19th to November 23rd to celebrate the 2009
International Mosaiculture in Hamamatsu(-city), Shizuoka prefecture,
Honshu (AS-007, JIIA AS-007-001, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via the JARL
bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

19/09/2009:  Look for special event station 8J2NU to be QRV all
bands/modes from September 19th to October 25th to celebrate the 70th
anniversary of Nagoya University, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi prefecture,
Honshu (AS-007, JIIA AS-007-001, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via the JARL
QSL bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

22/09/2009:  Special event station K4P will be aired September 22-30th
for 'Patriotic Day of Puerto Rico', to commemorate El Grito de Lares
(the cry of Lars) - or other equivalent terms: rising of Lars, revolt of
Lars, rebellion of Lars, even revolution of Lars - directed against the
Spanish domination in Puerto Rico, which took place on September 23rd,
1868 in the small town of Lars, in the west of the island, and at the
time which very transitory République of Puerto Rico was proclaimed. The
principal instigators were Segundo Ruiz Belvis and Ramón Emeterio
Betances, members of the Revolucionario Committee of Puerto Rico (IOTA
NA-099, USi PR006S, WLOTA L 2802). Activity will be as follows: 80m
3.525-3.585 MHz CW; 40m 7.025-7.125 MHz CW; 15m 21.025-21.075 MHz CW;
and 10m 28.000-28.500 MHz Phone, PSK and CW. A special QSL certificate
is available from Carlos WP4NND via E-mail (see under WP4NND for
full details). [F5NQL]

U.S.A. Special event station information can be found at:

18/09-30/09  ZL7/N7OU: Chatham Island WLOTA:1627 QSL N7OU (
19/09-23/11  8J2MC: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL JARL Buro
19/09-25/10  8J2NU: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL JARL Buro
19/09-22/09  JD1BLP: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JO2JDJ (d/b)
19/09-22/09  JD1BLY: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JI5RPT (d/b)
19/09-20/09  OH0Z: Aaland (main island) WLOTA:1373 QSL W0MM (d/b)
19/09-23/09  TC3BLH: Balyos Admiralty:E4884 QSL Op's Info
19/09-24/09  TK/I2FUG: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
19/09-24/09  TK/I2FUG: Sanguinaires Island WLOTA:0098 QSL HC (d/b)
19/09-24/09  TK/IK2AQZ: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
19/09-24/09  TK/IK2AQZ: Sanguinaires Island WLOTA:0098 QSL HC (d/b)
19/09-24/09  TK/IK2JYT: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
19/09-24/09  TK/IK2JYT: Sanguinaires Island WLOTA:0098 QSL HC (d/b)
22/09-30/09  K4P: Puerto Rico Island WLOTA:2802 QSL WP4NND (
22/09-21/10  TO7RJ: Mayotte Island WLOTA:0376 QSL DJ7RJ (d/b)
24/09-27/09  FP/G3ZAY: Miquelon Island WLOTA:1417 QSL HC (d/b)
24/09-27/09  FP/M0TDG: Miquelon Island WLOTA:1417 QSL HC (d/b)
24/09-27/09  IL7T: Isola San Domino WLOTA:1284 QSL IZ1DSH (d/b)
24/09-07/10  PJ2/PA1FJ: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
25/09-02/10  5B/HG3IPA: Cyprus Island WLOTA:0051 QSL HC (d)

19-20  South Carolina QSO Party 50.125USB+FM, 2m-70cm included
19-20  QCWA September QSO Party 6M USB+FM
19-20  Washington State Salmon Run 6M included 50.095CW+50.130USB
19-22  JD1BLP: Chichijima Grid:QL17CC Satellites QSL JO2JDJ (d/b)
19-22  JD1BLY: Chichijima AS-031 Grid:QL17CC Satellite QSL JI5RPT (d/b)
19-24  TK/I2FUG: Corsica EU-014 Grid:JN41 2M CW/SSB QSL HC (d/b)
19-24  TK/IK2AQZ: Corsica EU-014 Grid:JN41 2M CW/SSB QSL HC (d/b)
19-24  TK/IK2JYT: Corsica EU-014 Grid:JN41 2M CW/SSB QSL HC (d/b)
20-21  Classic Exchange "CX" CW: 50.100 144.100 MHz

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated September 15, 2009)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX
portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

K8EMS - 19 September to 19 September - SSB Only
Michigan:--Delta, Menominee, Dickenson, Iron, Gogebic.
Wisconsin:--Iron, Vilas, Oneida, Langlade, Menominee, Shawno, Oconto,
Michigan:--Menominee, Delta.
Will only be working SSB as this is the maiden voyage for the set up and
will be able to work 10.15,20,40,80 while testing the new antenna set
up. Close counties by request if time permits. will work net frequencies
unless need to be moved. [County Hunter Web]

N4XML - Bob - 1* - 09/19 to 09/20 - SSB Only
I will be participating in the SC QSO Party next weekend and my plans
are to put out all 46 SC Counties over the two day period. If the band
conditions will permit I will run 20, 40 during daylight hours and 80
meter after sunset and before sunrise. On Saturday I will start at 1300Z
and run until 0130Z Sunday. After a few hours sleep I will begin running
again at 1030Z until the end of the contest at 2100Z. If I do not run
into any problems I should be able to put all 46 counties out. [County
Hunter Web]

W8FNW 1* W8GEJ - Sept 19, 2009 to Sept 20, 2009 - SSB and CW
W8FNW SSB AND W8GEJ CW 40 SSB/CW 30 cw 20 SSB/CW 80 on request. OH:
Franklin, Pickaway, Ross, Vinton, Ross, Pike, Jackson, Gallia, Lawrence.
KY: Greenup, Boyd, Lewis. OH: Scioto, Adams, Brown, Clermount, Highland,
Clinton, Warren. And maybe more. [County Hunter Web]

N9QS - Roy - 5* - 9/24/09 to 9/25/09 - SSB and CW
I will run some Kentucky Counties starting on 9/24/09: Jefferson,
Spencer, Nelson, Washington, Marion, Taylor, Green, Adair, Russell,
Cumberland. Depending on how long it will take me in KY I will most
likely spend the night in KY. Then on 9/25 I will try and run the
following Tennessee Counties: Macon, Clay, Smith, DeKalb, Cannon,
Bedford, Coffee. The return trip is undecided for Sunday 9/27... I am
good for 5* MP MG Bingo etc. [County Hunter Web]

  Now, thanks to Christian, EA3NT/EC3ADC, who operated in the Pacific
during 2004, only 10 entities remain to be uploaded to LoTW.
  ZK3DX has uploaded all QSO’s giving many ops a new one. Congrats to
those who have a new DXCC on LoTW.
  Gradually, Chris' operations from T2, A35, 3D2, 7Q7, V8, XX9 amongst
others will be added too.
Please note the following update regarding the ARRL US Virgin Islands
Incoming QSL Bureau:

For all USVI call signs:

V.I. QSL Bureau

Virgin Islands QSL Bureau
P.O. Box 25782
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S. Virgin Islands 00824

Comments or questions on this bureau's operation may be directed to:

Ann Keegan, KP2YL at

73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager
ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111
QSLs received Bureau - 1A0KM, 3XY9B, 4A3IH, 4O3B, 5T5DC, 5Z1A, 6V7K,
6V7M, 7P8FC, 9M2GCN, DX1J, IS0YHV, J3/DL7CM, J3A, KH0N, KP4US, LA9DVA/p,
OA4BHY/2 [SA-075], OX/G3TXF, OY9OY, OZ/DH8IAT, P40J, PJ7/ND5S, T32XG,

QSLs received Direct - 7Q7CE (via IN3VZE), A45XR (via, BD1HFP/2
(via BD1HFP), EA9/KH0AM (via JE1CKA), FW5ZL [1976] (via,
FR7ZL/G [1976] (via F8US), FT5YI (via F4EGX), GM0LVI/p (via GM0LVI),
J39BS (via, JT1CO (via, OH/JA4JBZ (via JA4JBZ), R1ANR
(via RZ3BJ), TK/I4GAD (via I4GAD), TL0A (via, V51AS (Germany
address), VP9/VE3DZ (via VE3DZ), VR10XMT (via VR2XMT), VR2008O (via
VR2XMT), VR2009EAG (via VR2XMT), VR2XMT (via, VU7RG (via N2OO).

QSLs received LoTW - 5W0VK, H44MY [OC-127], T6AD, ZK3DX.

Vincent Mattera, WB2AAP of Brooklyn, New York, passed away September 5,

Wollaston Islands (SA-031) and Diego Ramirez Islands (SA-094)
  Mehdi, F5PFP reports that his good friend Pupi, LU8XP advised him that
a group of hams including Pedro, HK3JJH are preparing an expedition to
the Chilean sub-Antarctic territories of the Wollaston Islands (SA-031)
and Diego Ramirez Islands (SA-094) in 2010 or perhaps 2011.
  Pupi might be in charge of the logistic support at Ushuaia as he has
done before for several other expeditions.
  More details to follow through time. [DX World of Ham Radio]
4W6AL log is online and updated until 17th Sep 2009 15:00 utc.
Al is very busy with work operations but we can find more than 5500
QSO's on the log.

Very soon, Al will change 40m for 30m dipole. Atention, he is active
around more 2 weeks.
Log and news on

by Algarve Star DX Team
CT1GFK, Toze
QSl manager & Pilot Station
National Railways on the Air Weekend (September 26-27, 2009)

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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1 UY0LL   [Материал]
I.C.P.O. (Islands, Castles & Portable Operations)
DATE: September 18, 2009 at 07:04 UTC

I hope to be on from IOTA NA-236 (New) and/or NA-222 and/or NA-216 and
likely NA-087.

I plan to be in the area 21 SEPT. 2009 - 5 OCT. 2009

Hugh K6HFA
See K7A on soon. [K6HFA]


In order to improve the lighthouse activity the STRANGE RADIO TEAM
organizes the 27/09/2009 the L.H.A.S.E award for all the amateur radio
operators who will demonstrate to have contacted at least 5 stations
operating from lighthouses.

Activations, for being valid, must be carried out from a distance within
a range of 500 meters from the lighthouse.

Activations carried out from boats are not valid.

Contacts can be carried out on all the HF/WARC/VHF bands.

Activators of the lighthouses will have to send the Log to I0YKN, award

In the same way the amateur radios, in order to claim for the award,
will have to send log attesting the stations connected signed by 2 other
amateur radio operators. It is not necessary to send the qsl.

It would be appreciated to the activators to inform about the incoming
lighthouse activations.

The cost of the award is of Euro 10 or $ USA 15 for the foreign

Nuccio Meoli
Via Conte Bassavilla 2
CP 03030
Rocca d'Arce (FR)

Faro Agropoli ITA 185
Faro Punta Licosa ITA 089
Faro Capo Palinuro ITA 030
Faro Sapri ITA 299
Faro Scario ITA 079

IK3JBP Ampelio
Faro Goro ITA 073

Faro Capo San Vito ITA 040

IK7VJX Piero
Faro S.Maria di Leuca ITA 039

IH9WKH Filippo
Faro Punta Spadillo ITA 146
Faro San Leonardo ITA 110

I0YKN Nuccio, IZ0FYW Eraldo, IZ0NNI Emilio
Faro Monte Orlando ITA 105

IK7JWX Alfredo
faro della Diga di Forte a mare ITA 187
faro del Castello a mare ITA 266

faro Punta san cataldo di lecce ITA 142 [IZ8EDJ]

South African Amateur Radio Payload Reaches Orbit -

After several delays, South Africa's SumbandilaSat satellite finally
blasted to orbit aboard a Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in
Kazakhstan on September 16. The main payload is a multi-spectral imager,
but the satellite also carries an Amateur Radio component consisting of
a 2 meter/70 cm FM repeater.

After SumbandilaSat is fully commissioned, the repeater will be
activated with an uplink at 145.880 MHz and a downlink at 435.350 MHz;
there will also be a voice beacon at 435.300 MHz. The transponder mode
will be controlled by a CTCSS tone on the uplink frequency. The CTCSS
tone frequencies have yet to be announced.

SumbandilaSat was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology
and was built at SunSpace in cooperation with the Stellenbosch

In addition to the SA-AMSAT amateur module, the satellite carries
Stellenbosch University's radiation experiment and software defined
radio (SDR) project, an experiment from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
University and a VLF radio module from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Bill, ON5JE will be active September 19-23rd from the Castle of
Gandspette (DFCF 62-270) as F/ON5JE. Activity will be on 40 meters only.
QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [ON5JE]

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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