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рассылка по почте

Главная » 2012 » Май » 28 » Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1063
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1063
The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 1063
BID: $OPDX.1063
May 28, 2012
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)
Written/Relayed from Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX
Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters
Network, K1XN & GoList, NG3K & ADXO, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX,
N4JF, N4GN, K6VVA, KH6BZF, K8BL, K8GI, K8YSE, W8GEX & 60m News, W9ILY,
W9RN, 4J5T, AT International, CO8ZZ, DK8JB & The DX News Letter, DL1SBF,, DX-World.Net, ES1CW, F5NQL, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, I1JQJ/
IK1ADH & 425 DX News, IZ4AKS, OH2BH, OK2BOB, OZ6OM & 50 MHz DX News, Pete's
DX-Newsdesk, RSGB IOTA Web Site, Sixitalia Weekly, VA3RJ & ICPO and the
VHF-DX-Portal (MMMonVHF) for the following DX information.

** EDITOR'S SPECIAL NOTICE: This week's bulletin was sent out earlier
  than normal to accommodate the late CQWW WPX CW Contest announcements.
  Also, we wanted to provide the readers with a consolidated listing
  of the CQWW WPX CW Contest participants.

** SPECIAL NOTE FROM EDITOR (Short Dayton HamVention Wrap-Up By KB8NW):
  The 2012 Dayton HamVention was really great this year. The weather was
  hot, but good. The attendance was high - reported 25,000+. There were
  plenty of things to do and see. I heard there were great turnouts at
  all the dinner banquet, forums and the Contest University. The Northern
  Ohio DX Association's hospitality suite was once again a big hit with
  a record attendance. During the SWODXA DX Dinner, the CQ Hall of Fame
  awards (as seen in OPDX.1062.20) were announced by Chip/K7JA and
  Gail/K2RED. Your editor, along with Don/K8MFO and Tom/K8CX, was there
  to receive the plaque for Don Chesser, W4KVX (SK). Also, announced was
  the SWODXA's "DXpedition of the Year" given to the HK0NA Malpelo Island
  operation, and the "DXpeditioner of the Year" was given Rudy Klos, DK7PE.
  The DX Forum on Saturday, had excellent presentations on T32C, ST0R and
  HK0NA. However, the presentation that stood out was the one by Don
  Greenbaum, N1DG, on "DXpedition's Funding and Costs". This is something
  every DXer should see and should be shown at every DX association and
  club. It will open your eyes. Don's excellent PowerPoint presentation
  from Dayton is now available at the NCDXF's Web page at:
  In all, can't wait until next year. Hope to see you there.....

DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the
week of Saturday, 19th-May, through Friday, 25th-May there were 223
countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3D2, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L,
4O, 4S, 4U1I, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5W, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A,
9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9Q, 9V, 9Y, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY,
C3, C6, C9, CE, CE0Y, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, CY0, D2, DL, DU,
E3, E4, E5/s, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX,
EY, EZ, F, FG, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4,
HA, HB, HB0, HC, HH, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J6,
J8, JA, JT, JW, JX, JY, K, KH0, KH2, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY,
LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ4,
PJ7, PY, PY0F, PZ, R1FJ, S2, S5, S7, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T32,
T7, TA, TF, TG, TI, TJ, TK, TL, TN, TR, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V3,
V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9L, VK9N, VP2E, VP5, VP8/h, VP9, VQ9, VR,
VU, XE, XU, XX9, YA, YB, YI, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4,
ZD7, ZD8, ZF, ZK2, ZL, ZL7, ZL9, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or
  more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work
  First Worry Later" (WFWL).

4A, MEXICO (IOTA/WFF Op). Members of the Radioclub Cancun will be active
as 4A3RCC from Cayo Culebra Island (NA-200) between June 1-3rd. Activity
will be on 80-6 meters and possibly the Satellites. Special attention
will be on 6m. Cayo Culebra is located on Reserve of Biosphere of Siaan
Ka'an. QSL via EA5FL. For more details, see the following Web page at:

4J, AZERBAIJAN (WCA/WFF Op). The "Safari DX-Activators Club" is planning
to conduct an International DXpedition between May 26-28th, from the
Gabala District in the ancient fortress Chukhur Gabala and in an area
presently conducting archaeological excavations. The place of event
will count for both the WFF and WCA programs:
            WCA reference is 4K-016, new one
            WFF reference is 4JFF-014, second time activation
            Coordinates: 40°53'38.30"N / 47°41'37.80E
The group will not participate in the CQWW WPX CW Contest, so the team
will operate mostly on the 30/17/12 meter bands. However, on Monday,
May 28th, they will operate on the regular HF bands – 20, 40, 15, etc.
The start is planned for May 26th, 12-00 AM, UTC. The callsigns are:
4J0SFR, main, and 4J0WFF, reserve. Modes – CW and SSB -- no Digital.
The team members are: Boris/4K4K (CW), Yasu/JR0HYT (CW), Anar/4K6AE (SSB),
Farhad/4K3M (SSB), Sergey/4J5A (CW), Sergey/4K3FPL (SSB), Farid/4K6AF
(E-logger) and Natig/4J5T (SSB). They state, "All incoming paper QSLs
will be answered, but, please, send them before  July 2012. Otherwise,
we will not be able to answer you soon, sorry."

4L, GEORGIA. Andi, UU0JM, will be active as 4L0A during the CQWW WPX CW
Contest (May 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via

4U1G, ITALY. Ivo, E73A/9A3A, will be active as 4U1GSC from the United
Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) Amateur Radio Club in Brindisi,
south east Italy, during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27,th) as a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via 9A2AA.

6V, SENEGAL. Vladimir, RK4FF, who has been active as 6V7S from Le Calao
in Ngaparou, will continue until May 28th, but will be in the CQWW WPX
CW Contest as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via RK4FF.

6Y, JAMAICA. Sergey, UT5UDX, is now active as 6Y/UT5UDX until May 30th.
His activity will also include the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as
a Single-Op/All-Band entry and sign as 6Y3W. QSL via RA4LW.

A5, BHUTAN. Members of the FGC DX Group (Foundation for Global Children)
is now active as A5A from a mountain area in Bhutan until June 6th. The
multi-national team consists of Zorro/JH1AJT (A5/A5A/A51A), Yutaka/JJ1LIB
(A52F), Akinori/ZL1GO (A52GO), Kazuhiko/VR2KF (A52KF) and Jon/KL2A (A52X).
Activity will be on 80-6 meters including the 30/17/12 meter bands using
CW, SSB and RTTY. They plan to "erect high gain antennas, utilize receive
antennas, and run amplifiers at 3 stations." They also plan to "Establish
a radio station at Royal Thimphu College (first private college in Bhutan),
and provide basic HAM radio lessons to RTC students."  QSL A5A via JH1AJT
(see Web page for details). For more details and update, visit the A5A
Web apge at:

AU50, INDIA (Special Event). Only a few more days left to work special
event station AU50GOA from Goa, India. Operations will last until May 31st.
Activity is to celebrate 50 th anniversary of the Liberation of Goa from
Portuguese colonial rule. Goa is a diamond DXCC entity (CR8 in 1937).
Look for AU50GOA on 40/20/15/10 meters using CW, SSB and PSK. QSL via
VU2SMS direct.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Seven Belgian operators will be active as HB0/homecall
from Liechtenstein between September 19-22nd. Activity will be on 80-10
meters, with emphasis on higher bands and conditions permitting, using
CW and SSB. Operators mentioned are Philippe/ON4ACP, Erik/ON4ANN, Jose/
ON4CAU, Erik/ON4CCV, Walter/ON8CW, Cedric/ON4CKM and Marc/ON4CJY. The
pilot station will be Frans/ON6QB. QSL all callsigns via ON4ANN, direct
(w/2 GS) or by the Bureau. Their HBo Web page is available at:

IOTA NEWS..............
  AS-060.  Kei, HL2UVH, and a friend will be active from Ch’ung Island
          between May 26-27th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters on all
          modes using the callsigns HL0A (for IOTA QSOs) and HL0V (during
          the CQWW WPX CW Contest). QSL via HL2UVH.

  EU-145.  Operators CT1EPV, CT1GFK, CT1GPQ, CT1IUA and CT3FN will be
          active as CS2W from Culatra Island, (WLOTA 0144) during the
          CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as a Multi-Single entry.
          QSL via HB9CRV, by the Bureau and LoTW.

  EU-150.  Members of the Portuguese DX Group (GPDX) will be active as
          CT7/homecall and CT7/homecall/p from Insua Island (DIP MI-001,
          PIP NT-001, DCFP F-006, DCP CVC-046 and CVC-047, DMHP VC-017
          and VC-061, DFP FM-101, DMP 1602, DDFP CMN-12) during July.
          The team consists of operators from Portugal, Germany and
          Switzerland. Activity will be on all HF bands and modes. The
          group also plans to be active in the RSGB IOTA Contest (July
          28-29th) as a Multi-Op/Low-Power entry using the callsign
          CR6W. Look for some operators to stay a few days longer on
          Insua Island and activate the lighthouse (ARLHS POR-028, WLOTA
          2869). QSL CR6W via CS5DX. QSL all other callsigns via their
          home callsigns. For more information and updates, go to:

  NA-240.  Rick, K6VVA, reports: "Although an official welcome invitation
          was received from the Native Village of Kipnuk Traditional
          Council specifically for the well in advance announced K6VVA/KL7
          NA-240 activation, these intended plans have now been suspended
          for an indefinite period based on the following -- Please see
          details at:  "

  OC-137.  A team of 8 Australian operators will be active as VK4ILH
          from Moreton Island during the International Lighthouse/
          Lightship Weekend [ILLW] (August 18-19,th). Activity will
          take place prior to ILLW from the Cape Moreton Lighthouse
          (AU0009, WLOTA LH2987) starting August 17th. This will be
          the very first time Cape Moreton Lighthouse has ever been
          activated. Also, Moreton Island has not been activated in
          almost 15 years. Operators mentioned are Derek/VK4MIA, Paul/
          VK4FPDW, Brooke/VK4MBL, Graham/VK4GRA, Ewan/VK4ERM, Catherine/
          VK4GH, John/VK4IO and Luke/VK3HJ. QSL via VK4MIA, by the
          Bureau, direct or LoTW. For more details and updates, visit
          the following Web pages:
            (VK4ILH Web page)
          !/vklighthouse (Twitter)
                    Also, check

  OC-139.  Operator Paul/VK5PAS and six other operators will be active
          as VI5CW from Kangaroo Island between August 17-20th. Activity
          will include an entry in the International Lighthouse/Lightship
          Weekend [ILLW] (August 18-19th) from Cape Willoughby Light-
          house, as well as operations on all HF bands using mainly SSB,
          with some possible CW. QSL via VK5PAS.

  OC-142.  Operators VK4NM, VK4LAT and possibly others (will update)
          will be active as VK4NM from Fraser Island during the RSGB
          IOTA Contest (July 28-29th) as a Multi-single entry. QSL
          via M0OXO.

  OC-249.  Operator Kadek/YB9BU and possibly others will be active as
          homecall/8 from Wamar Island in the rare Aru Islands Group
          between May 25-28th. The Aru Islands are located in the Arafura
          Sea southwest of New Guinea and north of Australia. Wamar was
          last activated in 2002. QSL via their home callsigns.

J3, GRENADA (Op Needed!). Harry, AC8G (J37K), is planning a 6 (can be
more) night stay in Grenada for the CQ WW SSB Contest (Oct. 27-28th) with
considerable operating the days before the contest with emphasis on
non-contest bands and modes. As of May 24th, the RT air fare is 610.20
USDs from Dayton to Grenada. For those interested, contact AC8G (Harry)
via or 937-434-9616 for more details.

KH2/NH2, GUAM. Dave, N2NL, will be active as NH2T from Guam (OC-026)
during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/
High-Power entry. He is expected to be here until the summer of 2013.
Dave will be active (outside of contests) as KH2/N2NL and during all
contests as NH2T. QSL via LoTW or via W2YC.

May/25th  AN      May/28th  AN      May/31st  AN
May/26th  AN      May/29th  AN      Jun/01st  AN
May/27th  AN      May/30th  AN      Jun/02nd  AN

    NORMALITY              GEOMAG      K Values    Alpha
  -----------------        ------      --------    ------
  AN  - Above Normal      Quiet        K=0-1      0-7
  HN  - High Normal        Unsettled    K=2        8-15
  LN  - Low Normal        Active      K=3        16-29
  BN  - Below Normal      Minor Storm  K=4        30-49
  DIS - Disturbed          Major Storm  K=5        50-99
  VRY DIS - Very Disturbed Severe Storm K=6-9      100-400

KH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. Tony, JA6CNL, will once again be active as KH0N
from Saipan (OC-086) between June 15-18th. Activity will be on 80-6
meters CW ONLY. QSL via JA6CNL.

LX, LUXEMBOURG. a team of operators will be active as LX7I during the
CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via
LX2A. Visit the following Web page at:

P29, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (IOTA Op). Operators Derek/G3KHZ and Hans/SM6CVX
are planning another IOTA DXpedition to Papua New Guinea for three weeks
in October. Dates and callsigns were not provided, but they plan to visit
the following islands: St. Matthias (OC-103), Tabar (OC-099) and Lihir
(OC-069). It was mentioned that there is a possibility of Hans to journey
to another island after the main activity. Also, an opportunity may exist
for another operator. If interested contact G3KHZ.

P4, ARUBA. Andy, AE6Y, will once again be active as P49Y during the CQWW
WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry.
QSL via AE6Y or LoTW.

PACIFIC TOUR. Haru, JA1XGI, reports on his Blog page that he will be
active from E51 (Cook Islands) and V63 (Micronesia) in December. Look
for updates and details at:

PW0F, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. Ville, OH1MM/PY2ZEA, will be active as PW0F
from Fernando de Noronha during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th).
Operations will be with dipoles and inverted Vs. If time permits, Ville
will also erect a directional wire beam (fixed to the north) for
20/15/10m. QSL via OH2BH.

PZ, SURINAME. Sergey, RX3APM, will be active as PZ5P until May 29th.
Look for him to be in the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th). QSL via
UA4LU and LoTW.

QSL INFO AND NEWS.....................
  QSL-INFO from DB0SDX (dated May 20th)
  3A/F4BKV via F4BKV        EM44U via UT7UT          LA/DL9UBF via DL9UBF
  4X/PA7DA via PA7DA        EM100MXA via UT3MC      M/YO9AYN via YO9AYN
  5B/RN3QO via RN3QO        F/DJ2VO via DJ2VO        MQ0EPC via MM0DFV
  5B4PRC/P via 5B4AHO      F/DL3KBQ via DL3KBQ      MU/PA0VHA via PA0VHA
  9A/E77AW/P via E77E      GB5LCT via M0XIG        MU/PA2A via PA2A
  9M8DX/2 via SP5UAF        GQ7AXB via GI7AXB        OM100IG via OM3BY
  A60ITU via NI5DX          GQ7VJR via M0OXO        PH9HB/AM via PH9HB (d)
  A62A via IZ8CLM          HF20PSP via SP7PKI      PJ5/G4MFW via ZS1FJ
  AM7ITU via EA7NL          ID9Z via IT9TFX          SD7V/6 via DL2VFR
  AX5PAS via VK5PAS        IR0LG via IZ0NNI        SM6/DM5LS via DM5LS
  CO6HLP via EA7FTR        IS0/DK7ZB via DK7ZB      SN10PK via SP9KAJ
  CT9/DG0JT via DG0JT      IS0/G3RTE via G3RTE      SN2012UEFA via SP4ICP
  CX5TR via EA5KB          J79KT via JN1NDY        SO7B via SQ7PGO
  D3AA via UA1QV            JT7WFF via RZ0SB        ST2NH via EA7FTR
  E40VB via UA4WHX          K7M via AI4U            SX1912K via SZ2RCP
  ED7YAD via EA7URM        KH0/RA9FEX via RA9FEX    TK/IZ4BBF via IZ4BBF
  EG5TSL via EA5HRE        LA/DL2RNS via DL2RNS    TK/PA3ALK via PA3ALK
  EG8LZT via EA8TH          LA/DL2VFR via DL2VFR    TM12O via EA2TT
  EH5ITU via EA5FL          LA/DL5DSM via DL5DSM    TM80SM via F5INJ
  EH8ITU via EA8ADL                                  UA9FAR via EA7FTR
                                                    UP0L via DL8KAC
    (d) direct only  (B) Bureau only  (L) LoTW      YV7BMZ via EA7FTR

  ZL2WL QSL INFO UPDATE. Because of difficulties transferring ZL2WL's
  past logs, Buzz, NI5DX, will only be able to confirm contacts made
  with Wayne, ZL2WL, from May 9th forward. Both Buzz and Wayne are very
  sorry for any confusion this may have caused, but contacts prior to
  May 9th will NOT be able to be confirmed through NI5DX. Cards are being
  printed and Buzz expects them to be delivered in 4-6 weeks.


  A25JR, A35XG, A35YZ, A71BU, 9M6/JA1PBV, C6ANM, CE9VPM, CO8LY, CP4BT,
  ZA/HA5X, ZD7FT and ZD7XF

  8P6DR, 8R1W, 9G5XA, 9L5VT, 9M2CNC, 9M2RPN, 9M6/W2BB, A92HB, CT3FT,
  D68C, FH/G3SWH, FP/M0TDG, HS0/G3NOM, JW7G, KP2/M1DDD, P29NI, T32C,
  TY4TW, VK9C/G6AY, VQ9JK and ZD8N

"In the summer months of the Far North, the midnight sun never sets and
no QSOs are possible on the point rich lower bands. Additionally, 10M
rarely opens in the North, so the only choice left to Radio Arcala and
their associates is to tactically move South to satisfy their competitive
  The troops are still spearheaded by their battle ship, OH8X and the
specific target is to reach North America with the massive hardware of
Arcala fame, boldly challenging the forces of Mother Nature.
  Northern Europe:
  OH8X will be operated by Toni Linden, OH2UA
  OH10X by Kim Ostman, OH6KZP
  OH0X, Aland Islands by Pekka Holstila, OH2TA

  Asiatic Turkey:
  TC2X will be operated by Pertti Simovaara, OH2PM.
        ADDED NOTE FROM TA1HZ - Operating from Istanbul (TA2KN Turkish
        Scouting and Guiding Federation Club station in Umraniye)

  South America:
  PW0F will be operated by Ville Hiilesmaa, OH2MM/PY2ZEA
  PW0F, Fernando de Noronha operation will be conducted
        jointly with the Araucaria DX Group of Brazil

  QSL info: OH8X via OH2UA
            OH0X via OH2TA
            others via OH2BH"

SV5, DODECANESE. Czech operators Bob/OK2BOB, Vilda/OK2BC and Jindra/OK1AMM
are now active as SV5/homecall until June 1st. Activity will be mainly CW
and SSB on 160-6 meters. The WW LOC will be KM36OV, QTH is KOS Island
(EU-001). QSL via OK Bureau or direct.

SV9, CRETE. Alex, SQ9UM, is now active as SV9/SQ9UM from Crete until
May 28th. Activity is on 40-6 meters using CW, RTTY, PSK and some SSB.
He plans to participate in the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th). QSL
via his home callsign.

T48, CUBA. The Filial of "Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba" in
Las Tunas, will be active once again during "ARRL June VHF QSO Party"
as a "Limited multioperator" entry from FL10MW using his usual callsign
T48K. Their main operation will be on 6 meter with a five elements Tonna
and 100 watts. They will also try 2 meters with 50 watts and a 9 element
homebrew cubical quad, looking for the very first QSO ever made between
Las Tunas and United States. QSL via DK1WI.

T7, SAN MARIO (New Governing Board). The ARRSM members have elected a
new Governing Board for the period 2012-2015. The election results were
made public April 20th, with the following new board members added:
Matteo Napolitano, T77NM - President
Nazzareno Carattoni, T77NC - Vice-President
Giovanni Cecchetti, T77CD - Secretary
Giancarlo Montico, T77WI - Treasurer
Giorgio Minguzzi, IZ4AKS - IARU Liaison Officer

  The ARRSM assembly would like to thank former President Giuliano
Giacomoni, T77J, and former Vice-President Antonio Ceccoli, T77C, for
their valuable contribution to the life of the Association of Radio
Amateurs of the Republic of San Marino during the last 30 years.
**ADDED NOTE: Giorgio, IZ4AKS, informs OPDX that there is some interesting
news about the T70A station on their new Web site at:
The radio club at the moment is CLOSED due to a heavy snow storm that occurred
Feb 2012. The ARRSM is working to repair the structure of the club (the
roof of the house collapsed under the weight of the snow). This will
generate a decrease of the activity of T70A in the forthcoming contest
until the station is ready again to be used. The Web site is now in
Italian (official language of San Marino), but the ARRSM is already working
on the English version.

TC7, TURKEY. Dmitry, R3GM (ex-RN3GM), will be active as TC7C from Turkey
during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry.
QSL via RA1QQ.

VP2, MONTSERRAT. Graham, M0AEP, will be active as VP2MDD from Montserrat
(NA-103) between June 2nd and August 6th. Gordon, G3USR, will join him
on the island between June 30th and July 9th. Both operators will be
active on 80-6 meters, but will concentrate on 12/10/6 meters using CW
and SSB (no digital). QSL via their home callsigns.

YO2/YP0, ROMANIA (Special Event/WFF Op). Members of the QSO BANAT (YO2KQT)
Radio Club of Timisoara are now on the air as YP0WFF during the 3rd
Hercules Marathon edition <>
until May 27th. Operators are there for communications support between
checkpoints and also operate from Domogled-Valea Cernei (YOFF 008) for
those interested in YOFF operations. Activity will be on SSB and the
Digital modes. Operators mentioned are Gigi/YO2MTG, Marius/YO2LOJ, Eduard/
YO2LSP, Ovi/YO2MLL, Vlad/YO2LZP, Lili/YO2MMX, Diana/YO2MTD, Dan/YO2LLQ,
Robi/YO2MNF and Horatiu/YO2LQL. QSL only direct to YO2KQT.

VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. Operators Bill/KX4WW and Noll/W9RN will
be operating from KX4WW's QTH on Providenciales between May 31st and
June 7th. They will be signing VP5/homecall on all bands 160-6 meters.
QSL via their home callsigns.

will be active as YE0X during the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th) as
a Multi-2 entry. QSL via YB0ZZ.

      The following stations are expected to be active in the
                CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 26-27th, 2012)
      Thanks to Bill, NG3K, for providing OPDX readers with the following
consolidated listing of the participants in the 2012 CQWW WPX CW Contest.
For a more detailed listing (and up-to-date changes/corrections) in HTML
format, please visit Bill's Web page at:
  (By callsign)
 (By entity)
Contest        DXCC          Class        QSL
Callsign      Entity                      Route
3Z3Z          Poland        SOSB 10M      SQ3ET
4L0A          Georgia        SOAB          LoTW
4U1GSC        Italy          SOAB HP      9A2AA
5X1RO          Uganda        SOSB 15M      F8DFP
6O3A          Somalia        SOAB          QSL details at
6V7S          Senegal        SOAB          RK4FF
6Y3W          Jamaica        SOAB          RA4LW
9A201AA        Croatia        SOAB          9A1AA
9H3PP          Malta          SOSB          HA5PP
A5A            Bhutan        M/?          LoTW; QSL details on Web page
AH2Y          Guam          M/?          AH2Y
BY5CD          China          M/S          BD4HF
CE3AA          Chile          SOSB 15M      CE3AA
CS2W          Portugal      M/S          LoTW; QSL via HB9CRV (Buro OK)
DR8A          Germany        SO LP        LoTW
ED1R          Spain          M/2          EA4RCH
EE8X          Canary Islands SOAB          W2GR
EF7X          Spain          M/S          EA7GYS
GM0F          Scotland      M/S          GM4FDM
HK1NA          Colombia      M/M
HQ2N          Honduras      SOSB 10M      EA5GL
J48HW          Greece        SOAB          HA0HW Buro
KP2M          Virgin Islands M/S          LoTW
KP2MM          Virgin Islands SOAB          LoTW
LS1D          Argentina      M/2          LoTW
LX7I          Luxembourg    M/S          LX2A
LY7A          Lithuania      M/M          LY2ZO
M7A            England        SOAB LP
MJ0CFW        Jersey        SOAB LP      LoTW; QSL also OK via M0CFW
NH2T          Guam          SOAB HP      LoTW
NQ4I          USA            M/M          LoTW; QSL also OK via K4PK
OG73X          Finland        SOAB          OH8L
OH0X          Aland Island  SO            OH2TA
OM100IG        Slovakia      M/S          OM3BY
OP4K          Belgium        M/S          OP4K; QSL OK via Buro or direct
P40H          Aruba          M/?          LoTW; QSL via OK7MT, Buro or direct
P49Y          Aruba          SOAB HP      LoTW; QSL also OK via AE6Y
PR5B          Brazil        SOSB 80M      6K5YPD
PR5W          Brazil        SOSB 80M      PY5FB
PT5T          Brazil        SOAB HP      K3IRV
PW5D          Brazil        SOSB          M0OXO
PW0F      Fernando de Noronha SOAB LP      OH2BH
PX2W          Brazil        M/S          PY2YU
PZ5P          Surinam        SOAB HP      LoTW; QSL also OK via UA4LU
RC0F          Russia (Asia)  SOSB 20M      LoTW
SJ2W          Sweden        M/S          LoTW; QSL via SM2LIY direct
ST2AR          Sudan          SOAB TB      LotW; QSL also OK via S53R
SV5/N6GQ      Dodecanese    SOAB QRP      LotW; QSL also OK via N6GQ
SV9/SQ9UM      Crete          SOAB LP      SQ9UM
SW8A          Greece        SO            LZ1QN
T6MO          Afghanistan    SOAB LP      K9GY
TC2X          Turkey        SO            OH2BH
TC7C          Turkey        SOAB          RA1QQ
TK4A          Corsica        M/2          DJ7JC
TM5A          France        SO            W6NV
V26E          Antigua        SOAB          AB2E Direct
V31UB          Belize        SOAB          LoTW; QSL via KU5B direct
V6A            Micronesia    SOAB          JA7HMZ
VC3T          Canada        SOAB          VE3DZ
VK9PN          Norfolk Island M/?          VK2PN
V26E          Antigua        SOAB LP      AB2E Direct
XP2I          Greenland      SOAB LP      OZ1BII
YE0X          Indonesia      M/2          YB0ZZ
YU5R          Serbia        M/2          LoTW
Z33F          Macedonia      SOSB 15M      Z33F
ZP9MCE        Paraguay      SOSB 10M      EA5ZD
ZW5B          Brazil        SOAB HP      K3IRV
ZX5J          Brazil        SOSB          AI4U

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