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Главная » 2009 » Февраль » 23 » Новые идеи команды OH8X !
Новые идеи команды OH8X !
February 18, 2009 February 18, 2009
 JOIN A DIFFERENT KIND OF AMATEUR RADIO COMPETITION There is no doubt that our time-honored hobby is going through turbulent  times with the intake of new hams decreasing in many countries. The overall Amateur Radio population has diminished dramatically. As an independent body, the group at Radio Arcala, OH8X is poised to try some new methods to attract young people congregating in many non-traditional hangouts such as Virtual World on the internet. The Arcala radio station is the first-ever Amateur Radio station to be active in Virtual Reality. Millions of computer-minded youngsters gather there daily in an easy-going leisure mood. The overall Radio Arcala strategy is spelled out on the OH8X Webpages but one of the key buttons - ON YOUNG PEOPLE'S TERMS - is still to be drafted. See
 We now challenge members of our fraternity of all ages to draft the text for  this button in a way that is both appealing and informative enough to encourage today's youth to take the step we once took. CONTEST OUTLINE Consider yourself as another 18-year old enthusiastic ham of today.  Challenge yourself to talk to a bunch of young people ranging from 15-20 years of age in a large room with the occasion devoted only to yourself. Your mission is to tell them about the excitement of being an Amateur Radio operator today and why those in the audience should join our ranks. Draft your paper/talk to be no more than 250 words in length in English or Spanish. Remember a few things:
 1: These people have many other tempting options to occupy their youthful and modern mind and time.  
 2: They can take only a certain amount of history at once. Be balanced.  
 3: Consider that one of the current obstacles is the license exam; it is an entry barrier not found with many other hobbies. Address that issue, too.
 4: Remember that electronics has become a highly complex science and that experimentation may not exist as an option the way it did before.
 5: Find the most positive and truly unique features that Amateur Radio has. Highlight the positive and truly unique features of Amateur Radio.
 6: And finally, take this not only as a fun game but consider that, indeed, the future of this hobby is in the hands of people like you.
 Deadline: Please submit your paper by email no later than March 15, 2009 to (English) or (Spanish). More than one text can participate and more than one submission can be selected, if seen practical. The body to review the not-to-be-disclosed papers with their national focus group is composed of the following individuals: Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T, IARU Region 1, (Chairman); Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AMH, IARU Region 2; Dave Sumner, K1ZZ (ARRL); Olaf Lundberg, G0CKV (for RSGB); Tonno Vahl, ES5TV, (ERAU); Hans Johansson, SM0IMJ (SSA) and Juha Hulkko, OH8NC and  Martti Laine, OH2BH (Radio Arcala).
 Prizes: In addition to the award of first, second and third prizes in the form of three (3) Amateur Radio contest-like plaques, the winning text will be made available to a large group of people in Virtual Reality. You will be invited to be part of a Radio Arcala working group drawing up a next-generation recruitment campaign. Your work will be featured in national magazines by the above jury plus on the DX Summit and the Radio Arcala Website. You will be pleased with your achievement. Be aware that the review committee can for editorial reasons make style changes to the text before publication.  Note for editors: By sending a note to Radio Arcala at you can obtain high-resolution pictures taken from the virtual space at the first Amateur Radio station there - OH8X. Please note that the pictures are high- resolution, 6.5MB each, and assume an address that can receive such files. ((( 73 ))) Jarmo OH2BN

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