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Главная » 2010 » Январь » 22 » DXNL 1659 Jan 20, 2010 DX Newsletter
DXNL 1659 Jan 20, 2010 DX Newsletter
DXNL 1659 – Jan 20, 2010 DX Newsletter a free and weekly service of DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting” (
editor: Helmut Schlaffer, DL7MAE (e-mail:
translation by: Bob, DL7VOA (e-mail:
Bernhard,DL2GAC, will spend his holidays again on the Solomons and is going to hit the airwaves as H44MS from Guadalcanal (OC-047). Listen for him only in SSB mainly on 40m-80m between Jan 22 and Apr 19. He also plans to activate Temotu (H40, OC-065) together with DK9FN and DG1FK from Feb 6-19. More information about this activity will follow. Bernhard confirms his QSL cards reliably after his return home direct or via bureau.

HH – HAITI, NA-096
Phil,F4EGS, has joined the international forces and NGO’s which are working to help the survivors in Haiti after the earthquake. He is staying at the Port-au-Prince airport area. In his luggage he has his FT100 and a dipole and he may show up as HH/F4EGS from time to time.
If you can contact him send your QSLs direct or via bureau to F4EGS.

Amateur radio operators are asked to keep the frequencies 3720, 3977, 7045, 7265, 14265 and 14300 kHz clear for emergency traffic. The local amateurs Jean-Robert Gaillard (HH2JR), his father John Henault (HH6JH) and Pierre Petry (HH2/HB9AMO), who travelled to Haiti only in the beginning of this year, are all doing well. You may listen to a phone
patch recording of HH2JR and W3ZU at:

Gaynell,KK4WWW, is a missionary and will stay on Dominica (NA-101) from Jan 20 until Feb 4. He will be active as J79WWW as much as he can during his spare time. His QSL manager is N4USA.

Masa,JD1BMM, will stay on Minami Torishima (Marcus Island, OC-073) from Jan 20 until the mid of February. This could be the last activity from this DXCC entity for some time because the radio station of the coast guard has been closed in December and the amateur radio clubstation shall be dismantled in February. QSLs for Masa via the JARL bureau.

Fred,PY2XB, will be QRV as PQ0F during the CQWW 160m Contest. He will stay on Fernando de Noronha (SA-003) from Jan 23 until Feb 3 and will be active as PY2XB/PY0F in CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK on all bands before and after the contest. QSLs for both calls direct or via buro to PT7WA.

For many years the prefix "SY” was standing exclusively for the DXCC entity Mount Athos in Greece. This has been changed to "SV/A” later but for many HAMs the SY prefix is still connected to Mt Athos though every Greek amateur may apply for a SY prefix now. This is a thorn in the side of the only radio amateur on the Holy mountain, Monk Apollo,
SV2ASP/A. He asks DXers from all over the world to send an e-mail to the Greek licensing authority ( asking to stop this practice. At the moment Monk Apollo is very active in RTTY because this mode is silent and does not disturb other monks. He prefers working in RTTY on 1838-1840, 3580, 7038 and 10140 kHz around 1700-2100 UTC.
However his call has been abused by a pirate on Jan 12, 2010.

Don,G3BJ, is staying on Christmas Island (OC-024) from Jan 20-26 and will be active as T32BJ mainly in CW. He will try to contact Europe especially on the lowbands. QSL via his homecall.

Gerd,DJ4KW (V31YN), and Gisela,DK9GG (V31GW), are travelling to Belize again from Jan 21 until Feb 28. They will be QRV in SSB, CW and RTTY on 160m-10m and want to join several contests held during this time. They will also activate NA-180 as V31YN/p from Feb 2-7. Their equipment includes an ICOM 756 with 100 watts, a 36m long vertical for 160m,
a 41m long sloper for 80m and a 10m long vertical for the other bands.
Gerd and Gisela prefer QSLs via LoTW, but via bureau to their homecalls is ok as well. More information is available online at:

Michael,G7VJR, and Martin,G3ZAY, are going to become active as VP8DMN especially on the lowbands from East Falkland (SA-002) from Jan 21-29.
QSLs direct or via bureau to G7VJR.

Nikola,9A6DX, Hrvoje,9A6XX, and Marko,9A8MM, will be QRV as YJ0DX, YJ0XX and YJ0MM in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160m-10m from Efate Island (OC-035) from Jan 21-28. QSL manager for all calls is 9A8MM (also via bureau).

Nick,G3RWF, will be back in Uganda from Jan 21 until Mar 21. He prefers CW but you may work him also in SSB, PSK and RTTY signing 5X1NH on all bands (except 160m). QSL via his homecall, LoTW ok as well.
Tom,6W/GM4FDM, and Ronald,6W/PA3EWP, will stay in Le Calao from Jan 26 until Feb 9 and want to become QRV mainly in RTTY and on the lowbands. Emphasis will be put on working North America and Japan.
QSLs for Tom via his homecall (also LoTW), QSLs for Ronald via PA7FM.

Gyuri,HA1CW, is already active as HA2010S until Dec 31. Reason for this activity are the 30th European Swimming Championships which will take place in Budapest from Aug 4-15. QSL via HA1CW.

The special event station LM50NRK is on the air during the whole year 2010 to mark the 1st transmission of the Norwegian TV station NRK 50 years ago. QSL via bureau to LA4FPA.

Rene,PD2RKG, is working as PH50YA between Jan 16 and Mar 1 celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yaesu. QSL only via bureau to PD2RKG.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:

Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF” at:

Jan 23/24: BARTG RTTY Contest

IOTA collected by Fredy,DE0MST (e-mail:
Island activities:
AS-101, HS, Malay Peninsula East Group: Eddy,ON4AFU, will be active as
HS0ZJF/8 from Koh Samui from Jan 21-30. QSL via ON4AFU (direct/bureau).

NA-058, W4, GA State Group: Members of the "Camden County ARC” are planning
an activity from Cumberland (USI GA002S) signing KB4CC on Jan 23/24.
QSL via KB4CC (direct/see

OC-114, FO, Raivavae Island: Wulf,FO/DL1AWI, Peter,FO/DL3APO, and
Mat,FO/DL5XU, are working from Raivavae Island (DIFO FO-122) between
Jan 18 and Feb 5. QSL via homecall (direct/bureau).

SA-005, CE0Z, Juan Fernandez archipelago: Toshi,JA8BMK, is signing CE0ZA
from Robinson Crusoe Island (DICE ICE-004) from Jan 19 until Feb 2.
QSLs direct to his homecall.

Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS/ILLW)
CE0ZA LH 0153 Robinson Crusoe Jan 19-Feb 2
H44MS LH 0086 Guadalcanal Jan 21-Apr 20
HS0ZJF/8 LH 1384 THA-053 Jan 21-30
P40C LH 0033 Aruba until Jan 26
PQ0F LH 1208 FDN-001 Jan 23-25
PY2XB/PY0F LH 1208 FDN-001 Jan 23-Feb 3
V26VP LH 1118 Antigua until Feb 15
VP8DFK LH 1479 East Falkland Jan 21-29
VP8DMN LH 1479 East Falkland Jan 21-29
ZL/G6PAA LH 0069 New Zealand North until Mar 1
ZL/G6PAA LH 0342 New Zealand South until Mar 1

Bandspots of the last 7 days
CX5BW 1.824 0041Z (d)
JA3CJO 1.814 2231Z
KM1CC 1.830 0345Z
NY3A 1.826 0515Z
OY6FRA 1.846 0023Z via OY1JD (d)
UA0BA 1.814 2222Z
VA3DX 1.824 0407Z
VE9HF 1.824 0402Z
VO2FF 1.831 0426Z
W5UN 1.826 0001Z
W8GP 1.826 2357Z

FG/F6AUS 3.507 2250Z NA-102, via F6AUS (B)
HB0/DL2OBO 3.510 0710Z via DL2OBO (B)

FR/DL5CF 7.010 2224Z AF-016, via DL5CF (B)
YV8AD 7.001 0409Z

EW8O 10.110 1312Z (d)
FG/F6AUS 10.115 2250Z NA-102, via F6AUS (B)
OF50RR 10.118 1147Z via OH8DR (B)
OY3AA 10.118 1241Z via OZ1ACB (B), (L)
P40CG 10.086 2150Z via W2CG
R1ANR/A 10.103 2310Z via RK1PWA
R1ANR 10.113 2150Z via RK1PWA
V5/DK2IE 10.108 1827Z

A6/VE6LB 14.024 0902Z via VE6LB (B), (L)
EW8O 14.016 0810Z (d)
YB9/OK2DW 14.006 1222Z
YI1RZ 14.247 0913Z via IK2DUW (B)
4K1AZI 14.245 0923Z via UA3FDX (B)
8Q7CE 14.026 1211Z via EB7DX (d)

FG/F6AUS 18.103 1317Z RTTY, via F6AUS (B)
ST2AR 18.075 0857Z via S53R (d)
V51W 18.153 0920Z via DF3GY (B)

EI6JK 28.475 1704Z
IT9QAU 28.022 1646Z
LA7RRA 28.030 1643Z
OY1CT 25.515 1805Z (B)
OY6FRA 28.510 1929Z via OY1JD (d)

* = new QSL manager
(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW


-30Jun 3Z0FCH 1658
-31Dec 3Z0RADIO 1657
-31Dec 4A1B 1656
21Jan-21Mar 5X1NH 1659 *
15Jan-31Mar 6W2SC 1658
26Jan-09Feb 6W/GM4FDM.. 1659 *
08Jan-25Jan 8Q7CE 1657
-31Dec 9A500AA 1656
NOW 9G5SW 1581
-Mar 9J2YO 1614

08Jan-08Feb A6/VE6LB 1657
Jan -Apr C6ANM 1657
19Jan-02Feb CE0ZA (JA8BMK) 1658
20Dec-23Feb CE1/K7CA 1655
16Jan-Jan CU2 (OHs) 1658
2009 -Feb DP1POL 1598/1619
-May DQ11APOLLO 1634
-Jan/11 DT8A 1652
12Jan-01Feb E51WWA (S.C.) 1657
17Feb-20Feb E51WWA (S.C.) 1657
03Feb-15Feb E51WWB (Manih) 1657
-10Feb EA8/ON6AK.. 1650
Jan EL8RI 1657

-Mar FG/F6AUS 1650
-Aug/11 FO8RZ 1636
18Jan-05Feb FO/A (DLs) 1658
22Jan-19Apr H44MS 1659 *
-31Dec HA2010S 1659 *
-Jan HH/HB9AMO 1656
30Dec-25Jan HS0ZGQ 1656
12Jan-20Jan HS0ZJF/8 1659 *
20Jan-04Feb J79WWW 1659 *
15Jan-31Mar J5UAP 1658
08Jan-Mar J79XBI 1658
08Jan-12Feb J8/K2CM 1657
20Jan-Feb JD1BMM (M.T.) 1659 *

23Jan/24Jan KB4CC 1659 *
-Feb KG4YU 1644
-Dec KH9/WA2YUN 1568/1655
-31Dec LM50NRK 1659 *
01Oct-31Dec ON25BELGICA 1646
-Jan OR4TN 1653
-Dec OX3QM 1654
-Jun P29VAA 1654
05Jan-26Jan P4 (W2CG) 1656
08Jan-27Jan PC600P 1657
01May-28May PC600P 1657
01Sep-28Sep PC600P 1657
16Jan-01Mar PH50YA 1659 *
10Jan-27Mar PJ5NA 1657
23Jan-03Feb PY2XB/PY0F 1659 *
-Dec R1ANP 1654
-Feb R1ANR 1656
-Apr S79DF 1620
-28Jan ST26ASC 1655

20Jan-26Jan T32BJ 1659 *
-Mar T6AG 1647
NOW TL0A 1616
-2011/12 TN5SN 1585/1591
18Jan-14Feb TS8RW 1659 *
15Jan-Feb V26VP 1658
21Jan-28Feb V31YN & V31GW 1659 *
-Jan/11 V73NS 1604
01Feb-31Mar VG7G 1647
01Dec-31Jan VG7W 1647
-Jun VK9WBM 1653
-Mar VP6AL 1651
21Jan-29Jan VP8DMN 1659 *
21Jan-28Jan YJ0DX.. 1659 *
-Jul ZS10WCS 1539

* = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
CE1/K7CA via NW7O
CN8KD via EA5XX (d)
E51WWA via AD7AF (L)
EA9EU via EA5KB (B)
ER3WFF via ER3GS (B)
EX8AS via EX2A (B)
FR/DL5CF via DL5CF (B)
HF100ZHP via SP6ZDA (B)
XU7FMZ via JA1FMZ (d), (L), eQSL
XX9TLX via DK7LX (B)
YL90AIR via YL bureau
YU40DW via YU1DW
Z23MS via UA3DX (B)
ZD8DC via N2WE
4K1AZI via UA3FDX (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
* = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LotW)

TC2010CCI, TC2010CCA, TC2010CCE: PO Box 73, Karakoy 34421, Istanbul, Turkey

QSLs arrived direct: E51NOU (N7OU), HC2AQ, KH0/JK2VOC, SV2ASP/A, TF4M,
TY1MS (after online request), XW1B (E21EIC),
YB9/DL5CO (via GDXF QSL service), ZK2BJ (G3BJ), 3B8CF,
3D2KJ (SP5DRH), 5N0OCH (via GDXF QSL service),
8R1AK (SAT-QSO, 11 years runtime!)

QSLs arrived bureau: C91XO (M3SDE), E44M (SP3DOI), FJ/OH2AM, S01MZ,
J28FF (via F6ITD 6m, 9 years runtime), SU9HP (SC6A),
3B7C (G3NUG), 8P9NX

QSLs arrived LoTW: VK9XX, 4U46UN

Radio Arcala invites for contesting
The super contest station OH8X (Radio Arcala) offers five young contest
operators the possibility to join the ARRL DX CW Contest. The guests may
use the station also on the WARC bands from Feb 18-22. If you are interested
and want to experience an unforgettable Aurora Borealis in the far North
send your application to Marius Hauki, LB3HC (

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WINQSL), DJ5AV,
PT7WA, 9A6AA, SWL Norbert Maibaum and others.
The German PDF version can be found on the DARC homepage at:

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