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Главная » 2010 » Июль » 7 » DXNL 1683 - Jul 7, 2010
DXNL 1683 - Jul 7, 2010

C6 - BAHAMAS, NA-001
     Alan,K5AB (C6AAB), Renee,N5BW (C6AMR), Carolyne,W5ETY (C6ATY),
     Mark, NA6M (C6AMS), and Scott,K2CK (C6ASH), are going to activate
     Eleuthera Island (Great Bahama Bank Group, NA-001) from Jul 9-25.
     They will use three stations with amplifiers running in CW, SSB and
     digital modes on 160m-6m. QSLs via their homecalls.
     More information and a livestream can be found at:
     David,WD9CMD/C6A, will be QRV in SSB on 6m, 20m, 40m, 15m and 10m from
     New Providence (NA-001) from Jul 3-9. QSL via homecall.

     Jose,CT1BOH, will be the operator of CR3E from Madeira (AF-014, ITU 36)
     during the upcoming IARU HF World Championship (Jul 10/11).
     QSLs direct via W3HNK.
     You can find more information on his homepage
     Members of the Portuguese DX Group (CS1GDX) will be QRV in all modes
     and bands signing CT3/CS1GDX (AF-014, DIP MA-001, WLOTA LH-0053,
     DPRN FF-101) from Jul 10-13. QSL via CS1GDX, eQSL, bureau or direct.

     On their way to Wallis Mini,JA2NQG, Yuji,JH2BNL, and Shige,JI2UAY, are
     going to make a stop on Nadi (Fiji) on Jul 13. Calls are not known yet.
     From Jul 14-24 they will activate Wallis (OC-054) with 100 watts and
     simple antennas working in CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV and FM on 160m-10m as
     FW5M (JA2NQG), FW2DA (JH2BNL) and FW5FM (JI2UAY).
     They will try to become active also from Hoorn Island (OC-118) in the
     Futuna island group signing .../p from Jul 15-17.
     QSL cards shoud be sent to their homecalls.

     Moro,IS0/I2MOV, will be QRV mostly in CW from Dolianova (20 km north of
     Cagliari) from Jul 13 until the end of September. He is using an IC706
     with a vertical for 40m-10m and a selfmade dipole for 6m.
     QSLs via bureau or direct to his homecall. See also:

     Freddy,F5IRO, will work in Djibouti for the next two years starting on
     Jul 6. Freddy will sign J28RO in CW, SSB and digital modes mostly on
     his weekends (friday/saturday) around 1200-1300 UTC and the evening
     hours of the week. His QSL manager is F8DFP, who confirms via bureau or
     direct. From time to time Freddy wants to activate also the islands
     Mucha and Maskali (AF-053) together with Vincent,F5MJV/J28JV.
     See also his website at:

     Alex,JT1/IW5ELA, and Giampiero,I5NOC, are visiting Mongolia from
     Jul 7-22. They will stay in the capital Ulan Bator for one week and
     may use the station of the radio club. The rest of the time they will
     travel around showing up mobile from different regions.
     QSLs via bureau or direct to IW5ELA.

     Chuck,KG9N, will be QRV mostly in CW from the Jordanian clubstation
     JY6ZZ from Jul 7-15.

     On his way back from the Lofoten Wolf,DM2AUJ, will activate Morokulien
     in CW and SSB signing LG5LG and SJ9WL (changing daily) from Jul 11-14.
     The QSL manager LA4EKA confirms all QSL cards direct or via bureau.

     Laurent,F8BBL, will show up as TK10OB from Golfe de Valinco from
     Jul 10-24. He tries to activate also Sanguinaires Island (EU-104) and
     Lavezzi Island (EU-164) and maybe also a third IOTA island.
     QSLs via bureau or direct to his homecall.
     TK0WT is the callsign of Charles,F5OWT, from Jul 4-16. He is working in
     SSB on 12m-17m during his holidays. QSLs via bureau or direct to F5OWT.

     San,K5YY (V31YY), Bill,W5SJ (V31SJ), and Bob,W5UQ (V31UQ), will QRV
     from Placencia in Southern Belize from Jul 12-19. They will work on
     all bands (also on 60m) and in the CQ VHF Contest.
     V31YY QSLs via K5YY, W5JAY is the manager of V31UQ and V31SJ.

     Armin,3B8/DK9PY, is working from Mauritius (AF-049) from Jul 5-21.
     Armin is working only in CW, 10 khz from the lower band edge, on 40m/
     30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m using a FT-857 with 100 watts, dipoles and
     longwires. If possible he wants to activate also Rodriguez Island (3B9)
     for a few days. QSL cards should be sent to his homecall.

     Patrick,ON4HIL, from Kinshasa, applied for the special call 9Q50ON to
     celebrate 50 years of independence of the Congo for one week starting
     around Jul 6. QSL via ON4BR.
     This is also an exploration trip because Patrick wants to activate
     the Democratic Republic of Congo with some friends later this year.

     The special event stations OE2XXM (St. Gilgen) and OE5XXM (Gosau) are
     working mainly on 2m, 70cm and 80m/40m/20m from the XXVI. International
     Amateur radio meeting in Gosau (Dachstein) from Jul 1-31.
     See also and

     Members of the "Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados" (HK3LR) may use
     the special prefixes 5K and 5J (instead of HK and HJ) in July to
     celebrate 200 years of Colombian independence.
     The special event stations 5K200LR and HK200LR will be QRV until the
     end of this year (both QSLs via HK3LR).
     The "Colombia Bicentennary Contest" will take place on Jul 17.
     Ses also:

JA - JAPAN: Nine Japanese HQ stations are representing the JARL in the
     IARU HF World Championship on Jul 10/11:
     Call    Band/Mode         QTH
     8N1HQ   10m-CW            Minato-ku, Tokyo
     8N1HQ   15m-Ph            Kimitsu-shi, Chiba
     8N1HQ   80m-Ph            Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa
     8N2HQ   10m-Ph            Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu
     8N3HQ   15m-CW            Nara-shi, Nara
     8N3HQ   160m-CW, 40m-CW   Kobe-shi, Hyogo
     8N3HQ   20m-CW            Miki-shi, Hyogo
     8N4HQ   80m-CW, 40m-Ph    Okayama-shi, Okayama
     8N8HQ   20m-Ph            Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido
     All stations are already active since Jul 1.

DXCC: QSL cards of FT5WO (Crozet Island; Dec 1, 2008, until Nov 30, 2009)
     are accepted for DXCC credit now.

WRTC Callsigns: The "WRTC 2010" takes place near Moscow this year during the
     2010 IARU HF World Championship Contest (Jul 10/11). The participants
     will use following calls:
        R31A  R31D  R31N  R31U  R31X
        R32C  R32F  R32K  R32O  R32R  R32W  R32Z
        R33A  R33G  R33L  R33M  R33Q  R33U
        R34C  R34D  R34O  R34P  R34W  R34X  R34Y  R34Z
        R36C  R36F  R36K  R36O  R36W  R36Y  R36Z
        R37A  R37G  R37L  R37M  R37P  R37Q  R37U
        R38F  R38K  R38N  R38O  R38W  R38X
        R39A  R39D  R39M  R39R
     Find more about this on the WRTC homepage

The Finnish "WRTC 2002 Gang" will activate four DXCC entities this weekend:
OX - Greenland: Martti,OH2BH, Ville,OH2MM, Pekka,OH2TA, and Jesper,OX3KQ,
     will sign OX8XX. Outside the contest, they will also be active with
     another station on 17m and 30m. QSLs direct or via bureau to OH2BH.

OH0 - Aland Islands: OH0X is the call of Pertti,OH2PM, from the contest QTH
     in Brando. Pertti works in CW and SSB and makes a serious effort even
     on 10m. QSL via OH2TA.

TF - Iceland: Jouko,OH1RX, and Thor,TF4M, will sign TF4X. QSL via G3SWH.
     TF, OX and OH0 are a rare catch on the lowbands as they stay in total
     daylight at this time of the year.

CU - Azores: Francisco,CU2DX, works as CQ8X in SSB on all bands from this
     contest station. QSL via OH2BH.
     Following the IARU weekend, and sailing out from the port of Reykjavik,
     Iceland, you may catch Martti,OH2BH, and Leena,OH2BE, cruising in
     Greenland waters among the icebergs for a period of eleven days.
     You can follow OH10X/mm around 14235 kHz en route to the Maritime DX
     Forum in Halifax/Canada ( aboard the
     old-time steamer M/S Kristina Regina on her last journey before
     retiring with fond memories of the 1960s Steamship Era.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

Jul 10/11: IARU HF World Championship
Jul 17:    Colombia Bicentennary Contest

IOTA                collected by Fredy,DE0MST  (e-mail:
Island activities:
EU-017, I*9, Eolie (Lipari) Islands: Vanni,ID9/IK4RUX, is working from
     Lipari, Aeolian Archipelago (IIA ME-001), from Jul 5-15.
     QSL via homecall (direct/bureau).

EU-030, OZ, Bornholm Island: Henning,OZ/DL6DH, is QRV from Bornholm from
     Jul 10-24. QSL via homecall (direct/bureau/LotW).

EU-047, DL, Niedersachsen State Group: Chris,DL4FO/p, will show up from
     Spiekeroog (DIP N-008) from Jul 11-16. QSL via homecall.

NA-205, VO2, NFLD Province Centre Group: Ken,VO1KVT, plans to activate
     Mundy Island as VO2MK from Jul 10-20. QSL via homecall (direct/bureau).

OC-130, DU8/9, Mindanao Island (main): Maarten,DU9/PA3GZU, will be QRV from
     Mindanao from Jul 11 until Aug 7. QSL via homecall.

Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS/ILLW)
CR3E         LH 0053   Madeira      Jul 10/11
DU9/PA3GZU   LH 2803   Mindanao     Jul 11-Aug 7
FP/K9OT      LH 1417   Miquelon     until Jul 14
FP/KB9LIE    LH 1417   Miquelon     until Jul 14
ID9/IK4RUX   LH 1144   Lipari       Jul 5-15
K4C          LH 2802   Puerto Rico  until Aug 1
MU/PA4N      LH 0013   Guernsey     Jul 12-19
OX1JA        LH 0072   Greenland    Aug 13-16
SV8/DL2DQL   LH 4186   Thassos      Jun 27-Jul 18
SV8/DM3DL    LH 4186   Thassos      Jun 27-Jul 18
TK0WT        LH 1390   Corsica      until Jul 16
VA7EWK       LH 0858   Vancouver    until Jul 11
9A/IZ3QWV    LH 1342   Krk          until Jul 10

Bandspots of the last 7 days
HB0/OE5IRO/p  7.116  1133Z
HB0/OE5RTP/p  7.116  1133Z
MJ/PA1BDO     7.179  2206Z via PA1BDO (B)
MJ/PA9JO      7.173  2230Z EU-013, via PA9JO (B,L)
TK/HG4UK      7.033  1800Z via HG4UK (B)

MJ/PA1AW     10.142  2202Z RTTY, via PA1AW (B)
TK/HG4UK     10.118  1451Z

C56E         14.190  2107Z via W7XU (B)
K3A          14.251  2217Z via WX3B
LA/OK1AMM    14.220  0652Z EU-055
MJ/PA1AW     14.020  2225Z EU-013, via PA1AW (B)
OJ0A         14.027  0646Z via OH3RM (B)
VE1CJB/p     14.205  2237Z NA-010
YV5NEA       14.216  2253Z (B)
ZX8C         14.263  2211Z SA-060, via PT2OP (B)

CT9/DJ0JE    18.082  0830Z
GJ0USR       18.150  1052Z via G0USR
LA/OK1AMM    18.078  0959Z EU-055, via OK1AMM (B)
MJ/PA1BDO    18.146  2031Z via PA1BDO (B)
VP8DMM/p     18.153  1922Z via G0PEB

OJ0VR        24.895  0826Z via OH1VR (d)
ZC4VJ        24.896  0840Z via M0URX (B), (r)

LY600KM      24.485  1758Z via LY2KM (B), (L)

ER1SS        50.130  1841Z (d)
GM7PKT/p     50.170  1312Z ES-009
9H1EU        50.154  1837Z (d) or 9H1BT (B)

 *  = new QSL manager
(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW
(r) = bureau QSL via e-mail request

DATE           CALL           DXNL

05Jul-21Jul    3B8/DK9PY      1683 *
01May-31Dec    3H100TW        1674
     -31Dec    3Z0RADIO       1657
     -31Dec    4A1B           1656
01Jul-         4O/YU1YV       1682
     -31Dec    5K200LR..      1683 *
     -Apr/12   5Z4RH ?        1674
2010           8P55AW         1668
     -31Dec    9A500AA        1656
     -Sep/11   9J2KK          1682
SOON           9Q1EK          1669
06Jul-13Jul    9Q50ON         1683 *
     -Jul      9V1/W4LT       1681
     -Aug/11   A92IO          1663

09Jul-25Jul    C6AAB..        1683 *
10Jul/11Ju     CR3E           1683 *
10Jul-13Jul    CT3/CS1GDX     1683 *
     -May/11   D2AK           1675
     -Apr/11   D2QR           1675
01Jul-13Jul    D44TOI         1682
11Jul-16Jul    DL4FO/p        1683 *
     -31Dec    DR2010L..      1660
     -Jan/11   DT8A           1652
     -Dec      DU1/G0SHN      1680
11Jul-07Aug    DU9/PA3GZU     1683 *
23May-15Aug    FH8ND          1677
     -Aug/11   FO8RZ          1636
05Jul-14Jul    FP/K9OT        1682
14Jul-24Jul    FW5M..         1683 *

     -31Dec    HA2010S        1659
     -31Dec    HG30FHA        1677
05Jul-15Jul    ID9/IK4RUX     1683 *
     -31Jul    II2TRE         1678
15Mar-31Dec    IR1C           1667
13Jul-Sep      IS0/I2MOV      1683 *
     -2011/12? J28JV          1680
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683 *
07Jul-22Jul    JT1/IW5ELA     1683 *
     -31Dec    JT70AS         1680
01Jul-11Jul    JW/JA8BMK      1682
07Jul-15Jul    JY6ZZ (KG9N)   1683

04Jul-01Aug    K4C            1682
03Jul-10Jul    K0AP/4..       1682
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
17Nov-01Dec    KH5            1674
     -Dec      KH9/WA2YUN     1568/1655
24Jun-08Jul    LA/DM2AUJ      1681
11Jul-14Jul    LG5LG/SJ9WL    1683 *
     -31Dec    LM50NRK        1659
     -Dec      OD5/DL6SN      1665
     -31Jul    OE2XXM..       1683 *
Sep  /Oct      ON30ON         1664
     -Dec      OX3QM          1654
11Jul/12Jul    OX/TF/OH0/CU   1683 *

25Jul          PA08DWN        1678
29Aug&02Oct    PA08DWN        1678
01Sep-28Sep    PC600P         1657
23Jun-20Jul    PD80TT         1681
     -Dec      R1ANP          1654
27Jun-18Jul    SV8/DL2DQL..   1681
     -Dec      T6MB           1680
NOW            T88CF          1674
10Jul-24Jul    TK1OB          1683 *
04Jul-16Jul    TK0WT          1683 *
03Jul-11Jul    TK/IK5WOB      1682
NOW            TL0A           1675
     -30Nov    UP25F          1675

12Jul-19Jul    V31YY          1683 *
     -Oct      VK100WIA       1673
10Jul-20Jul    VO2MK          1683 *
     -Jul      VP8DND/p       1681
09Apr-09Aug    VQ9JC          1670
02Jul-11Jul    W5E            1682
03Jul-09Jul    WD9CMD/C6A     1683 *
     -31Dec    XR200R         1678
     -31Dec    YR5EPC         1660
19Nov-05Dec    ZL8X           1664
     -Jul      ZS10WCS        1539
     -Apr/11   ZS8M           1674

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
AN8T       via EA8NQ (B)
AO8BJM         eQSL only
BD6JJX     via BA4EG (B)
EG3TM      via EA3GJA (B)
EH4EPC     via EC2AMN (B), eQSL
PU9FDO     via (d), (r)
RP65RMG    via RK3RXK
RP65RTF    via UA3RQG
RP65TT     via UA9SAW (B)
RP65Z      via RK3ZZ (B)
RP9OW      via RZ9OW (B)
RP9RP      via UA9QCQ (d)
RP9YTZ     via RK9YZO
RP6Y       via RA6YJ
RW9YW          direct
S79K       via G3NKC, (L)
SC3N       via EA8CN (B)
SC3N       via EA8CN (B)
SD3F       via SM3AKW
SH1AAJ     via SM1WXC
SH3O/2     via SM3TLG (B)
SK3JR      via SM3CVM (B)
SM3C       via SM5CCT (B)
SM3/EA8CN  via EA8CN (B)
SM0Q       via SM0OGQ (B)
SN0BJP     via SP3DG
SN0BKI     via SP7PIA
SN0DW      via SP5PLN (B)
SN0EPC     via SP5BHY (B)
SN0HAL     via SP5ZIP
SN0HOF     via SP9YKD (B)
SN0LOT     via SP1KZO (B)
SN0RF      via SP3AYA (B)
SN0ROZ     via SP2GCE
SN07APB    via SP9APB
SN07BWJ    via SP9BWJ
SN07DEM    via SP9DEM (B), (L)
SN07FQV    via SQ9FQV
SN07ITP    via SP9ITP
SN07IVD    via SP9IVD (B)
SN07JRA    via SP9JRA (B)
SN07MEZ    via SQ9MEZ (B)
SN07MPL    via SP9PKG
SN07NOI    via SQ9NOI
SN07ORH    via SP9ORH (B)
SN07RQH    via SP9RQH (B), (L), eQSL
SN07SCZ    via SP9SCZ
SN07WUZ    via SP9WUZ
SN07XUM    via SP9XUM
SN1LO      via SP7PIA
SN100ZHP   via SP1ZZW (B)
SN1410G    via SP9PKZ (B)
SN2M       via SP2XF (B), (L)
SN30S      via SP3PSM
SP200CGN   via SP5CGN
SP200ICQ   via SP5ICQ (B)
SP45BCA    via SP7BCA
SQ3ODX         (d)
SQ9YFF/6   via SQ9IDG (B), (L)
ST26ASC    via ST2M (d)
TM70LM     via F8KGY
TM7CCA     via F6FMT
TM8TOC     via F4FEE
TM0RE      via EA3LD (B)
YC1EMY         (d)
YP60KPA    via YO3KPA (B)
YW5AJ      via YV5AJ (B)
YY2EDM         (d)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LotW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSL 7X2ARA: Con,DF4SA, is NOT the QSL manager for 7X2ARA. He has worked
     only once from this clubstation in the CQWW CW 2003 and confirmed all
     his QSOs from that time. Unfortunately he is still receiving QSLs for
     QSOs in later years. Con cannot confirm these QSOs.
     QSLs for 7X2ARA should be sent direct or via the 7X bureau (

QSLs arrived direct: OD5/UA4WHX, 5X1VB, 7Q7VB (all via UA4WHX)

QSLs arrived bureau: A65DLH (DO7ZZ), C4Z (G3SWH), C91FC (ON4CJK), DK6AO/TI,
                     CY2ZT/2 (M3SDE), DL7UMK (EU-042), DP0GVN (DL5EBE),
                     DP1POL (AN-016, DL1ZBO), E77Y, EK6RL, F5KAQ (EU-094),
                     TA*/DJ8QP, TF/DL2JRM/p (EU-021), TI7KK (NA-191, DK6AO),
                     AA4V/VP9 (NA-005), XE1CYY (HB9CYY), YI1RZ (IK2DUW),
                     VQ9IO, YI1RZ (IK2DUW), Z38/DJ8QP, 5Q2J

QSL via LoTW :       A65CA, A92IO, AO7HBP, C56ETF, C6AOC, C6ARI, CN8KD,
                     CR5CQK, CT3FQ, CX5UR, CX6VM, HC7AE, AH6PN/HR6,
                     N7QXN/HR6, II0DIVA, J28VS, J38CW, JW9PJA, JW/DF6VI,
                     6Y9V, 9A/N0MX, 9H1SP, 9M2CNC, 9V1PC

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF4SA, DF6EX (WINQSL), DJ5AV,
OE2IKN, OH2BN, SWL Norbert Maibaum and others.
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