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Главная » 2011 » Сентябрь » 21 » DXNL 1746 - Sep 21, 2011
DXNL 1746 - Sep 21, 2011

     17 OPs will be QRV as 3D2R from Rotuma Island (OC-060) for ten days
     starting on Sep 27. They will work in CW/SSB/FM/RTTY/SSTV/PSK on
     160m-2m. QSL via YT1AD. Their website is:

     Dennis,W1UE/6Y5, is active from Jamaica (NA-097) until Oct 4. He will
     use the callsign 6Y6U during the upcoming CQWW RTTY Contest and the
     California QSO Party and wants to work in RTTY also on the WARC bands
     and the lowbands before the contest. QSLs via homecall (direct).

     Tang,BM2AAV, Eddie,BV2DD, Bruce,BV2KI, Evan,BV2KS, Kenichi,BW/JP1RIW,
     Lee,BV2NT, and Lee,BX2AB, will sign BV100 in the CQWW RTTY Contest.
     QSL via BV2KI. See also:

     Luis,CE2/CX1EK, is working in CW mainly on 12m and 17m again from
     Sep 16 until Oct 19.
     QSL direct via Luis Matho, 2303 Nordok Place, Alexandria VA 22306, USA.

     Ruggero,IK2PZC (5C2P), Leo,I8LWL (5C2L), Fred,IK7JWX (5C2J),
     Simon,IZ7ATN (5C2SG), Ampelio,IS0AGY (5C2B), Mounaim,CN8QY (CN8QY/p),
     and Belkaid,CN8QX (CN8QX/p), will be QRV from Dakhla and also from the
     lighthouse off the coast of Dakhla (WFF CNFF-007, ARLHS WSA-001) from
     Sep 22-29. The main reason of this DXpedition is to activate the island
     of Herne (AF-068) as 5C2/Homecalls/p. They will be active in all modes
     on all HF bands (incl. WARC and 6m) and maybe they will also join the
     CQWW RTTY Contest as 5C2P. QSLs via homecalls, 5C2SG direct via IZ7ATN,
     CN8QY/p via I8LWL (direct). They are still looking for participants and

     The "Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club" (CERAC-TP2CE) is going to
     activate the special event station TP50CE in all modes on all bands
     (maybe also satellite) on Sep 23/24. Occasion is the 50th anniversary
     of the European Social Charter. OPs will be Sergiy,F0EQE, Oleg,RV3DH,
     and Sparky,RW3AH. QSL via F5LGF. See also:

     Martin,FP/G3ZAY, will show up from Miquelon (NA-032, DIFO FP-002,
     WLOTA 1417) from Sep 24-29. QSL via homecall.

     The Southgate Amateur Radio Club will use the special callsign GB0TLR
     which stands for "Railways on the Air" on Sep 24/25. QSL via M0XDS.

     HK1T, HK1W, HK1AA, HK3TU, HK1N, HK1R of the DX Amateur Radio Club DXARC
     will activate the Jumanji contest station as HK1NA during the CQWW RTTY
     Contest. QSLs via K6IPM.

     Don,KC6STQ, is working as HL2/KC6STQ on HF. QSL via homecall (direct).

     Freddy,J28RO, will join the CQWW RTTY Contest as well. QSL via F8DFP.

     Several OPs will sign LX7I in the CQWW RTTY Contest. QSLs via LX2A.
     See also:

     A team of experienced OPs is working from Market Reef (IOTA EU-053,
     ARLHS MAR-001, TWLHD WLH OJ0-001, WFF OHFF-038, WLOTA 0542) as OJ0X
     for the next three weeks since Sep 19. They are running three stations
     in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-10m and plan to take part also in the
     CQWW RTTY Contest and the SAC SSB Contest. QSL via OH2BH.
     Their website is:

     Peter,PA1LP, is active again as PZ5LP from Nieuw-Nickerie (GJ15lw)
     between Sep 18 and Oct 15. He is using a FT-857 with G5RV antenna
     mainly in BPSK and RTTY on 40m-10m. QSL via homecall, eQSL, LoTW.

     The special event station HF36POL is active from Sep 20 until Nov 6 to
     celebrate the departure of the 36th Polish Antarctic Expedition to the
     Henryk Arctowski station (WAP POL-01) in Antarctica. The expedition
     leaves Gdynia onboard the MV Polar Pioneer and is expected to arrive at
     Admiralty Bay on King George Island (AN-010, WFF SPFF-024, WLOTA 0312)
     to begin their research around Nov 6. The Director of the department of
     Antarctic Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the
     president of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) invites everybody to
     make the "Arctowski Antarctic Award". QSL via SP9YI.

     Villy,SV5/LA4GY, is going to hit the airwaves in CW, SSB and digital
     modes on 40m-6m from the island of Rhodos (IOTA EU-001, GIOTA DKS-006,
     MIA MGD-028, WLOTA 0045) between Sep 25 and Oct 10. He will use a
     Yaesu FT817ND with longwire and and Buddistick.
     QSL via bureau or direct to his homecall.

SV9, CRETE, EU-015
     Uli,SV9/DJ9XB, will be active in RTTY only from Crete (EU-015) from
     Sep 22-30. During the CQWW RTTY Contest he will sign J49XB.
     QSL via homecall.

     Branko,9A3PM, is working as T6BP from Kabul airport until April 2012.
     Branko is member of the Croatian army and his amateur radio activities
     will take place in CW and digitalen modes on HF during his spare time.
     QSL via 9A6AA.

     Ben,N6MUF/DJ0YI (YJ0ABP), and Tom,NQ7R (YJ0ANR), will be QRV from
     Vanuatu between Sep 26 and Oct 14.
     QSLs for YJ0ABP via DJ0YI, YJ0ANR via NQ7R.

     Alfons,DJ8VC, took part in severla FDs (2007-2009 and 2011) as V55V.
     QSL via homecall.

     Jamie,WW3S, and Ray,ND8L, will sign VP9I from the QTH of VP9GE in
     Bailey's Bay on Bermuda (NA-005, Loc. FM72pi) in the CQWW RTTY Contest.
     QSL via N1HRA.
     They will use the calls VP9/WW3S and VP9/ND8L outside the contest.
     QSL via LoTW or with SASE direct to their homecalls.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

Sep 24/25:  CQ World Wide RTTY Contest
Sep 24/25:  Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup, info via:

IOTA                collected by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail:
Island activities:
EU-064, F, Pays de la Loire Region group: TM33LDX will be active from the
     33rd annual meeting of the Clipperton DX Club in Noirmoutier on
     Sep 23/24. QSL via F5CWU (bureau/direct).

EU-078, EA3, Gerona Province group: Manel,EA3EGB/p, will be QRV in SSB, RTTY
     and PSK31 on 80m-10m from Meda Petita (DIE-E-043, WFF EAFF-189) on
     Sep 24/25. QSL via EA3EGB (bureau/direct).

EU-131, I*3, Veneto Region group: Depending on the weather the Extreme DX &
     Contest Group plans to show up as IL3A mainly on 15m, 20m and 40m from
     Lido Island (IIA VE-032) on Sep 24. QSL via IK3HHX.

EU-136, 9A, Kvarner group: Dusan,S52DG, plans to become active as 9A/S52DG/p
     from Krk Island (CI-046) working in SSB/CW on 160m-10m from Sep 22-25.
     QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-172, OZ, Jylland east and Fyn group: Peter,OZ/DL4AMK, Dieter,OZ/DK1AW,
     Mario,OZ/DL5ASE, Heiko,OZ/DG0OGM, and Lutz,OZ/DL3ARK, are going to hit
     the airwaves from the Danish Island Helnaes (DIA FY-24) in SSB/CW/RTTY/
     BPSK on 160-10m. They will also activate the lighthouse (ARLHS DEN-015,
     NEW: WLOTA 3159) between Sep 24 and Oct 1. QSLs via homecalls.

NA-137, W1, Mayne State West group: Wayne,K9YNF/1, will be active from
     Peaks Island from Sep 25-30. Wayne prefers to work in SSB on 14260 kHz
     and 18128 kHz (+/- QRM) and in PSK31 on 14070.15 kHz. QSL via K9YNF.
     Skeds can be arranged via e-mail to:

Bandspots of the last 7 days
4W6A          1.823  1737Z via M0URX (B), OQRS

V55V          7.131  2019Z via DJ8VC (B)

EN1IFF       10.106  1548Z URFF-090, via UR3IBV
SP5FHF       10.116  1630Z SPFF-477
ZA/OK1MBZ    10.118  0603Z via OK1MBZ (B)

A6/DL9WVM    14.011  1732Z (B)
BX4AD        14.014  1615Z
CF2SG/p      14.063  1939Z SOTA VE2/QC-029
CN2JV        14.061  1830Z (d):
CT3HF        14.285  1654Z AF-014, (B)
IS0/DL8JJ/m  14.010  1847Z EU-024, via HC (B), (L)
NE1SJ        14.064  1741Z SOTA W1/CR001
R3GD/p       14.044  1515Z
SV5/DJ5AA    14.014  0641Z EU-001, via DJ5AA (B)
SV9/WB2GAI   14.014  0718Z via WB2GAI (B)
SV0XCC/9     14.016  0621Z EU-015
UN9LFF       14.025  0538Z via LZ1YE (d)
UT4FB/A      14.014  1627Z (WFF-44?) via UX0FY
V85SS        14.005  1620Z (d)
VK2IR        14.285  0633Z
W4EON        14.285  1836Z SOTA W4/SH-006
YV7/DL3JH    14.340  1955Z SA-012, via DL3JH (B)
7X2ARA       14.002  1520Z (B)
8J1RL        14.005  1738Z via JA bureau
8P6EX        14.164  1946Z (d)

CT9/DJ8OG    18.140  1544Z via DJ8OG (B)
T6JC         18.078  0904Z (L), (d)
T88TO        18.086  1637Z via JA8CMC
WP4CTD       18.130  1550Z
7X2ARA       18.070  0831Z (B)

A6/DL9WVM    21.005  0634Z via DL9WVM (B)
NE1SJ        21.062  1755Z SOTA W1/CR-001
OX4OK        21.266  1527Z via OK1JST
PY3OZ        21.022  1623Z (B, L)
SU1SK        21.015  1710Z via SM5AQD (d)
V85TL        21.023  1527Z (d)
5B50J        21.014  1520Z via 5B4AHJ (B), (L)
5N7M         21.010  1510Z via OM3CGN (B)
8R1Z         21.305  2026Z
8S0W         21.033  1552Z EU-084, via SM0NJO (B), (L)

5N7M         24.890  0910Z via OM3CGN (B)

CT3/DL6MFE   28.455  1944Z via DL6MFE (B)
FG4NN        28.430  1928Z via NI5DX
HC7AE        28.455  1938Z via EA7FTR
HK1T         28.430  1934Z via EA5KB (d), (L)
PU2WDX       28.441  1903Z (d)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(L) = LoTW
(r) = bureau QSL via e-mail request

DATE           CALL           DXNL

27Sep-10Oct    3D2R           1746 *
     -Dec      3Y8XSA         1700/1717
Sep 3          Z25ZJP         1745
16Sep-26Sep    4W6A           1745
22Sep-29Sep    5C2P..         1746 *
     -31Sep    3Z176DORR      1744
     -25Oct    5B50J          1700
     -Apr/12   5Z4RH ?        1674

24Sep-25Sep    6Y6U           1746 *
01Oct/02Oct    6Y6U           1746 *
14Sep-26Sep    7P8EME..       1745
15Sep-22Sep    7P8JK..        1745
16Sep-03Oct    7Q7CE          1745
     -23Nov    7Q7HB          1717/1743
     -30Nov    8J1MORSE..     1731
24Sep/25Sep    9A/S52DG/p     1746 *
     -31Dec    9A11P          1723
     -21Nov    9A20V          1743
06Sep-27Sep    9H3IP          1745
     -Sep      9J2KK          1682
     -2012     9J2RI          1739/1742
NOW            9M2/KM9D       1731
LONG TERM      9N1FE          1740
SOON           9Q1EK          1669
     -Nov      9Q6CC          1699
     -25Sep    9U7T           1742

     -?        A35CT          1741
UNKNOWN        9U7T           1742
     -31Dec    BP100          1684
     -31Dec    BV100          1684/1746 *
16Sep-19Oct    CE2/CX1EK      1746 *
     -31Dec    CW5RV          1711
     -30Sep    DR16BENE       1741
24Sep/25Sep    EA3EGB/p       1746 *
24Sep-29Sep    FP/G3ZAY       1746 *
     -Jul/12   FR8NE          1710
24Sep/25Sep    GB0TLR         1746 *
     -31Dec    HB60LU         1711
20Sep-06Nov    HF36POL        1746 *
     -31Dec    HG15IPA        1724
01Jan-31Dec    HG200LST       1708
Sep  -2013     HI3/KL7JR      1745
24Sep/25Sep    HK1NA          1746 *
06Sep-16Nov    HK3JCL         1743
NOW            HL2/KC6STQ     1746 *

14Sep-22Sep    IA5/DL3NBI     1745
01Jan-31Dec    IA7MM          1708
01Jan-31Dec    II1ITA..       1708
     -31Dec    II4LXV         1742
24Sep          IL3A           1746 *
01Mar-30Sep    IO4UI          1717
27Aug-02Oct    IR2LV          1742
     -2012     J28FJ          1739
     -2011/12? J28JV          1680
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683
     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
     -Oct      JG8NQJ/JD1 (M) 1739

01Sep-30Sep    K3GV/VY2       1743
25Sep-30Sep    K9YNF/1        1746 *
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
     -May/12   KH4/W5FJG      1728
POSTPONED      KH5            1674/1705/1741
     -31Dec    LA200D         1713
24Sep/25Sep    LX7I           1746 *
22Sep-25Sep    LX8M           1745
     -31Dec    LZ85R          1721
27Sep/28Sep    MM0RAI/p       1745
01Sep-30Sep    OE2XXM         1743
01Sep-30Sep    OE5XXM         1743
19Sep-27Sep    OJ0J           1745
19Sep-08Oct    OJ0X           1746 *
16Sep-26Sep    OX4OK..        1745
12Sep-24Sep    OZ0JAV         1745
24Sep-01Oct    OZ/DL4AMK..    1746 *
     -Mar/12   P29FR          1742

01Sep-25Sep    PA11WSF        1743
01Jan-31Dec    PA30..         1708
30Sep-01Oct    PG6MILL        1742
01Sep-30Nov    R300ML         1743
18Sep-15Oct    PZ5LP          1664/1746 *
     -Dec      RI1ANC         1708
SOON           RI1F/UA1PBA    1740
     -Sep/12   RI1FJA         1741
     -Sep/12   RI1FJM         1741

     -30Nov    S550ACP        1745
NOW            ST2AR          1745
01Sep-30Nov    SU/HA3JB       1743
25Sep-10Oct    SV5/LA4GY      1746 *
22Sep-30Sep    SV9/DJ9XB..    1746 *
15Sep-24Sep    SV9/LZ3FN      1745
29Aug-30Sep    SV9/WB2GAI/p   1743
28Sep-26Oct    T32C           1740
     -Nov      T5/TA1AMC      1745
     -Apr/12   T6BP           1746 *
     -Nov      T6FR           1742
     -Jun/12   T6MO           1733
     -Nov      T6SH           1734
18Sep-28Sep    T8XX..         1745
18Sep-30Sep    TK/DF6ZY       1745
10Sep-24Sep    TK/F4FRL       1744
10Sep-24Sep    TK/F5RBB       1744
     -24Sep    TM33LDX        1745/1746 *
23Sep/24Sep    TP50CE         1746 *

     -Dec      VK0BFG         1741
     -Mar/12   VK0KEV (Macq)  1700/1701
24Sep/25Sep    VP9I           1746 *
17Sep-04Oct    W1UE/6Y5       1746 *
08Sep-30Sep    W2WTC          1745
20Sep-30Sep    W6HGF/KH0      1745
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
     -14Nov    XF1/K5ENS      1739
NOW            XT2RJA         1712
26Sep-14Oct    YJ0ABP..       1746 *
     -Sep      ZC4MIS         1732
     -Sep      ZD9GI          1691
19Aug-31Oct    ZL4RUGBY       1741
     -31Dec    ZL50GH         1711
     -Oct      ZL6RWC         1744
     -2012 ?   ZS6KX/7        1740

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
A6/DL9WVM     via DL9WVM
A71A          via A71AN
BY1TTY        via BD1LLB
CE2/CX1EK     via L. Matho (d)
CE4CT         via EA5KB (B)
CN2UM         via EA5UM (B)
CN8QY/p       via I8LWL (d)
EG5RCB        via EA5RCB (d)
EG7FFM        via EA7DK
EX2F          via RW6HS (d)
GB0TLR        via M0XDS (B)
HF36POL       via SP9YI (B)
HL2/KC6STQ    via KC6STQ (d)
IK2/DF5DN     via DF5DN (B)
IL3A          via IK3HHX
J49XB         via DJ9XB (B)
LR9D          via LU9ESD (L), (d)
LY37E         via LY3NX
LX7I          via LX2A
LZ220SM       via LZ3SM (B)
N0S           via AB0S
N3U           via W3PN (B)
NN1X          via JG3JLC (B)
OE50EFA       via OE5HFM (B)
OG5N          via OH1CQ
OH5/DJ9DZ     via DJ9DZ (B), eQSL
OJ0X          via OH2BH     (B)
OZ/DL1EBR     via DL1EBR (B)
OZ30EU        via OZ8IE
OZ8BV         via HB9DUY
P29ZL         via W1YRC
PA175NYV      via PA3CWG
PA30LOU       via PA0LOU (B)
PI65ALK       via PI4ALK (B)
PJ2/DL1THM    via DL1THM (B)
PP2/DL3SEZ    via DL3SEZ (B)
PP5NZ         via PU5AAD (B), (L)
PP8ZAC        via PY4KL (d)
PR2B          via PY2BW (B)
PT2CM         via PR7JP
PT5T          via K3IRV (B)
PZ5LP         via PA1LP (B), (L)
R10RTRS/9     via R7AA (B)
R116MW        via UA3UDX
R300ML        via RN1ON (B)
R650FN        via UA4FU
RI1ANC        via RN1ON (B)
S550ACP       via S59ACP (B)
SN0PGEA       via SP2KCQ (B)
SN0W          via SP2KDS (B)
SN10WTC       via SP7PKI
SO1EKO/p      via DL1EKO (B)
ST2AR         via S53R (d)
SV0GU         via DL4SV (B)
SV5/DL2DXA    via DL2DXA (B)
SV5/G2JL      via G2JL
SV5/LA4GY     via LA4GY (B), (L)
SV8/OE3GSA/mm via OE3GSA
SV8/PA1FJ/p   via PA1FJ (B)
SV9/DJ9XB     via DJ9XB (B)
SV9/DL1TX     via DL1TX (B)
SV9/LZ3FN     via LZ3FN (B)
SV9/WB2GAI    via WB2GAI (B)
TP50CE        via F5LGF
T5/TA1AMC     via TA1AMC (B) (digital: eQSL)
T6BP          via 9A6AA
T8XX          via DL5AXX (B)
T80W          via JM1LJS (B)
T88GO         via JA8FAA
T88TO         via JA8CMC
T88UE         via DL5AXX (B)
TA4/RZ3DJ     via RZ3DJ (B)
TF/SM7RYR/p   via SM7RYR (d)
TI4CF         via W3HNK (d)
TK5UX         via F5MUX (B)
TK/IK2WZM     via IK2WZM (B)
TK/IW5ELA     via IW5ELA (B)
TM1MAD        via F5KLJ (B)
TM2GRF        via F8BUO (B)
TM33LDX       via F5CWU (B), (L)
TM44FF        via F bureau (only)
TM6M          via F4DXW (B)
TM7FDM        via F5MSS (B)
TM95BV        via F6KUP (B) / F5LPY (d)
TR8CA         via F6CBC (d)
TX8DD         via LZ1JZ (B)
TX8GN         via FK8GN (B)
TX8KA         via FK8HA
UF6VG         via R3DO
UK8IWA        via RW6HS (d)
UM8LA         via RW3RN (B)
UN1O          via IK2QPR (B)
UN5J          via W3HNK (d)
UN9GD         via DL8KAC (d)
UO5L          via UN7LZ (B)
UT/OK1DIG/p   via OK1DVM
V5/DF2UU      via DF2UU (B)
V5/DF3GY      via DF3GY (B)
V5/DL2GAG     via DL2GAG (B)
V55C          via DJ8VC (B)
V55V          via DJ8VC (B)
V85TX         via W3HNK (d)
W1UE/6Y5      via W1UE (d)
VE1/KA4KDZ    via KA4KDZ
VK9OL         via N6NO (B)
VP9/ND8L      via VP9/ND8L (d), (L)
VP9/WW3S      via WW3S (d), (L)
VP9I          via N1HRA
W2WTC         via K2HJB (B)
W6HGF/KH0     via W6HGF (d), (L)
W6P           via KG0KP
YJ0ABP        via DJ0YI (B), (L)
YJ0ANR        via NQ7R (B)
YO/US0VA      via US0VA (B), (L)
YV7/DL3JH     via DL3JH (B)
ZA/G3SXW      via G3SXW (B)
ZA/OK1MBZ/p   via OK1MBZ (B)
ZG2FX         via G3RFX (B)
ZK2AB         via ZL4CZ
ZL30UGN           only eQSL
ZL6RWC        via ZL1VK (B), (L)
ZS9Z          via ZS1OIN (d)
ZW1AS         via PY1NP (B)
3D2R          via YT1AD (B)
3Z25ZJP       via SP6ZJP (B)
4L2M          via EA7FTR
4O/LB9N       via LB9N
4W6A          via M0URX (B), for OQRS:
4X0T          via 4Z5FI
5C2B          via IS0AGY (B)
5C2J          via IK7JWX (B)
5C2L          via I8LWL (B)
5C2P          via IK2PZC (B), (L)
5C2SG         via IZ7ATN (d)
6Y6U          via W1UE (d)
8R10USA       via 8R1AK (d)
9A/S52DG/p    via S52DG (B)
9A/S59AA      via S59AA (B)
9H3AAG        via PA3BLS (B)
9H3S          via PA3HGP (B)
9H3YT         via PA3GUU (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSL via LoTW:       CT3HF, T6JC

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DXCoffee, DF6EX (WIN-QSL),
F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K and others.

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