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Главная » 2010 » Март » 12 » I.C.P.O. Bulletin (11-19 March 2010)
I.C.P.O. Bulletin (11-19 March 2010)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
11/03/2010:  Alex, UX4UL will be active from near Colombo (Grid Loc.
MJ96), Sri Lanka (AS-003, WLOTA LH-0762) between 10th March and 7th
April, 2010. QRV 20-10 metres using mainly CW and PSK. QSL via UY5ZZ,
direct or Bureau. [NG3K]

11/03/2010:  Rosel, DL3KWR and Hardy, DL3KWF will be active as
CT9/DL3KWR and CT9/DL3KWF from Madeira Island (AF-014, DIP MA-001, WLOTA
LH-0053) on 11-25 March. They plan to operate mostly CW and on 12, 17
and 30 metres. Hardy will also give RTTY and PSK-31 a try. QSL via home
calls. E-mail requests for bureau cards can be sent to
or respectively. Their web site is at: [425 DX News]

11/03/2010:  Colin, G3VCQ (J38CW) and Sharon, M3VCQ (J38SW) will be
active from the island of Granada (NA-024, WLOTA L-0718) from 11-25
March. QRV all HF bands/modes. QSL both calls via G3VCQ, direct or by
the Bureau. [F5NQL]

11/03/2010:  Members of the Amateur Radio Outdoor Adventures, Inc., will
be active 11-15th March as K4T from Fort Jefferson, Garden Key (USi
FL013S) in the Dry Tortugas (IOTA NA-079, WW Loc. EL84NP, Monroe
county), Florida. This activity will also count for the Fort Jefferson
lighthouse (ARLHS USA-316, TWLHD WLH K-066). Team members will include
Mike AC2V, Dave N2NL, Chris KN3ZIG, Pete AI4QY, Gary K4MF, Max KJ4EUT,
Dan W4UH, Pete WD4IXD, Fred K9VV, Vick WA0USA, Zoli HA1AG and Jennifer
LeSueur. QRV with 3 HF stations and one satellite station using CW, SSB
and digital modes. Power will be provided by batteries, 8 75W solar
panels and a 500W wind turbine. QSL via HA1AG. Further infomation can be
found on their web site at: [AROA]

11/03/2010:  Three members of the Southeastern DX Club (SEDXC) and the
K5D team, namely Bob K4UEE, Gregg W6IZT and George N4GRN will on the
island of Saba (NA-145, WLOTA LH-2043, Grid Loc. FK87) from 11-15 March
2010 as PJ6/homecalls. The purpose is to finalize plans and begin
building a station for the anticipated political realignment in the
Netherlands Antilles later this year. QSL PJ6/K4UEE and PJ6/N4GRN to
their home calls. QSL PJ6/W6IZT via N7XG, direct or Bureau. [K4UEE]

12/03/2010:  Hugh, K6HFA plans to operate from the following islands:
Tonga (A3, OC-049, OC-123, OC-064) from 12th March to 2nd April 2010;
Wallis (FW, OC-054, DIFO FW-001, WLOTA LH-0398, WW Loc. AH16vo) from
6-12th April 2010; Tuvalu (T2, OC-015) from 13-21st April 2010; and Fiji
(3D2, OC-016 or OC-015) from 23-26th April 2010. QRV with 100 Watts,
vertical antenna, CW, SSB, maybe RTTY on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, and 15
metres. IOTA frequencies 7040+- 14040+- kHz and others. Hugh will call
for EU, NA, SA, Asia etc. per propagation. Callsigns will be posted. QSL
via K6HFA. More info soon.... [NG3K]

12/03/2010:  Ray ZL4TY (home call VK4DXA), Paul ZL4PA and Paul ZL4M
(home call ZL4PW) will be activating Stewart Island (OC-203, Grid RE43)
from Friday 12-23 March. This will be a 2-station operation using
verticals for 160-30m and a Spiderbeam for 20-10m. QSL via home calls.
Further information can be found at: [F5NQL]

12/03/2010:  Look for Dave, G3TBK to be active from the island of St.
Vincent (IOTA NA-109, WLOTA LH-0492) as J88DR during the RSGB
Commonwealth Contest (13-14th March) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power
entry. QSL via home call, direct or Bureau. [NG3K]

12/03/2010:  Alan, G3XAQ, will once again be active (possibly as 9G5XA)
during March (specific dates not provided). He plans to be an entry in
the RSGB's 73rd Commonwealth Contest (13-14th March) in the 12 hour
category. Alan will use a K2 w/100 watts into an Inverted-L for 80m,
Inverted-Vee doublet for 40m and a Moxon beam for 20/15m. QSL via G3SWH,
Bureau or direct. [OPDX Bulletin]

12/03/2010:  The University of Oulu Radio Club (OH8TA) weekend
expedition Hi-Winter 2010 to Hailuoto island (EU-184, WLOTA LH-0580),
Finland, will take place on 12-14th March 2010. Operators include Tuomas
OH8TH, Juho OH8GLV, Liv OH8FGT, Ossi OH8HUB, Heikki OH8HMX, Tuomas
OH8HWL, Jarkko OH8HQL, Marko OH8WM, Tuukka OH8FGR, Juhani OH8MXL, Tiiti
OH3HNY, Veikko OH8GUY, Jarto OH8GDK, Joel OH3FON, Antti OH1HIH and Antti
OH8KA. QRV mostly on HF with 100W and wire antennas. QSL via bureau or
direct to OH8T. Website: []

12/03/2010:  From 12-20 March 2010 you'll be able to contact the first
2010 Dxpedition by the Provins ARC (F6KOP) to Ouessant [Ushant] Island
(IOTA EU-065, DIFM AT001, WLOTA LH-0208), located in Department
Finistere/29 and Province Brittany (DPF 06). An international crew, will
operate from there as TM7CC. As usual, there are some newcomers, coming
to learn the Dxpedition traffic. Among the operators, lead by Frank,
F4AJQ are namely: Bob N6OX, Gabriele I2VGW, Bernard F9IE, Jean-Paul
F8BJI, Alain F6ENO, Ghislain F6CEL, Robert F5HTR, Michel F5EOT, Martin
F4UKP, Olivier F4FLF, Philippe F4EAT, Jean-Michel F4DLM, Gerard F2VX,
Henri F1HRE and Michel F1AFW. QRV from 160-10m, using CW, SSB, Digitals
(RTTY, PSK31 and more). QSL F9IE direct, Bureau or eMail request.
Further information can be found at: [F5NQL]

13/03/2010:  Noel, F6BGC will be active as 8Q7NC from Madoogali Island,
North Male Atoll (AS-013, WLOTA LH-3911), Maldives on 13-21st March
2010. He plans to operate holiday style on 80-6 metres. QSL via home
call, direct or Bureau. [425 DX News]

13/03/2010:  François F5JNE and Claude F5MCC will be active 13th March
2010 as F5JNE/p from the Castle of The Guins (DFCF 89-314), located in
the city of Les Sièges (CP 89190), canton [county] of Villeneuve
l'Archevêque (DDFC 89-36), Department Yonne/89 and Province Burgundy
(DPF 05). Starting 0700 UTC, 80/40m, CW/SSB. QSL via the Bureau
prefered, SWL cards welcome. [F5NQL]

13/03/2010:  Look for Philippe, F5MSB/p on 13th March 2010 to activate
the Castle of Larée (DFCF 32-135), located in the commune of Larée (CP
32150), Department Gers/32 and Province Midi Pyrénées (DPF 15). QRV on
80 and 40 metre SSB. QSL via home call, direct or Bureau.

13/03/2010:  MM0DGR/p will be working from Kirkconnell Flow National
Nature Reserve (GMFF-040) on Saturday, 13th March, 2010. The station
will be located at the northwest side of the nature reserve (NX961701).
WAB Square NX97, QRA Locator IO85EA, Latitude: 55°00'53"N, Longitude:
03°37'31"W, EU Area SC06 (Dumfries and Galloway), IOTA EU-005 and WLOTA
LH-1234. Bands: 160-10 metres. Modes: BPSK31 (EA Contest), BPSK63, CW,
and SSB. QSL cards should be sent via MM0DFV. More information is
available at . This is a good chance to work NX97 square
for ALBA award. [MM0DFV]

13/03/2010:  Alain, F6BFH and his XYL will be active from the island of
St. Martin (IOTA NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA LH-0383), as TO5SM, between
13th and 23rd March. QRV HF SSB and CW. QSL when return via F6BFH either
direct or Bureau. More information to be published at: [F5NQL]

13/03/2010:  The Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club, W4OT will celebrate the
107th Anniversary of Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
( and the 18th Annual Pelican Island
Wildlife Festival on 13 March 2010. QRV from the Festival (Indian River
County, Florida) on 7.040, 14.040 MHz CW and 7.190, 14.260 MHz SSB. A
special event certificate and QSL are available from: VBARC-W4OT, PO Box
2082, Vero Beach, FL 23961. Web: and [W4OT]

14/03/2010:  Members of the Algarve STAR DX Team will be active as CR6A
from the Esporão East Mole lighthouse (DFFA Fa-27, PFFP FP-088, ARLHS
POR-089), Loulé County, on 14 March 2010. QRV all bands and modes. QSL
via CT1GFK, Bureau or direct. [Algarve STAR DX Team]

16/03/2010:  Alfredo, IK7JWX, and a team of operators will activate the
city of Essaouira (Cap Sim lighthouse ARLHS MOR-019, Grid square IM51)
and Agadir (Grande Jetée/Jetée Ouest lighthouse ARLHS MOR-040, Grid
square IM50), from 16-23rd March 2010. Operators mentioned (with
callsigns) to be active are: Alfredo/IK7JWX (5C2J), Leo/I8LWL (5C2L),
Simon/IZ7ATN (5C2SG), Ruggero/IK2PZC (5C2P), AntoNello/IK2DUW (5C2W) and
Michele/IK2GPQ (5C2Q). Activity will be on all HF bands and 6 metres,
using CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. QSL via their home callsigns. [OPDX

16/03/2010:  Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG begin another DXpedition! They
will be QRV from near Pottery Village, located on the island of Antigua
(IOTA NA-100, WLOTA LH-1118, WW Loc. FK97CC) between 16th March and 4th
April as V21ZG. QRV on 80-6m, mainly RTTY, PSK and SSB. V21ZG will look
especially for JA-stations and "Little guns" and QRP stations. QSL via
DL7AFS, direct or Bureau. Further information and log search at: [dx-world-net]

17/03/2010:  Tomek SP5UAF and Marcin SP5ES will be active as
CT8/homecalls from the island of Sao Miguel (IOTA EU-003, DIP AZ-002,
WLOTA LH-2016), Azores, on 17-29th March 2010. Operators plan to be
active on all HF bands, using CW, SSB and digital modes, with low power
100w, wire antennas, low band + multiband verticals and spider beam.
They will participate in the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (27-28th March) as
CR1Z and CR1M repectively. Some lighhouse activity will be considered
during the stay. QSL via home calls via Bureau or direct. [SP5UAF]

17/03/2010:  The T32 IOTA DXpedition team to the Southern Line Islands
is comprised of Steve G4EDG, Mike K9AJ, Steve 9M6DXX, Derek G3KHZ and 5
Kiribati Government officers. The team will sail on the 'SV Kwai' from
Kiritimati (Christmas Island) on approximately 17th March, 2010
returning to Kiritimati approx 18th April, 2010. They plan to stop and
operate from four IOTA new ones, namely Malden Island (OC-279) using the
callsign T32MI; Starbuck Island (OC-280) using the callsign T32SI;
Caroline Island (OC-281) using the callsign T32CI; and Vostok Island
(OC-282) using the callsign T32VI. They will activate each island for
four days. QSL direct via SM6CAS. Further information will be updated on
their web site at: [SM6CAS]

18/03/2010:  Operators Michal/OK7MT and Vit/OK5MM will be active as
PJ4/OK7MT and PJ4/OK5MM, respectively, from the island of Bonaire (IOTA
SA-006, WLOTA LH-1279) between 18th March and 1st April 2010. They are
planning to be entries in the Russian DX (20-21st March) and CQWW WPX
SSB Contests (27-28th March) as PJ4L. QSL PJ4L via OK7MT direct or
Bureau. [OPDX Bulletin]

19/03/2010:  Operators Gabi DF9TM, Frank DL2SWW, Matthias DK7LV, Fred
DL4BBH, Helmut DL1BGC, Peter DJ4RU, Henning DB5BZ and Ric DL2VFR will be
active from Newark Island (EU-127, GIA N-012) from 19-21st March 2010.
They plan to activate Special DOK 700NWK (700 years Neuwerk) operating
from the Newark lighthouse (DLTD_GLHS #38, ARLHS FED-165, TWLHD WLH
DL-019, WLOTA LH-2311) using the callsign DA0GLH. They will also
activate Hamburg Wadden Sea (WFF DLFF-005) using the callsign DF0WFF.
QRV all HF bands using CW, SSB and PSK. QSL both calls via DL2VFR,
direct or by the Bureau. []

19/03/2010:  Andrei, NP3D will be active as HR2/NP3D from San Pedro
Sula, Honduras, on 19-29th March 2010, including Single-Op/All-Band
entry in the Russian DX Contest (20-21st March), BARTG Spring RTTY
(20-21st March) and CQWW WPX SSB Contests (27-28th March) using the
callsign HQ2T. Outside the contests, Andrei will be QRV 160-10 metres,
with focus on 160 metres. QSL via W3HNK, RW6HS, or via LoTW. [NG3K]

19/03/2010:  YO6CHB, YO6EZ, YO6GBE, YO6MP and YO6UO will operate CW, SSB
and RTTY as YP1WFF from the Cheile Bicazului - Hasmas National Park (WFF
YOFF-004) on 19-21st March 2010, including activity during the Russian
DX Contest. QSL this operation via YO6EZ. [425 DX News]

20/03/2010:  Members of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club of North Texas
(, WC5C plan to be active from Goat Island (USI TX062, Not
IOTA, WW Loc. EM22WS), Caddo Lake, Marion County, Texas, on 20 March
2010. QSL direct to KB5YLG (David Johnson, 820 Wood Ln, Azle, TX 76020
USA) with SASE/SAE + ufficient postage. []

23/03/2010:  Look for special event station 8J6AIRA to be active from 23
March to 31 August 2010 to celebrate the birth of Aira-city (JCC #
4626), Kyushu (IOTA AS-077, JIIA AS-077-001, WLOTA LH-0963), Japan. A
planned merger of municipalities will be implemented in March 2010. The
Aira District towns of Aira, Kajiki, and Kamo will merge into the City
of Aira. QSL via the JARL Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

27/03/2010:  Ray, K7RFW and other operators will be on Antelope Island
(USi UT001L, Not IOTA), at the Garr Ranch for the Annual 2010 Buffalo
Run Race ( Due to the CQWW WPX Contest, they will
be operating above 14.280 MHz and depending on propagation, maybe around
7.180 MHz from 1300 to 1500 UTC. Also, this is a service event, so the
HF station may not always be manned due to the demands of the race
event. For K7RFW contacts, LoTW and eQSL (preferred), see QRZ for QSL
cards and sorry, no SASE, no card returned per XYL's orders. For US
Island certification, you can use the USI eQSL program or my call at [USi]

27/03/2010:  Dimitry, UT5UGR will be active from Ducos, island of
Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA LH-1041, DDFM 97) as TO7A during
the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (27-28th March) as a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via home call ( [NG3K]

15/04/2010:  John, VE8EV plans to be active from Greens Island (IOTA
NA-182, CIsA-New One!) on 15-20th April 2010. QRV on the HF bands, on or
near the usual island and IOTA frequencies. QSL VE8EV via direct,
Bureau, OQRS and/or LoTW. On-line logs will be uploaded as soon as
possible after the operation. Full information to be found at: []

24/04/2010:  Kilmarnock & Loudoun ARC & South Cheshire ARS Club Station
members Graham MM0GHM (KLARC), Gordon MM0GOR (KLARC) and Mark M0UTD
(SCARS) will be active from the Isle of Eigg (IOSA NH03, SCOTIA DI19,
WAB NM48, WW Loc. IO66WV), Inner Hebrides (IOTA EU-008), as GM6TW from
24-27th April 2010. They plan to have three stations operating 80-10
metres. They will be active with RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV. QSL via G0UZP.
Further information can be found at: [MM0GHM]

18/05/2010:  PACIFIC ODYSSEY 2010 - The Ukrainian DXpeditioners Team
(UDXT) members, namely Sergey UX0HX (Team Leader), Oleg RK3FA, Alex
UT5UY, Yuriy UT1HF, Oleg US7UX, Leo UR3HR and Yuriy Grushevskiy SWL will
be active on all bands, all modes as: 5W0OX from Apia, Upolu Island
(WLOTA LH-1944), Samoa (OC-097) on 18-19th May 2010; T31UR and T31X from
Kanton Island, Central Kiribati (OC-043) between 22nd May and 1st June
2010; ZK3X from the Tokelau Islands (OC-048) on 2-6th June 2010. The
main mission of this DXpedition is activating T31 Central Kiribati,
Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands Group. This DXCC entity is ranked #7 in
EU and #19 in Worlds Most Wanted List. The next goal is activating ZK3
Tokelau Islands, which is ranked #29 in EU and #35 in Worlds Most Wanted
List. QSL all callsigns via UR3HR, direct or Bureau. Logs will be
uploaded to their website after the DXpedition. For more information
please visit the DXpedition website at: [UT5UY]

11/03/2010:  Hyakuri Air Base is a Japan Air Self-Defense Force air base
in the city of Omitama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kanto Region, Honshu (IOTA
AS-007, JIIA AS-007-001, WLOTA LH-2376), Japan. As of 2007, construction
of facilities for joint use for civil aviation is in progress. Upon
completion it will be known as Ibaraki Airport. To celebrate the opening
of Ibaraki Airport, special event station 8J1IBR will be active 11-31st
March 2010. QSL via the JARL Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

12/03/2010:  The Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club will be active
12-14th March 2010 with the call TP60CE in SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK and
Satellite to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Convention of Human
Rights. QSL via F5LGF. Web: [F6FQK]

U.S.A. Special event station information can be found at:

10/03-07/04  4S7ULG: Sri Lanka Island LH-0762 QSL UY5ZZ (d/b)
11/03-15/03  5W0OU: Upolu Island LH-1944 QSL N7OU (d/b)
11/03-15/03  5W0YA: Upolu Island LH-1944 QSL W7YAQ (d/b)
11/03-31/03  8J1IBR: Honshu LH-2376 QSL JARL Buro
11/03-25/03  CT9/DL3KWF: Ilha da Madeira LH-0053 QSL HC (d/b)
11/03-25/03  CT9/DL3KWR: Ilha da Madeira LH-0053 QSL HC (d/b)
11/03-25/03  J38CW: Grenada Island LH-0718 QSL G3VCQ (d/b)
11/03-25/03  J38SW: Grenada Island LH-0718 QSL G3VCQ (d/b)
11/03-15/03  K4T: Ft. Jefferson USA-316 WLH:K-066 QSL HA1AG (d/b)
11/03-15/03  PJ6/K4UEE: Saba Island LH-2043 QSL HC (d/b)
11/03-15/03  PJ6/N4GRN: Saba Island LH-2043 QSL HC (d/b)
11/03-15/03  PJ6/W6IZT: Saba Island LH-2043 QSL N7XG (d/b)
12/03-14/03  OH8T: Hailuoto LH-0580 QSL OH8T (d/b)
12/03-20/03  TM7CC: Ouessant Island LH-0208 QSL F9IE (d/b)
13/03-21/03  8Q7NC: Male Atoll LH-3911 QSL F6BGC (d/b)
13/03-23/03  TO5SM: St. Martin Island LH-0383 QSL F6BFH (d/b)
14/03              CR6A: Esporao East Mole DFFA:Fa-27 POR-089
                                     QSL CT1GFK (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2J: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL IK7JWX (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2J: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL IK7JWX (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2L: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL I8LWL (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2L: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL I8LWL (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2P: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL IK2PZC (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2P: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL IK2PZC (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2Q: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL IK2GPQ (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2Q: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL IK2GPQ (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2SG: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL IZ7ATN (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2SG: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL IZ7ATN (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2W: Cap Sim, Essaouira MOR-019 QSL IK2DUW (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2W: Grande Jetee, Agadir MOR-040 QSL IK2DUW (d/b)
16/03-04/04  V21ZG: Antigua Island LH-1118 QSL DL7AFS (d/b)
17/03-29/03  CT8/SP5ES: Ilha de Sao Miguel LH-2016 QSL HC (d/b)
17/03-29/03  CT8/SP5UAF: Ilha de Sao Miguel LH-2016 QSL HC (d/b)
18/03-01/04  PJ4/OK5MM: Bonaire Island LH-1279 QSL HC (d/b)
18/03-01/04  PJ4/OK7MT: Bonaire Island LH-1279 QSL HC (d/b)
19/03-21/03  DA0GLH: Neuwerk DLTD:#38, WLH:DL-019 FED-165 LH-2311
                                         QSL DL2VFR (d/b)
19/03-21/03  DF0WFF: Neuwerk DLTD:#38, WLH:DL-019 FED-165 LH-2311
                                         QSL DL2VFR (d/b)

VE7BQH 6m Antenna Comparison Table Issue #9:
The most recent version of VE7BQH's 6m Antenna Comparison Table (in
both text and Excel spreadsheet formats) now includes 3 Create yagis
from Japan. They are available now at:

11/03-15/03  K4T: Garden Key NA-079 EL84np 6m/SSB/100w QSL HA1AG (d/b)
13/03-21/03  8Q7NC: Madoogali Island AS-013 6m/100w QSL F6BGC (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2J: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL IK7JWX (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2J: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL IK7JWX (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2L: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL I8LWL (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2L: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL I8LWL (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2P: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL IK2PZC (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2P: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL IK2PZC (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2Q: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL IK2GPQ (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2Q: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL IK2GPQ (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2SG: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL IZ7ATN (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2SG: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL IZ7ATN (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2W: Agadir, Morocco IM50 6m/100w QSL IK2DUW (d/b)
16/03-23/03  5C2W: Essaouira, Morocco IM51 6m/100w QSL IK2DUW (d/b)
16/03-04/04  V21ZG: Antigua NA-100 FK97cc 6m/SSB/100w QSL DL7AFS (d/b)

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated 04 March 2010)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX
portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

Pat, KØPC/9 - 14 March 2010 to 14 March 2010 - CW Only
Wisconsin QSO Party - Sunday March 14th from 1 PM to 8 PM CDT.
Activating (in order) Vernon, La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau, Wood, Clark,
Jackson, Trempealeau, Buffalo, Pepin, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, St.
Croix, Pierce.
Using 20/40/80 M on CW only. Route map ( with APRS
tracking (K0PC-9) and estimated arrival times. QSL via home call.
[County Hunter Web]

NG9T - March 14, 2010 to March 15, 2010 - CW Only
Wisconsin QSO Party 1800Z 3/14 - 0100Z 3/15. 80/40/20 CW. Planned route
subject to change due to time constraints or weather: Door, Kewanee,
Brown, Manitowoc, Calumet,Outagamie, Winnebago, Fon du Lac, Green Lake,
Marquette, Adams, Waushara, Portage, Waupaca, Shawano, Menominee,
Langlade, Oconto, Forest, Marinette, Florence. QSL via home call.
[County Hunter Web]

WØAA - 03/14/2010 to 03/14/2010 - CW Only
Wisconsin QSO Party. Counties in order: Polk, Burnett, Washburn, Sawyer,
Bayfield, Ashland, Price, Vilas, Oneida, Lincoln, Price(2nd), Taylor,
Marathon, Clark, Chippewa, Eau Claire. Subject to change.20/40/80 CW.
W0AA/9 Op:Mark - WA0MHJ [County Hunter Web]

Jon, WØZQ/9 - March 14, 2010 to March 14, 2010 - SSB and CW
Wisconsin QSO Party - Seven counties in this order - Eau Claire,
Trempealeau, Buffalo, Pepin, Dunn, Pierce, and St. Croix. Will try 15m
CW during the afternoon hrs, otherwise 20/40/80m CW from each stop and
20/40m SSB while in motion (single op driver & operator). QSL via home
call. [County Hunter Web]


Following the Xinthia storm (February 28th, 2010), our houses suffered
grave damage, after being flooded under 1,50 meters of water.
We can indicate to day, that Franck F4DTO, Patrick F4GFE and F4GFE / p
(French REF cup SSB) logbooks were found in the mud. They are very
damaged but readable enough to permit us to confirm the QSO’s after a
Thank for your patience.
All our radio activity including that scheduled in ZA are postponed
until our homes will be repaired.
Frank/F4DTO and Patrick/F4GFE
F5KAQ/P EU-094 St Nicolas Island (EU-094) - All the direct QSL cards
received up to March 8th 2010 are answered by the same way. All the
bureau cards and direct without sufficient return funds are now at the
French REF-Union Bureau in Tours. [F5NQL]
Oleg, UA9UAX reports that all direct and e-mail requests for UA9UAX/1 &
UA9UAX/1/m QSLs were answered couple days ago.  He is still accepting
e-mail request for bureau cards (ua9uax -at- [UA9UAX]
QSLs received Bureau - CQ2I [EU-150], CYØX, MD/DK1SG, MUØFAL, P29NI
[OC-181], PJ4/PA3CNX [SA-006], S56DX, S57DX, RI1OP [EU-153], UA2FW and
UE1OLH [EU-153].

QSLs received Direct - 3D2ØCR (DJ8NK), 5WØCF (PA3LEO), 6W/EI6DX (RX3RC),

QSLs received LoTW - A31A, C5YK, E51WWA, E51WWB, OY2J, TX4T, TX5SPA,

Dr David Toth, VE3GYQ, President Emeritus of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
(TAPR), passed away Friday, February 26 2010 after a long battle with
cancer. He was 55. [The ARRL Letter]

Nikolai Ivanovich Tranevskiy, RA6AGF, passed away Sunday, March 7 2010
after a long illness. He was 64.

Kim Bednarchick, UA4OH, passed away Friday, February 26 2010 after a
long illness. He was 76.

Herman M. Shelchkov, UA3GM, has recently been reported Silent Key.

Michel Pronier, F5ODS, a very active member of the Tullins ARC F6KJJ,
near Grenoble, and very active also on Hyper frequencies and in the
yearly ISERAMAT meeting organization, passed away 9 March 2010. He was
also for years a member of the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes UFT. A
funeral service will be held on next Thursday. Sympathy messages can be

We would like to introduce our new web site ( ) dedicated
to the Natural Heritage of Scotland under the WFF award programme. All
our informative photo and video reports will be published there. Very
soon we will run our own award programme. Please keep an eye on our new
web site.
73! GMFF Team [MM0DFV]
Online logs for 6W/EI6DX and 6V7S, November 2009, are available at:
Photo and video report about MMØDGR/p trip to Whitlaw Mosses GMFF-067
has been listed at . Enjoy it! [MM0DFV]
Flo F5CWU and Frank F4AJQ inform us through the CDXC Web page. The 32nd
CDXC convention will be held in next September 2010, 17 & 18, in the
city of Pontarlier, (East of France, near the Swiss boarder). To those
who intend to participate, it’s asked to reserve the accomodations
without delay, for there will be several important manifestations during
this week end in Pontarlier. More information at:
RAC Bulletin 2010-007E - Canadian Amateur Radio Access to 137 Khz.

  Industry Canada has approved access by Canadian radio amateurs to
the Low Frequency (LF) band 135.7 to 137.8 kHz, subject to certain
conditions. The Revised Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations,
promulgated in December 2009 to incorporate changes arising from
decisions taken at World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) 2007,
permits amateur use on a Secondary basis subject to Footnote 5.67A.

  The Footnote states: "Stations in the amateur service using
frequencies in the band 135.7-137.8 kHz shall not exceed a maximum
radiated power of 1 W (EIRP) and shall not cause harmful
interference to stations of the radionavigation service operating
in countries listed in No. 5.67. (WRC-07)". Industry Canada has
advised that Canadian radio amateurs may now use the band and that
Schedule I of RBR-4 Standards for the Operation of Stations in the
Amateur Radio Service will be amended in due course.

  Richard Ferch  VE3IAY/VE3KI
  Vice President Regulatory Affairs  Radio Amateurs of Canada

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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