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Главная » 2009 » Октябрь » 9 » I.C.P.O. Bulletin (08-16 October, 2009)
I.C.P.O. Bulletin (08-16 October, 2009)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
08/10/2009:  Yasu, JA1FJJ will be active from Thimphu, Bhutan, as A52FJJ
from 8-20 October. QRV all HF bands using SSB, RTTY and PSK31. He will
be running 500 watts to a G5RV antenna. QSL via JA1FJJ direct only.

08/10/2009:  Arne/LA7WCA, Maurits/LA3XIA and John/G4ATA will be active
as JW7WCA, JW3XIA and JW/G4ATA respectively from Longyearbyen,
Spitsbergen Island [Svalbard] (EU-026, WLOTA L0125) between 8-13
October. QRV on all HF bands, using SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls.

08/10/2009:  Look for Tony/IK2SNG, Augusto/IK4RQJ and Sergio/IZ4BBF to
be active as TK/homecall from Calenzana, Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001,
MIA MCO-001, WLOTA L1390) on 8-12 October. They will operate 40-10m SSB,
CW, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

09/10/2009:  Jim, G3VDB will be active holiday style from 9 to 25
October as 8Q7EJ, subject to hotel permission and local conditions. QTH:
Vilamendhoo Island Resort, Vilamendhoo Island (AS-013, WW Loc. MJ63LP),
South Ari Atoll (WLOTA L0317), Maldives. Modes: CW, RTTY, PSK31 and
perhaps occasional SSB. 100W to wire antenna(s). QSL G3VDB (
[DX World]

09/10/2009:  Dave/G4IAR and Judith/G4IAQ will be active as G4LAB/p from
the Isles of Scilly (IOTA EU-011) between 9-19 October. QRV on the HF
bands, on or near the usual island and IOTA frequencies. QSL via G4IAR,
direct only ( []

09/10/2009:  A multi national team of 19 operators will activate Sand
island (USi OI-011S, Grid AL18) Midway islands (OC-040) in October,
2009. The US Fish & Wildlife Service has authorized amateur operation
from this rare US entity for only a 10 day period between 9-19th
October, its first radio activity in almost 10 years. Team members are
Off site support is being provided by AA1V, W5DNT and W6XA. Activity
will be on 160 meters to 6 meters with 5 to 6 stations. 6m - 50115/CW
and 50118/SSB. QSL via online QSL Service, direct (Midway 2009, Box 333,
Bethlehem, GA 30620-9989 USA) or LoTW. Info, updates, online log,
frequencies and more can be found at: [N4XP &

09/10/2009:  Members of the Balkan Contest Club will be active from the
Biosphere Reserve Srebarna (LZFF-016, WW Loc. KN34MC), Bulgaria, from
9-11 October using the callsign LZ44WFF. QRV on all HF bands CW, SSB and
Digimodes. QSL via the bureau to LZ1KZA. Note: LZ44WFF counts 10 points
for "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" award (
[Balkan Contest Club]

09/10/2009:  TCSWAT will be QRV with the TC1ELH callsign from 9-11
October, 2009 from Marmara Ereglisi Lighthouse (ARLHS TUR-059), Sea of
Marmara. Activity will be as usual in HF bands, mainly on 20 and 40m
SSB. QSL via TA1HZ, direct or bureau. [UBA HF News]

09/10/2009:  The Radio Club Venezolano will operate as YW8AJ from
Monagas State on 9-12 October. QSL via YV5AJ, direct or bureau.
Information on the Venezuelan States Award can be found at: [425 DX News]

10/10/2009:  Mike, KE7WRJ, will be in South Korea for over 2 months
starting 9 September. He plans to be active as HL9QST no later than the
11th. His tentative schedule is to operate from 4 different locations in
South Korea as follows: 10-12 September from Seoul; 14-24 September from
Camp Casey; 25 September to 18 October from Camp Humphreys; 19-29
October from Camp Carroll; and 30 October to 13 November from Seoul.
Activity will be on 40-10 meters, depending on the propagation, using CW
and SSB. Look for him to be in both the Extra and General portions of
the bands. His Equipment will consist of a 5000A by Flex Radio, a 3
element Yagi in a Bag from Super Antennas. QSL direct via KE7WRJ. [OPDX

10/10/2009:  Announcing the first ever EME DXpedition to Mongolia
(ON37KW) to take place 10-14 October (First weekend of the ARRL
International EME Competition). W7EME will operate JT65B on 144 MHz.
K7YO operating on 432 MHz. Equipment on 2 meters will be a single M2
2mxp32 antenna and 450 watts output. (same equipment as used at
VO2/W7EME). Equipment on 70 cm will be two long Yagi antennas and 250
watts. Operation will be from both the JT1KAA headquarters (JT1UN &
JT1YO) and from the Ersine sum, the mountains to the east of Ulaanbaatar
(JT1UN/JT5 & JT1YO/JT5). Thanks to JT1CD who has been a great help in
arranging licensing and logistics. For further information and updates,
please visit: and . Also
check out JT1UN at [MMMonVHF]

10/10/2009:  The Alamance Amateur Radio Club will be activating the Cape
Lookout lighthouse (ARLHS USA-126) for the Cape Lookout 150th 'Special
Event' from 1500z 10 October to 1900z 11 October. To promote this
historical event along with the celebration by the National Parks
Service and the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center on
Harkers Island (NA-067, USi NC002S, Carteret county), North Carolina.
Suggested frequencies are CW - 3.555, 7.055, 14.055, 21.055, 28.055 MHz;
SSB - 3.850, 7.250, 14.250, 21.350, 28.450 MHz. QSL Manager for
'Event' - Gary Hills, KA4KJI. QSL's are to include SASE. [USi]

10/10/2009:  Gene, KB7Q will be active on 6 meter EME from DN66
(Cohagen, Montana) with a 7 element Yagi and 800 watts from 10-14
October. He will have elevation, so he will be on during the EME contest
as much as possible. QSL via home call. [MMMonVHF]

10/10/2009:  In close cooperation between the DAGOE Foundation, Mercy
Ships and 5 Dutch radio amateurs, a new DXpedition is on its way. The
special callsign of the "Benin 2009 Radio Expedition" will be TY1MS
which will take place between 10-27 October from Grand Popo, Benin.
Operators mentioned are Ad/PA8AD, Arie/PA3AN, Henk/PA3AWW and
Bas/PD0CAV. As mentioned earlier, the team will also participate in the
2009 CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th). QSL Manager is PA3AWW
(direct or by the Bureau). An online QSL REQUEST service will be
available. PLEASE NOTE: QSL cards that are requested via direct mail or
InterNet, will be shipped around Christmas 2009. The main purpose of
this DXpedition is to raise funds for a Mercy Ships project in Benin,
provide help to the charity project and activate Benin on HF. Look for
more details about the TY1MS DXpedition, the project and Mercy Ships at: [OPDX Bulletin]

11/10/2009:  Mark, KO1U plans to activate Deer Isle (USi ME014S) and
Little Deer Isle (USi ME024) both in the IOTA NA-055 group, Penobscot
Bay, Hancock County, Maine, on 11th October. Mark is trying to offer
NA-055 for the JAs. Word from Japan is 2100-2300z has very good
communications between NA-055 and Japan. He will qualify ME024, Little
Deer Isle, off-and-on starting around 1700z on 11 October, on or near
14050.0/7050.0 kHz and also on the high side of 14260.0 kHz. QSL via
home call. [USi]

12/10/2009:  Andrew, G7COD will be active once again from Embudu
Village, Embudu Island, in the Kaafu Atoll, Republic of Maldives
(AS-013) using the callsign 8Q7AK from 12-25 October. QRV on 80 to 10
meters, including WARC bands, using SSB and CW. Schedule: Every day at
07:30 to 08:30, 09:00 to 10:30, 13:00 to 1500 and 17:30 to 18:00 UTC.
Frequencies: SSB - 3.795, 7.063, 14.147, 18.133, 21.253 and 24.953 MHz;
CW - 3.5003, 7.003, 10.103, 14.003, 18.073, 21.003 and 24.893 MHz. QSL
via home call, direct or bureau. Full information can be found at: . Please note: 8Q7AK is approved for DXCC
credits. [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

12/10/2009:  First ever operation from Hungary in WFF program!
( Laci, HA0HW reports that a group will start their 1
year long operation from different Hungarian National Parks in October,
2009. The first event will take place from The Hortobágy National Park
(reference HAFF-006) on 12-18 of October, using the callsign HG0WFF. QSL
via bureau Ok, and their QSL manager is HA0HW. Some of the operators
will use their own calls /p. [HA0HW]

12/10/2009:  Jose, CT1DSV will be active from Guinea Bissau 12-18
October as J5S. Jose says he expects to operate about 1 to 2 hours every
night. On 17 and 18 October (weekend) J5S will be on air for as long as
possible. QSL via home call. [F5NQL]

12/10/2009:  Hotang, YC0IEM will be active as YC0IEM/8 from Ambon Island
[aka Pulau Ambon] (OC-070, WLOTA L1949), Indonesia, from 12-30 October.
QRV all HF bands. QSL via IZ8CCW, direct (Ant Cannataro, P.O. Box 360 -
87100 Cosenza - ITALY) or by the bureau. See:

14/10/2009:  Sebastien, F8IJV will be on honeymoon in Somone, Senagal,
from 14-30 October. He will be active from the Jean-Francois (6W7RV)
station specially for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th) using
the callsign 6V7Q. [F6AJA]

14/10/2009:  Adrian, AA5UK, will be active as EA6/AA5UK from the island
of Ibiza (EU-004, DIE E-023, MIA MB-003, WLOTA L0958, WW Loc. JM09TB),
from 14-29 October. Activity will be holiday style on 160-10 meters
using mostly SSB and various Digital modes. Also, look for satellite
activity on various birds. He will also be active during CQWW DX SSB
Contest (24-25 October) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via his home
callsign, by the bureau, LoTW or eQSL. [OPDX Bulletin]

14/10/2009:  Operators Geoff W0CG/PJ2DX, Dave G3NKC, Martin G4XUM, Kyle
WA4PGM, John K6AM, Wayne K8LEE, Joe W9JUV, Kelly N0VD and Rick N0YY will
be active from the island of Curacao (SA-006, WLOTA L0942) from 14-28
October, 2009. They will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest
(24-25 October) as PJ2T, a Multi-Multi entry. Operations on all
bands/modes with PJ2/homecall before the contest. QSL PJ2T via N9AG or
LoTW. QSL others via their home calls. [NG3K]

15/10/2009:  Seb, F8IJV and his XYL will be spending their honeymoon at
the Le Calao resort, Somone, Senegal from 15 to 30 October, 2009. His
main activity will be for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25 October) using
the callsign 6V7Q, a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. Outside the
contest Seb will be active in a very random way on 160-6m. Very few SSB
and digitals, may be some CW. For 6 meters, he will monitor from time to
time, and if there are some opennings he will use 6m (Grid IK14ll). QSL
via F8IJV, direct or bureau. [F5NQL]

15/10/2009:  Andreas, DL9USA will be active from Comino Island, Malta
(EU-023), from 15-22 October as 9H8C. Active on the HF bands, CW and
SSB. QSL via the information on under 9H8C. [DX World of Ham

15/10/2009:  (Special Mine Activity). Operators Simo/OH2HAN and
Timo/OH3DF will be active as homecall/9 from the Arctic Amethyst Mine in
Luosto (Lapland, Finland) from 15-18 October. Activity will be on the HF
bands using SSB and RTTY. The Amethyst Mine is situated on a very
beautiful natural place on top of Lampivaara Fell in Luosto, Lapland.
Instead of being in raw material business it sells only locally produced
amethyst jewelry. It also welcomes all the visitors, and you can dig
your own amethyst gemstones there and hear the story of amethysts. They
are mining only manually without machinery and their ideology of
sustainable development is to preserve nature and work in a manner which
does not disturb magnificent Lappish nature. A special QSL will be
available via their home callsigns. [OPDX Bulletin]

16/10/2009:  Ben, DO1BEN and YL Barbara, DO1IQ will be active as
PD/homecalls from Texel Island (EU-038, WLOTA L0043) from 16-22 October.
Activity will be on the HF bands, propagation permitting. QSL via home
calls, bureau preferred. []

17/10/2009:  Rich, N0HJZ will be active from Placencia, Belize, as V31MW
from 17-26 October. He will be on for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25
October), using the same call, as a Single-Op/all-Band/High-Power entry.
QSL to home call direct with SASE or via LoTW. [NG3K]

17/10/2009:  Rob, VE7RSV will be active during the W/VE Islands QSO
Party (17-18 October) from Vancouver Island (NA-036, CIsA BC001, WLOTA
L0858). QSL via [USi]

17/10/2009:  Steve, W5VK & Co. will be active from several islands
during the W/VE Island QSO Party (17-18 October). They are putting the
station on a 24' pontoon boat and the antenna on the islands to qualify
Bird Island (USi AL034) and West Island (USi AL035). He is going to try
to get four additional islands Orange Beach/Gulf Shores (Pleasure Isle)
(USi AL023S), Perdido Key (USi AL024S), and Ono Island (USi AL003S). All
islands are located in Baldwin county, Alabama. QSL via [USi]

17/10/2009:  The Mancorad Radio Club, W9DK are planning a qualification
of The Flats Island (USi WI046), located in the Fox River, Outagamie
County, Wisconsin during the W/VE Island QSO Party (17-18 October). 20m
SSB and possibly PSK, and additional frequencies as weather & antennas
allow. Running Class C, island rover, they may attempt qualifing Menasha
Island (USi WI044) and Strobe Island (USi WI045), located in Lake Buttes
des Morts, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. Operators include Steve K9ZW,
Carl KA9WYK, Rich KC9LOA, Tim N7TAL and Jody KC9KVT. QSL via eQSL to
W9DK and via the club. W9DK is good at [USi]

17/10/2009:  Jeff/WB5WAJ, Bill/K4COM and Ken/KI4UVL will qualify
Ponderosa Island (USi TN055, Davidson county), Tennessee during the W/VE
Island QSO Party (17-18 October) as WB5WAJ. They will use 80 through 10
trying to stick close to the Island frequencies. QSL via [USi]

21/10/2009:  Yuri, VE3DZ will be active from Sept-Iles, QC (CQ Zone 2)
as VE2IM from 21-26 October, 2009. QRV all HF bands, including a
Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25
October). QSL to VE3DZ, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Mauri, OH2BYS will be active from Galdar, Isla de Gran
Canaria (AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA L0969) for the CQWW DX SSB Contest
(24-25 October), using the callsign EA8CMX. He plans to enter as a
Single-Op/Single-Band entry, using wire yagis/beverages on low bands.
QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Operators Raffaello IT9ATF, Renato IT9NPR, Pippo IT9PPG,
Antonino IT9SAZ and Pino IT9WDC will be active as IF9A during the CQWW
DX SSB Contest (24-25 October) as a Multi-Single entry. The will be
located on the island of Favignana (EU-054, IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025,
WLOTA L1545). QSL via IT9ATF ( [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Siggi, TF3CW will be QRV during the CQWW DX SSB Contest
(24-25 October) from Seltjarnarnes, Iceland (EU-021, WLOTA L2975), as a
Single-Op/Single-Band (40m) entry. QSL direct to LX1NO. [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Paolo, IV3UHL will be active from the island of Corsica
(EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA L1390) as TK/IV3UHL for the
CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25 October) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (20m)
entry. Probably, before contest operations from EU-164 as TK/IV3UHL/p.
QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

27/10/2009:  Gerhard, OE3GEA plans to be active as MU/OE3GEA from the
isle of Guernsey (EU-114, WLOTA L0013) from 27-29 October. QRV on the HF
bands using CW and low power only. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

30/10/2009:  Tomas, VK2CCC will be active, part time, from Vanuatu
(OC-035) between 30 October and 5 November using the callsign YJ0CCC.
QRV mainly 160m and 80m CW. During his activation, Tomas will also
include some 5403.5Khz USB operation on the new 5Mhz band. QSL via home
call, bureau preferred. [NG3K]

01/11/2009:  Look for Orlando, PY2TJ to be active from Isla Tierra Del
Fuego (IOTA SA-008, WLOTA L2448 [New!]) as LU/PY2TJ from 01-07 November,
2009. Expect activity on all HF bands. QSL via PT2OP direct preferred,
or bureau. [F5OGG]

04/11/2009:  Paul, W4/VP9KF will be active from Baileys Bay, Hamilton
Parish, Bermuda (NA-005) as VP9KF from 4 to 18 November, 2009. QRV all
HF bands, CW only. QSL direct only ( [W4/VP9KF]

23/11/2009:  Mike, K9NW will be in Botswana between 23 November and 1
December using the callsign A25NW. Expect activity during CQWW DX CW
Contest (28-29 November). QSL via home call ( [DX World of Ham

25/11/2009:  Tony, IK1QBT will be active from African Italy; Lampedusa
Island (AF-019, IIA AG-001, MIA MI-126, WLOTA L2312) prior to the CQWW
DX CW Contest (28-29 November) IG9/IK1QBT. During the contest he will
use the callsign IG9X. QSL both calls via IK1QBT, direct or bureau.

28/11/2009:  A group of the contesters will be active in CQWW DX CW
Contest (28-29 November) from Isla de San Cristobal (WLOTA L0094),
Galapagos Islands (SA-004) as HC8N. They will be in the Multi-Multi
category. QSL via W5UE. [F5NQL]

28/11/2009:  Look for Siggi, TF3CW to be QRV from Seltjarnarnes, Iceland
(EU-021, WLOTA L2975), during the CQWW DX CW Contest (28-29 November) as
a Single-Op/Single-Band (40m) entry. QSL via LX1NO ( [NG3K]

11/03/2010:  Operators Enrico/5Z4ES, Francesco/IK8TEO, Antonio/IK8UHA
and Antonio/IK8VRH will be active as 5Z0H from Lamu Island (AF-040) and
Wasini Island (AF-067) on 11-21 March, 2010. Operation dates are
tentative. They plan to have 2 stations active on 160-10m CW/SSB/RTTY.
Pilot station will be IK8OZZ. For more information, visit their web page
at: [NG3K]

08/10/2009:  Special event station SN100DP will be activated from 8
October until 11 October, 2009 on deck of s/v Dar Pomorza (aka "White
Frigate"), currently preserved in Gdynia Port as museum ship. SN100DP
plans to be active mainly on 80, 40 and 20m in SSB, CW, PSK and RTTY.
QSL via SQ2RH, direct or bureau. Further info at: [UBA HF News]

10/10/2009:  Celebrating the VII Conference of the Federacion de
Radioaficionados de Cuba, the Camaguey City Radio Club operate as T47C
on 3-4 and 10-11 October. Eight operators will be active on 160-10
metres (plus 2 meters) CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. QSL via operator's
instructions. [425 DX News]

17/10/2009:  The Border Rievers ARS are supporting the Blyth Valley
District Scouts again this year for Jamboree On The Air (October
17-18th), using the special callsign GB4BVD. The scout hut is located in
Cramlington, Northumberland, England (EU-005, WLOTA L1841). They will be
QRV all HF bands with Icom 706 mk2G; VHF with Yaesu 8900. Antennas: long
wire and Tribander. QSL via M1DZT, direct or bureau. [Border Rievers

17/10/2009:  The Bittern DX Group will be operating with the special
callsign GB5FRR for the scout Jamboree On The Air (17-18 October), from
the headquarters of the 1st Rural Roughton Scout group (Roughton Mill,
Cromer, Norfolk - WW Loc. JO02PV, WAB: TG 23), England (IOTA EU-005,
WLOTA L1841). They try to operate as close to the scout frequencies as
possible on all bands most operating is SSB but at times they try RTTY
and BPSK 31. They also monitor Echo link on 70cm if can get link GB3NU/R
(388653) also 2m MB7INN/L (4261). QSL via M0CNP, direct or bureau.
[Bittern DX Group]

U.S.A. Special event station information can be found at:

08/10-13/10  JW/G4ATA: Spitsbergen Island WLOTA:0125 HC (d/b)
08/10-13/10  JW3XIA: Spitsbergen Island WLOTA:0125 LA3XIA (d/b)
08/10-13/10  JW7WCA: Spitsbergen Island WLOTA:0125 LA7WCA (d/b)
08/10-12/10  TK/IK2SNG: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
08/10-12/10  TK/IK4RQJ: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
08/10-12/10  TK/IZ4BBF: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
09/10-25/10  8Q7EJ: Ari Atoll WLOTA:0317 QSL G3VDB (d)
09/10-11/10  TC1ELH: Marmara Ereglisi WLOL:TUR-059 QSL TA1HZ (d/b)
10/10             GB2RAF: England, Main Isl. WLOTA:1841 QSL
10/10-11/10  K4EG: Cape Lookout WLOL:USA-126 WLOTA:0596 QSL KA4KJI (d)
12/10-30/10  YC0IEM/8: Pulau Ambon WLOTA:1949 QSL IZ8CCW (d/b)
14/10-29/10  EA6/AA5UK: Isla de Ibiza WLOTA:0958 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/G3NKC: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/G4XUM: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/K6AM: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/K8LEE: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/N0VD: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/N0YY: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/W9JUV: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2/WA4PGM: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL HC (d/b)
14/10-28/10  PJ2DX: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL W0CG (d/b)
16/10-22/10  PD/DO1BEN: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL HC (b)
16/10-22/10  PD/DO1IQ: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL HC (b)
16/10-22/10  TX5SPM: Nuku Hiva Island WLOTA:2030 QSL SP9PT (d/b)

Meteor Scatter - October 2009:
Major shower of this month is Orionids. This shower has produced strong
rates in 2006, 2007 and 2008, with lots of bright meteors. A 12-year
periodicity in Orionids stronger returns, extrapolated from old
observations, suggests that good Orionids rates are expected even in
2009. Have a look at shower predictions for October 2009 at our
MS-Propagation page: [MMMonVHF]

5N - (Grid JJ38): EME Activity from Nigeria in next months... LATEST
NEWS from Bodo, dated 2009-10-02: Bodo did show up yesterday evening
again on 2m EME after a longer time! He told us that he will try to be
on next days for further activity! PA is fixed but only one module
(450W) is running anymore. So keep on watching in his QRL free time he
shall be on from Nigeria! [MMMonVHF]

9N - (Grid NL27): Phil, VK4CDI plan to be qrv at Nepal on 2m and maybe
70cm EME end of October, begin of November. I plan to try and spend a
few days with Satish 9N1AA. A single 10 El yagi and 160W brick mounted
at the antenna will be used. 432 may be available but all very QRP.

09/10-19/10  K4M: Midway Isl. Grid:AL18 50.115/CW, 50.118/SSB QSL OQRS
10/10-11/10  Arizona QSO Party 6 & 2M included CW/SSB/Digital/FM
10/10-11/10  Pennsylvania QSO Party 6M 50.125USB+FM & 2m included
10/10-11/10  N3KAE: PQP Bonus Station (WYO) Grid:FN21BL 6M 50.135
                        USB/CW 2M 146.55FM QSL
10/10-14/10  JT1UN: Mongolia Grid:ON37KW EME 144 MHz QSL
10/10-14/10  JT1UN/JT5: Mongolia Grid:ON37 EME 144 MHz QSL
10/10-14/10  JT1YO: Mongolia Grid:ON37KW EME 432 MHz QSL
10/10-14/10  JT1YO/JT5: Mongolia Grid:ON37 EME 432 MHz QSL
14/10-29/10  EA6/AA5UK: Ibiza isl. Grid:JM09TB Satellites QSL HC (d/b)

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated October 07, 2009)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX
portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

W8FNW 1* W8GEJ - 10-9-09 to 10-9-09 - SSB and CW
W8FNW SSB AND W8GEJ CW 40 ssb/cw 30 cw 20 ssb/cw 80 on request, 3901.
OH: Fayette*, Pickaway*, Clinton*, Greene, Clark, Miami*, Champaign*,
Shelby*, Logan*. We will be in Fayette about 1200z. Counties with the *
are on the needs list. [County Hunter Web]

KE7DX - 10/10/09 to 10/11/09 - SSB and CW
Santa Cruz County Arizona operation during Arizona QSO Party. For
details on AZQP, see [County Hunter Web]

W8FNW 1* W8GEJ - 9-11-09 to 9-12-09 - SSB and CW
W8FNW SSB AND W8GEJ CW 40 ssb/cw 30 cw 20 ssb/cw 80 on request, 3901.
OH: Licking, Fairfield, Perry*, Athens*, Morgan*, Washington*, Noble,
Monroe*, Belmont, Harrison*, Jefferson*, Brooke* WV, Hancock* WV,
Jefferson* OH, Carroll*, Columbiana*, Stark*, Holmes*, Coshocton*,
Knox*, Morrow*. The counties with the * are on the needs list. [County
Hunter Web]

The following operations are approved for DXCC credit:

5NØOCH - Nigeria
Current Operation
(Logs in LoTW)

5NØEME - Nigeria
2009 Operation

If you had QSOs rejected in a recent DXCC submission send an e-mail to to be placed on the list for an update.

73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager
The following operation is approved for DXCC credit:

D2QMN - Angola
Current operation

Anyone who had this operation rejected in a recent DXCC submission can
send a message to to be placed on the list to be updated.

73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager
Dated 03 October, 2009 -
I have returned home from my family holiday. In the last 4 days I have
completed some 5000 qsl cards (NONE FOR 4W6FR )and have just about
caught up with it all. On Monday there will be a major deposit made at
the post office. The 4W6FR cards will not begin till probably Xmas time
as we have yet to print a card and no logs are available till the op
returnes from 4W. regards to all.
Bill Horner
PO Box 612
QSLs received Bureau - 1A0KM, 5L2MS, 6V7J, 6V7K, 9X0R, A61RJ, C31CT,

QSLs received Direct - 7P8OK, A45WD (YO9HP), A61Q (EA7FTR), EA9IB
(, EEA9/KH0AM (JE1CKA), KL1V (, S92LX (DK7LX), TC098A
[AS-098 Karaada Island] (OK2GZ), TO8YY (DH7WW), TT8FC (EA4AHK) TU5JM
(, V51AS (, VK9GMW (HA7RY), YI1AK (AD5W), Z29KM

QSLs received LoTW - 5N0OCH, 5W0VK (2001), K5D, XV3RRC, ZL7T

New award from WCA!
"World Castles Activator Award - WCAA"

The Award certificate "World Castles Activator Award - WCAA" has been
instituted by group of radiohams-founders of World Castles Award Program
(WCA) <> as a mark of commendation
for work on the air from historical and memorial places.

The Award certificate "World Castles Activator Award - WCAA" is issued
for work on the air form historical objects (activation) such as
castles, fortresses, forts etc.

To obtain "World Castles Activator Award - WCAA" need to make not less
than 50 QSOs from 5 various objects qualifying for WCA. For radiohams
living near castles, fortresses, forts etc not far than 1 km need to
make not less than 1000 QSOs.

QSOs are valid since January 1st. 1995 on any bands by any modes.

Award certificate "World Castles Activator Award - WCAA" is free of
charge. There are two ways to obtain it:
1) in electronic form - JPG file completely ready for printing in A4
format (297x240) will send by e-mail;
2) in paper form by post (need to pay the postage).

Full information can be found at:
The firsts batches of the TX5SPA logs are available at:
IARU national radio society to celebrate its centenary:
The Wireless Institute of Australia turns 100 next year making it the
world's oldest National Radio Society.
WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI says he wants the world-wide amateur
radio community tojoin in the celebration.
In the October edition of the WIA's Amateur Radio magazine he announces
a program that includes a special callsign VK100WIA that will be
operated next May by the WIA, and then many affiliated clubs around
Australia for the next 5 months.
A commemorative QSL card will be issued for contacts with VK100WIA
between May and October next year.
A limited edition operating award, called the WIA Centenary Award is
also to be available and two contacts with VK100WIA are required under
its rules.
A program of events will occur around the WIA's annual meeting in the
nation's capital Canberra in May 2010, while radio clubs are planning
events to promote the centenary of organised amateur radio in Australia.
It all began in 1910 with a meeting of wireless pioneers in Sydney to
protect their interests and rights against what they considered to be
harsh treatment by authorities and a high licence fee. The Wireless
Institute of Australia has continued since then to protect and enhance
the privileges of radio amateurs and to promote amateur radio.
Details of the centenary program can be found on the WIA website
World Wide DXpedition Trophy: Strange Radio Team
The Strange Radio Team ( are running a survey
to see which Dxpedition of the Year (June 1, 2008 to June 1, 2009) will
be awarded the WWDX Trophy.
The survey, which can be found here, closes on January 31, 2010.
NAQCC Anniversary Special Event Stations (12-18 October, 2009):
We are doing something different for our Fifth Anniversary. First we are
condensing our operating period from a full month to 7 days which we
hope will increase the intensity of and interest in our operation.
Secondly instead of the cumbersome N3A/1, N3A/2.... special event calls,
we are streamlining the calls to N1A, N2A.... with a different SE call
for each USA call area.
Unfortunately there is one exception to that idea caused by a mix-up
between the services that assign special event calls. They assigned N5A
to another group for October 17 and 18, and since that assignment was
made prior to ours without nofifying us, we must relinquish use of N5A
for the 17th and 18th. Club president Tom WY3H says instead of N5A, we
can use N3A/5 those two days.
We are also awarding a handsome prize in conjunction with our
anniversary celebration. Check the Giveaways page in this section of the
web site for details on that.
We have the following ops signed up and confirmed for our celebration:
N6A - W6AZ
NOTE - Rich KG1W signed up but a job situation forced him to withdraw.
We thank him anyway and still consider him a part of the team, although
inactive for the operation. Also KH6OZ may not be able to operate due to
a late change of plans.
There is still time for you to sign on to the team. Anyone can do it,
from the raw beginning CW op to the seasoned veteran. There are no
special skills involved.
We have posted a calendar (
listing times when our ops will be activating their SE calls for you to
have a shot at working them.

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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