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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 24 » ICPO Bulletin (23-30 December 2011)
ICPO Bulletin (23-30 December 2011)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
To all who celebrate - MERRY CHISTMAS !!!!
23/12/2011:  Look for Take, JS6RRR and JS6RRR/6 to operate from Miyako Island
(AS-079, JCC 4714, JCG 47004, WLOTA 0249) from 23 December 2011 to 5 January
2012. QRV on 160-6 metre CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and FM. Side trips to the nearby
islands of Ikema (WLOTA 2519) and Kurima are also being planned. QSL via the
JARL bureau. [425 DX News]

23/12/2011:  Marcel, PD5MVH/p, plans to activate Vlieland Island (EU-038, WLOTA
0773) from 23 December 2011 until 6 January 2012. QSL via home call
(bureau/direct). [DX Newsletter]

23/12/2011:  John, VK6HZ will be active as VK6ARI from Rottnest Island (OC-164,
WLOTA 2197) from 23-30 December, 2011. Look for activity on, or near, the usual
island and IOTA frequencies. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Logs will be
uploaded to ClubLog and LoTW. []

24/12/2011:  Look for Carl, SM6CPY, to be active holiday-style from Rwanda as
9X0PY between 24 December 2011 and 7 January 2012. Focus on higher bands, but
will try all. QSL via his home call, direct or bureau. []

24/12/2011:  Makoto, JI5RPT, will be active as JD1BLY from Chichi-jima (AS-031,
WLOTA 2269, JCG 10007, Grid Loc. QL17), Ogasawara, on 80m to 6m + Satellite
CW/SSB/DIGI (NO 6m EME) from 24 December 2011 to 2 January 2012. QSL via his
home callsign JI5RPT. Online logsearch will be available at:

24/12/2011:  Koji JI1LET/JD1, will again be active from Chichi-jima (AS-031,
WLOTA 2269, JCG 10007), Ogasawara, between 24th December 2011 and 1 January
2012. Look for him on 40-10 metre CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home call, direct or
bureau. []

26/12/2011:  Operators Cecile ON5TC, Ronald ON5TQ, Michel ON6QO and Peter ON8VP
will be PA/homecalls from the island of Schouwen-Duiveland (EU-146, WLOTA 3089)
from 26-29 December, 2011. QRV mainly in CW, occasionally on SSB. Bands 40, 30
and 20m. QSL via home calls. []

26/12/2011:  Wolfgang DH3WO, Mathew DJ2HD and Ulmar DK1CE will join Ewald,
DJ2BQ, in Namibia and use V5/homecalls on the HF bands, all modes. They will
arrive on the 26th December 2012. Wolfgang DH3WO, and Ulmar DK1CE will go QRT on
the 5th January 2012. Mathew, DJ2HD, will remain in Namibia with Ewald until 16
January 2012. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. QSL both V5/DK1CE and
V5/DH3WO via DH3WO. [NG3K]

26/12/2011:  Kei, JJ1RJR, will be active from Bermuda as VP9/KG2A between 26
December, 2011 and 2 January, 2012. QRV using CW and SSB on the HF bands. QSL
via KG2A address only ( []

28/12/2011:  Francesco, IV3TMM, will be active as 9U3TMM from Bujumbura (WW Loc.
KI46QP), Burundi, between 28 December and 4 January, 2012. QRV on the HF bands
using SSB and RTTY. PLEASE NOTE: All QSL cards will be sent through the Italian
bureau. More details are forthcoming. [OPDX Bulletin]

28/12/2011:  Ron AA4VK, Jeff N1SNB and Murray WA4DAN will be active as
homecall/CY0 from Sable Island (IOTA NA-063, CIsA NS004, WFF CYFF-001, WLOTA
0758) from 28 December 2011 to 6 January 2012. "During the March 2011 operation,
propagation was not favorable on the high bands", they say. "Also, Japan was
devastated by a tsunami in the early days of the DXpedition and, as a result,
our many JA friends went QRT, as they responded to take care of their country".
The team plans to be QRV on all bands, but "a special emphasis will be directed
to providing a new country or band-country on the high bands. Further, a special
goal will be to work stations from Japan that understandably missed out on the
March 2011 operation". The website for the expedition is at [425 DX News]

30/12/2011:  Harry, JG7PSJ, will once again be active as JD1BMH from Chichi-jima
(AS-031, JCG #10007, WLOTA 2269) between 30 December 2011 and 7 January 2012.
QRV on on 160-10 metres using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via the JARL bureau to
JD1BMH or direct to JG7PSJ. Website: [OPDX

30/12/2011:  Eugene, RA0FF, will be active from the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel,
Koror Island, Republic of Palau (IOTA OC-009, WW Loc. PJ77FI), as T88OW between
30 December, 2011 and 8 January, 2012. QRV on 160-6 metres. QSL via home call.

01/01/2012:  Jan-Henrik, DG8HJ, will once again be active on the HF bands as
homecall/p from Fehmarn Island (EU-128, GIA O-001, WLOTA 0637) on 1-8 January
2012. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. []

25/01/2012:  Operators Fons ON4AWT, Raf ON5RZ and Dirk ON7DS from the King
Chulalongkorn Memorial club station as SI9AM from 25-30 January 2012. They will
also be QRV for the UBA SSB DX contest (28-29 January). QSL via SI9AM only
( [UBA DX News]

30/01/2012:  From 30 January to 9 February 2012, a team consisting of Leo
PY/I8LWL, Pasquale PY/IZ8GDO, Davide PY/IW8EZV, Angelo PY2VA/P and Antonio
PY2YW/P will be active from the following Brazilian IOTA: Comprida Island
(SA-024, DIB SP-03) and Peruhibe Island (SA-071), Sao Paulo State. Expect
activity on all bands and modes. QSL via I8LWL. []

11/02/2012:  Jeff, K0UU, plans to be active from St. George's Island (NA-073),
Belize, between 11-20th February, 2012 as V31SG. Look for him on 40-10m, CW
only. Jeff will also participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest (18-19 February) as a
Single-Op/QRP entry. QSL via LoTW or direct to home call. []

14/02/2012:  Look for Larry K3VX (8P9VX), Bill W3WH (8P9WH) and Carl K9CS
(8P9CS) to be active from the island of Barbados (NA-021, WLOTA 0999) from 14-22
February 2012. This will include a Multi-Op entry in the ARRL DX CW Contest
(18-19 February), using the callsign 8P5Y (QSL via K9CS). They plan to be active
on all bands and modes. QSL via home calls. [NG3K]

18/02/2012:  Look for Luis, EA8AY, to be active as EF8USA from Santa Cruz,
Tenerife Island (AF-004, DIE S-012, EAA TF, WLOTA 1276), during the ARRL DX CW
Contest (18-19 February) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via LoTW. Website: [NG3K]

18/02/2012:  John, K6AM, will once again be active as ZF2AM for the ARRL DX CW
Contest (18-19 February 2012) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry from
Savannah, Grand Cayman Island (NA-016, WLOTA 1042). QSL via home call, direct or
W6 bureau. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [NG3K]

05/03/2012:  A team of six Polish operators consisting of Wojciech SP9PT, Bogdan
SP2EBG, Gala SP2GKS (YL), Jurek SP3GEM, Czeslaw SP3HLM and Jozef SP9-31029 are
planning a Dxpedition to the island of Dutch Sint Maarten (NA-105, WLOTA 0711,
Grid Loc. FK88) from 5-18 March 2012. They will operate on all bands from 160 to
6m CW/SSB/RTTY using the call PJ7PT. QSL via SP9PT. More info will be posted
soon on the official PJ7PT website at: []

08/03/2012:  Peter, G3PHO, has planned a lightweight holiday style operation
from Gozo Island (EU-023, MIA MM-004, WLOTA 0046) as 9H3C from 8-15 March 2012.
This will include an entry in the RSGB Commonwealth Contest (10-11 March). 100
watts to dipoles on all bands 80-10m. 160m may be possible. QSL direct or bureau
to G3PHO; also LoTW and Clublog. []

24/03/2012:  The Verona Section of A.R.I. (Italian Radioamateurs Association) is
organizing, by means a group of its members, called Verona DX Team, a DX
Expedition, with humanitarian and ham radio purposes, in J5 Guinea-Bissau, one
of the poorest countries in the world. The call J5 is a "most wanted",
especially in RTTY, CW and digital modes, and has never been activated in EME.
The expedition will be on air as J52EME from 24 March to 6 April, 2012. This
date was chosen given the good conditions for VHF EME activity and the
possibility to operate on the HF bands in all modes, 80-10 metres. The location
will be in the Cúmura Mission (QTH of Father Gianfranco J52OFM, WW Loc. IK21EU),
Cúmura, Biombo region, Guinea-Bissau. Team members include Lucio I3LDP (SSB,
RTTY), Walter I3VJW (CW, SSB, RTTY), Tony IK3ESB (SSB, CW, RTTY), Silverio
(RTTY, SSB), Livio IZ3BUR (SSB, RTTY), Llario IZ3STA (SSB, RTTY), and Renato
I3EJ. For operations on 6 meters: I3LDP, IK3RBE, IK3ESB and IZ3STA; only on
sked. Frequency TX-RX will be 144.130 and J5 will TX always first. Same on 70cm,
frequency TBA. QSL via I3LDP direct only, or use the online bureau QSL card
request and QSL card by donation. Further information and online log can be
found on their website at: []

30/04/2012:  Kan, AB2RF/JJ2RCJ, will be active from as T88RF between 30 April
and 4 May 2012 from the West Plaza by the Sea Hotel, Koror, Republic of Palau
(OC-009). QRV on all HF bands, with focus on the digital modes (PSK63/RTTY/Hell)
and the low bands. QSL via JJ2RCJ, bureau or direct. Logs will be uploaded to
LoTW. [NG3K]

15/05/2012:  Once again the Wessex Contest Group will be operating for a week of
fun on the air from the Isle of Skye (EU-008, IOSA NH07, SCOTIA CN14, WLOTA
1626, WAB NG47, WW Loc. IO67UQ). They will be QRV from the 12th May 2012 until
19th May, using the callsign MS0WCB. Operators include Steve G0FUW, Simon M0TTE,
Dave M0SFT and Dan M0TGN. Activity will be on 80-15 metre SSB. QSL direct
(details on, eQSL or via M0WAY (Wayne). Further information can be
found on their website at: []

26/05/2011:  The San Francisco Amateur Radio Club (W6PW) in cooperation with the
California Historical Society celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate
Bridge, 26-27 May 2012. W6G will be working SSB and CW, 26 May - 27 May,
2000z-2200z, 28.375 24.975 21.275 18.125 14.275 7.175 3.750. Certificate and
QSL. Tony Dowler KM6DA, PO Box 1749, Pacifica, CA 94044. SSB and CW. Certificate
available for working 5 Bands. [UBA HF News]

31/07/2012:  Victor, RW0BG, plans to be active as homecall/p from Oleniy Island
(AS-083, RRA RR-06-06, RDA YN-12) in the time frame of 31 July and 1 August
2012. Exact date will be posted closer to the time of the operation. QSL via
home call, direct or bureau. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. []

23/12/2011:  Members of the Turkish Scouting and GuidingFederation's National
Conciousness Camp, will activate special event station TC9SAM between 23-26
December 2011. Operators mentioned are Tevfik TA1HZ, Hasan TA1GE, Emrah TA2AEM
and Emre TA1AES. Activity is in memory for the Allahuekber Martyrs, and
operations will be commemorating the fallen in Sarikamis Campaign of World War
I. The special event station TC9SAM will be located in Gaziler and Kaynak
villlages of Erzurum. In accordance with the camp program, they will be on the
air mainly on 40 and 80m bands but will also try the other bands. You can also
try to follow the team on APRS. The QSL Nanager is TA1HZ. Detailed info is
available on and at [OPDX Bulletin]

23/12/2011:  There will be, as before, a transmission with the Alexanderson 200
kW alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz from Grimeton Radio/SAQ on Christmas Eve,
Saturday, December 24th, 2011. The message transmission will take place at 08:00
UTC. The transmitter will be tuned up from around 07:30 UTC. [UBA HF News]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:

23/12-5/1/12  JS6RRR /6: Miyako Shima WLOTA:0249 QSL HC (b)
23/12-5/1/12  JS6RRR/6: Ikema Shima WLOTA:2519 QSL HC (b)
23/12-6/1/12  PD5MVH/P: Vlieland Island WLOTA:0773 QSL HC (d/b)
23/12-30/12  VK6ARI: Rottnest Island WLOTA:2197 QSL VK6HZ (d/b)
24/12-2/1/12  JD1BLY: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JI5RPT (d/b)
24/12-1/1/12  JI1LET/JD1: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL HC (d/b)
26/12-29/12  PA/ON5TC Schouwen-Duiveland Isl WLOTA:3089 QSL Buro
26/12-29/12  PA/ON5TQ: Schouwen-Duiveland Isl WLOTA:3089 QSL Buro
26/12-29/12  PA/ON6QO: Schouwen-Duiveland Isl WLOTA:3089 QSL Buro
26/12-29/12  PA/ON8VP: Schouwen-Duiveland Isl WLOTA:3089 QSL Buro
28/12-6/1/12  AA4VK/CY0: Sable Island WLOTA:0758 QSL HC (d/b)
28/12-6/1/12  N1SNB/CY0: Sable Island WLOTA:0758 QSL HC (d/b)
28/12-6/1/12  WA4DAN/CY0: Sable Island WLOTA:0758 QSL HC (d/b)
30/12-7/1/12  JD1BMH: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JARL Buro

N7LFX - LARRY - DEC 23 to DEC 26 - SSB Only
WiLL Run 20&40 DEC 23 1700z Josephine OR, Denorte CA, Curry OR, Coos, Douglas,
Lane. DEC 26 Lincoln, Tillamook, Yamhill, Polk, Benton and Linn. QSL via home
call. [County Hunter Web]

K7RE/M - 12-23-2011 to 12-23-2011 - CW Only
Leaving from Lawrence County SD about 1415Z going through the following in SD:
Lawrence Meade Pennington Jackson Lyman Stanley Hughes Hyde Hand Spink All on
20M CW CHN only. QSL via home call. [County Hunter Web]

AA9JJ - Frank
Wife is N9QPQ - 5* - DEC 24, 2011 to DEC 26, 2011 - SSB Only
AA9JJ & N9QPQ will run the following counties on 20 & 40 SSB only:
DEC 24: AZ: Yavapai, Mohave. NV: Clark.
DEC 25: No runs.
DEC 26: AZ: Mohave, La Paz, Yuma, maybe Maricopa. QSL via home call. [County
Hunter Web]

K7RE/M - 12-28-2011 to 12-28-2011 - CW Only
Leaving Spink SD about 1600Z and returning to Spearfish SD through the following
SD counties: Spink Hand Faulk Potter Dewey Ziebach Meade Butte Lawrence All on
20M CW CHN only. QSL via home call. [County Hunter Web]

24/12-2/1/12 JD1BLY: Chichi-jima AS-031 Grid:QL17 6m+Satellite QSL JI5RPT (d/b)
26/12            RSGB Christmas Cumulatives Contest 6m-70cm  1400z-1600z
27/12            LY 2.4G & Up Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  1800z-2159z
27/12            NRAU Microwave Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  1800z-2200z
27/12            RSGB 50MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open  2000z-2230z
27/12            RSGB Christmas Cumulatives Contest 6m-70cm  1400z-1600z
27/12            The 50MHz Open Cumulative  1800z-2200z
28/12            RSGB Christmas Cumulatives Contest 6m-70cm  1400z-1600z
29/12            RSGB Christmas Cumulatives Contest 6m-70cm  1400z-1600z
30/12            DSW 2M Contest SSB/CW/FM  1300z-1430z
30/12-8/1/12 T88OW: Palau OC-009 Grid:PJ77FI 6m 100W 5el yagi QSL RA0FF (d)

Contest Calendar:

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated 22 December, 2011)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make
More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

Tom, GM4FDM, reports that the first batch of 7G7GM QSL cards have been mailed on
18th December 2011. [GM4FDM]
QSLs via Bureau: 3DAØNW, 3Z65MC, 5NØOCH, 9H3TK, 9L5MS, 9M2MRS, 9V1SV, DR6ØBENE,

QSLs via Direct: 3D2R (WD5COV), 4W6A (MØURX), 5TØJL (ON8RA), 8R1AK (,
9H1BT (, E77A (, EK6TA (DJØMCZ), EW8OG (, JD1BMH
(JG7PSJ), K4M [Midway Island] (N4XP), PJ4/JH5GHM (H/c), PJ7X (F6EXV), PQ8XB
(XE1IH) and XV1X (OK1DOT).

QSLs via LoTW: 6V7N, 7Q7GM, 9N7DX, AXØLD, CN3A, CO8TW, E51MAN, E51NOU, F6CEL,
IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:
WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:
WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:
WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:

17-12-11 1:59:59 PM
Dr Hunters:
Today the Danish OZFF-group release some new OZFF Awards.
The awards are free and can only be applied via mail and only send as pdf-file.
We hope the awards can be a parth of WFF in the future.
We have 3 classes:
A - Hunter
B - Activator
The first award in class A + C are 5 worked / Listened OZFF.
In class B the first are 1 activated OZFF.
More info at
Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob
  From 16 December 2011 until March 2012, Adrian EA1CYK/P will be active on SSB
during his spare time from Gabriel de Castilla Base [BAE] (AA EA-03, WAP ESP-02,
WFF EAFF-189), Port Foster, Deception Island (WLOTA 2888), South Shetland
Islands (AN-010). If possible he will also try to be active from Juan Carlos I
Base [BAE] (AA EA-01, WAP ESP-01, WFF EAFF-188), Hurd Peninsula, Livingston
Island, South Shetland Islands (AN-010). QSL via EA7LS. []
RAC Bulletin 2011-045E - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy
New Year

To all of our Members and our Friends across the World:

We at the Radio Amateurs of Canada hope that your 2011 was healthy and
prosperous for you and yours.

We wish you the most Wondrous Holiday Season; full of family, friends and good

We wish that your 2012 will be healthy, prosperous, accompanied by many friends
and that your life will continue to be meaningful and satisfying.

And we wish you many contacts.

Geoff Bawden VE4BAW
President and Chair RAC; on behalf of the RAC Board and Executive

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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