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Главная » 2009 » Сентябрь » 11 » ICPO Bulletin (September 10 - 18, 2009)
ICPO Bulletin (September 10 - 18, 2009)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
Lionel, F5PSA is active from Cameroon (WW Loc. JJ53TX) as TJ3SL on
20-10m SSB. Length of stay is unkown at this time. QSL via home call.
[AT International]

10/09/2009:  Andy, LZ2HM will be active from the QTH of 5B4AIF, located
near Pana Panayia, Paphos, Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA L-0051, WW
Loc. KM64HV) as 5B/LZ2HM from September 9-15th. QRV 160-2m, all modes.
He will also participate in the WAEDC SSB Contest (September 12-13th)
using the callsign C4I. QSL both calls via LZ2HM, direct (

10/09/2009:  Look for Frank, DK5FT to be active as CT8/DK5FT from the
island of Sao Miguel (EU-003, DIP AZ-002, WLOTA L2016), September
10-22nd. Expect activity on all bands/modes, propagation permitting. QSL
via home call, bureau preferred. []

10/09/2009:  Matthias, CT9/DJ8OG will be active from Madeira Island
(IOTA AF-014, DIP MA-001, WLOTA L 0053) on 80m-10m from September
10-15th. He will use the callsign CR3L in the WAEDC SSB Contest
(September 12-13th). QSLs for CR3L via DJ6QT, all others via his
homecall (ok via bureau). [DX Newsletter]

10/09/2009:  Peter, DJ2OS will be active as IC8/DJ2OS from Capri Island
(EU-031, IIA NA-006, MIA MI-015, WLOTA L2466) on September 10th. He will
operate QRP on 20 meter SSB and CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
[425 DX News]

10/09/2009:  Jakob, OZ7AEI, on his way to Sjaelland Island plans to
activate a lighthouse on Fyn Island (EU-172, DIA FY-001), September
10th. On September 12th he will activate the Roedvig E Mole lighthouse
(ARLHS DEN-175), located on Sjaelland Island (EU-029, DIA SJ-001) as
OZ7AEI/p. QRV mainly 40 and 20 meters. QSL via home call, bureau or
direct. If possible, his web site ( will be updated with
specific times for activations. [OZ7AEI]

10/09/2009:  Operators Peter/PJ4NX, Marco/PE2MC and Michiel/PG4M will be
active from Kralendijk, Bonaire Island (SA-006, WLOTA L-1279, WW Loc.
FK52UD), between September 10-16th. They will take part in the WAE SSB
Contest (September 12-13th) as PJ4NX. Before and after the contest they
will use PJ4/homecall. QSL via their home callsign ( addresses).
Logs and photos will be available at: [OPDX Bulletin]

10/09/2009:  Craig, N3BQR will be on a research trip to the Phoenix
Islands (OC-043), Central Kiribati, and expects to be active as T31AA
between September 10-25th. He is planning to be active from 6-8 islands
for one or two day each, weather and seas permitting. He will be mainly
active on 20m SSB, using vertical and/or dipole. QSL via home call.
[OPDX Bulletin]

10/09/2009:  Rene, DL2JRM will be active September 10-13th as
TK/DL2JRM/p from the island of Corsica (IOTA EU-164, DIFM TK-001, MIA
MCO-001, WLOTA L1390). QRV 40-10 meters, mainly CW. QSL direct or via
bureau to DL2JRM. []

11/09/2009:  The same Manche area Ham team who were active formerly from
Tombelaine (2007) and Brehat (2008) islands are once more on the go.
Eight operators, are going to Saint-Nicolas island (DIFM AT-010, WW Loc.
IN77XR) in the Glénans archipelago (EU-094), located in French Britanny,
commune [county] of Fouesnant (DDCF 29-15, CP 29170), Department
Finistère/29 and Province Britanny (DPF 06). They will stay on the
island between September 11th and 18th, using the callsign F5KAQ/p and
homecall/p. Bands and modes: HF CW by Benoît/F8PDR, Jean-Jacques/ F5NKX,
René/F6CMC, Alain/F6ENO; HF digimodes by Denis/F5RJM; HF SSB by
Alain/F5HVI Alain/F6ACH, and René/F6CMC. Rolf, F9ZG will concentrate
tests and traffic on 144 MHZ and more, up 10GHz, in SSB and ATV. 50Mhz
will be aired on SSB and maybe in CW, on 50.200 MHz. QSL manager: F5RJM,
direct CBA with envelope and postage (1 IRC or 1 US$ Europe, 1 IRC or 2
US$ elsewhere) or via the French Ref-Union Bureau. [F5NQL]

11/09/2009:  The FT5GA team will depart Paris on 11 September,
destination St. Denis, Reunion Island. The date for the military flight
to Glorioso will be announced as soon as FASZOI (the French Armed Forces
in the South Indian Ocean Zone) confirm it. The team will remain on
Grande Glorieuse for about three weeks, and the return flight from
Reunion to Paris will be on 8 October.
A Ham radio team of military operators along with two reporters from
SIRPA are going to activate Grande Glorieuse island (AF-011, DIFO
FR-004, WW Loc. LH38PK) during September, for 3 weeks. The video
reporter team has to make several footages and documentaries, the main
one about the DXpedition itself. They are going to work from 160 to 6
meters, in as many modes as possible. The callsign will be FT5GA. The
team will use four stations active 24/7 (three on the HF bands and one
on 6 meters). Leader and QSL manager will be Didier, F5OGL. QSL direct
or via the French REF Bureau. Operators will be Yves/F5PRU,
Bernard/F5LPY, Jean-Marc/F5RQQ, Freddy/F5IRO, Philippe/F4EGS and
Sylvain/F5TLN. They hope to put the log online every day and Rafik will
update it as soon as possible. Further information can be found at: [F5OGL]

12/09/2009:  Daniel, DF8UO is back in Madagascar (IOTA AF-013, WLOTA L
2455) and will be active as 5R8UO from September 12-20th. He is working
mainly in CW and digital modes on 40m-10m using a FT-857, an IC-7400, a
logperiodic for 10-30 MHz and longwires. QSLs via DF8UO, direct or
bureau. All QSOs will uploaded to LoTW and eQSL after his return
automatically. [DX Newsletter]

12/09/2009:  Look for Ivan/G3IZD, Nick/G0HIK and Norman/G7MRL to be
active as GM3IZD, GM0HIK and GM7MRL repsectively from the isle of Islay
(EU-008, IOSA NH22, SCOTIA CS25, WLOTA L-1826) between September 12th
and 18th. Activity will be on all HF bands, propagation permitting. QSL
direct only to each operators' home call. []

12/09/2009:  Jeff, K3OQ will be vacationing in South Nags Head (Grid
FM25), Cape Hatteras, Dare County, North Carolina and will be
participating in the ARRL September VHF Contest (September 12-14th).
Current plans are for 6m (100 watts), 2m (50 watts) and 70cms (50
watts). Antennas will be a PAR stressed Moxon on 6 meters and an Elk Log
Periodic on 2m and 70 cms. QSL via home call. [N8OFS]

12/09/2009:  The Reservoir Amateur Radio Association, K8QYL will be
operating portable from Grand Lake St. Marys Park (GLM, Grid EN70) for
the Ohio State Parks On The Air Contest- OSPOTA
( on September 12th from
1600z-2400z. They plan to run 80, 40, and 20 meters and maybe some 2m
and 6m if there is any interest. QSL to K8QYL ( [N8OFS]

12/09/2009:  Old Railway stations award - The Punta Alta Radio Club will
activate the Calderon railway station (Reference DEF140D), on the
Ferrocarril del Sur, Rosario-Puerto Belgrano railway line, September
12-13th using the callsign LU6DG/D. QRV 80 and 40 meter SSB. QSL via

12/09/2009:  Old Railway stations award - The Radio Club San Justo will
activate the San Justo railway station - Ramal C (Reference DEF023F) on
September 12th and 13th using the callsign LU7FJ/F. Operators include
Leo/LU3FLV, Javi/LU5FF, Gustavo/LU7FEC and Erardo/LU7FNI. QRV 80 and 40
meters, using SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via LU7FJ ( Web page
at: [F5NQL]

12/09/2009:  Ed, N8EQJ will be active as homecall/p from Kelly's island
(USi OH-001L, Erie county), Ohio, for the OSPOTA (Ohio State Parks On
The Air) Contest on September 12 (1600-2400 UTC). He will be QRV on 80,
40 and 6 meters. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [USi]

12/09/2009:  Andy, N8OFS (SMIRK # 6737) will be using the special
callsign N8O/p from Geneva State Park (Grid EN91MV) for the OSPOTA (Ohio
State Parks On The Air) and ARRL September VHF Contests (Saturday only),
September 12th between 1800 and 2400 UTC. He will be using TS-60 to 25'
of LMR-400 with the 'Dominator' 5/8 Wave Ground Plane at 6' off the
ground mounted on the Pick-up Truck. FM only, 52.525, 52.54, 52.49,
52.51, 52.55 MHz. QSL direct only to N8OFS ( [N8OFS]

12/09/2009:  Operators from Club station RZ1CWC, Alexey/RA1QY,
Dmitry/RX1CQ and other operators will be active from Kronshtadt on
Kotlin Island (IOTA EU-133, RRA RR-01-06, RDA SP-09). The will use the
callsigns UE1CDX/1 and UE1RLH/1 on HF 20/30/40 meter CW and SSB. On
September 12th they will activate: Kronshtadskiy lighthouse (RLHA
RLE-085, ARLHS ERU-047), Morskogo Kanala Peredniy (Sea Canal Front)
lighthouse (RLHA RLE-110, ARLHS ERU-049, TWLHD WLH RA-057) and the
Kronstadt Fortress (WCA: COTA-RU: C-120). On September 13th they will
activate: Kronshlot lighthouse (RLHA RLE-098, ARLHS ERU-046, TWLHD WLH
RA-026), Kronshtadskogo Reyda (Kronstadt raid) lighthouse (RLHA RLE-109,
ARLHS ERU-144) and Fort Kronshlot (WCA: COTA-RU: F-110). QSL UE1CDX/1
via RN1CW, direct or bureau. QSL UE1RLH/1 via RA1QY, direct or bureau.

13/09/2009:  Oliver, 9A/DG7XO and Wolfgang, 9A/DL7CB will be QRV from
Ugljan Island (ACIA IC-339, CIA-53, IOCA CI-134, MIA MC-441) from
September 13-19th. Look for activity on all HF bands, on or near the
usual island and IOTA frequencies. QSLs via bureau to their homecalls.
[DX Newsletter]

13/09/2009:  Chris, DL2MDU will be active as CT8/DL2MDU from the island
of Sao Miguel (IOTA EU-003, DIP AZ-002, WLOTA L-2016) from September
13-26th. Expect activity on all HF bands. QSL via home call, bureau
preferred and LoTW. []

13/09/2009:  Look for François/F5JNE and Claude/F5MCC to be active
September 13th as F5JNE/p from the castle of Montfort (DFCF 21-084), in
the city of Montgny-Montfort (CP 21500), canton [county] of Montbard
(DDCF 31-21), Department Cote-d'Or/21 and Province Burgundy (DPF 05).
Starting around 0600 UTC, 80 then 40m, CW/SSB. QSL to F5JNE via the
bureau. SWL cards are welcome. [F5NQL]

13/09/2009:  The UBA-LGE section will be active as ON5VL/p from the
castle of Aigremont on September 13th from 0600 to 1000 UTC under new
reference LG-084 for the Belgian Castles Award (BCA) and World Castles
Award (WCA). They will work on 80 and on 40m in SSB as well on the 2m
band. QSL will be sent automatically via bureau and e-QSL. All QSLs for
their previous castles activities have already been sent via the bureau.
[UBA HF News]

14/09/2009:  Look for Bernd, DL8AAV to be active as OZ/DL8AAV/p from
Laeso Island (EU-088, DIA NK-003) from September 14-26th. Expect
activity on all HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

14/09/2009:  Fred, PA1FJ will be active between September 14th and
October 2nd as SV8/PA1FJ/p from Samos island (EU-049, GIOTA SAS-006, MIA
MG-099, WLOTA L4163). QRV 40-6m using 5 watt SSB QRP, TRX Yaesu FT817,
and Buddistick antenna. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

14/09/2009:  Rene, DL2JRM will be active September 14-15th as
TK/DL2JRM/p from the island of San Cipriano (IOTA EU-164, DIFM TK-037,
MIA MCO-013). QRV 40-10 meter QRP CW, using solar power. QSL direct or
via bureau to DL2JRM. []

16/09/2009:  Heinz, DF6ZY will be active as TK/DF6ZY from the island of
Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-007, WLOTA L1390) from September
16th to October 3rd. He plans to operate on 10-80 meters mostly RTTY,
with some SSB and SSTV on request. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
[425 DX News]

18/09/2009:  Rene, DL2JRM will be active September 18-20th as
OZ/DL2JRM/p from Romo [aka Roemoe] Island (IOTA EU-125, DIA NS-001). QRV
40-10 meters, mainly CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

18/09/2009:  Bill, N7OU will be making a lightweight, solo dxpedition,
to Chatham Island (OC-038, WLOTA L1627), September 18-30th, signing
ZL7/N7OU. QRV 80-10m, CW only, 100w/vertical. QSL via N7OU. [NG3K]

19/09/2009:  Look for Tomi, OH6EI to be active in the SAC CW Contest
(September 19-20th) as OH0Z from Riddarklint hill, Mariehamn, Aland
Island (EU-002, WLOTA L 1373) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry.
QSL via W0MM, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

26/09/2009:  Operators Daniel/LU3CT, Tim/LW9EOC, Daniel/LW1DIO and
Mario/LW8DQ will be active from La Tablada, Argentina, in the CQWW DX
RTTY Contest (September 26-27th) as LS1D. QSL via LW9EOC. [AT

26/09/2009:  Tomi, OH6EI will be active in the SAC SSB Contest
(September 26-27th) as OH0Z from Riddarklint hill, Mariehamn, Aland
Island (EU-002, WLOTA L 1373) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry.
QSL via W0MM, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

03/10/2009:  Ely, IN3VZE will be active from Malawi starting October 3rd
for about two weeks as 7Q7CE. QRV all HF bands. QSL via home call,
direct or bureau. [AT International]

17/10/2009:  Operators Jeep/KA1DF, Dave/KI4ROL, Paul/K3LLH, David/N2EIO,
Gary/AI4JA and Bill/W3HEA will be activating Hunting Island (NA-110, USi
SC003S, Beaufort County), South Carolina, and lighthouse (ARLHS USA-392,
TWLHD WLH K-082, WLOTA L 2265, WW Loc. EM92SJ), October 17 and 18th. The
team will be using the special event callsign K4L to commemorate the
150th anniversary of the lighthouse. The light was the first light on
Hunting Island, built in 1859 but destroyed during the Civil War. It was
rebuilt in 1875 of curved iron panels (each weighing 1200 pounds) with
an interior brick wall. In 1889 it was dissassembled and moved 1/4 mile
inland due to rapid erosion of the Northern end of the island. It served
as a navigation light until decommissioned in 1933. The park itself was
created just prior to WWII; during the war, the Air Force had a
transmitter site there. QSL via K3LLH. An online log will be available
after the event. Further information can be found at: []

24/10/2009:  Jimmy, BX5AA will be active from Changhua City, Taiwan
(AS-020, WLOTA L 0022), for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th) as
a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via Web page at: [NG3K]

24/10/2009:  Operators Luis/CO6LP, Orelvis/CO6LC, Yordany/CM6YAC, CO6EC
and other one or two more will be active from Cuba (NA-015, WLOTA L
0032) as T46A during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 24-25th) as a
Multi-Single entry. QSL via CO6LC, direct only ( [NG3K]

30/10/2009:  Tomas, VK2CCC will be active, part time, from Vanuatu (YJ0,
IOTA OC-035) between October 30th and November 5th. QRV mainly 160m and
80m CW. His callsign still has to be confirmed. QSL via home call,
bureau preferred. [NG3K]

23/11/2009:  Dave/W5CW, Pam/N5KW, Connie/K5CM will operate from VP5JM's
QTH on Providenciales (NA-002, WW Loc. FL31VS) from November 23rd to
December 7th, including a M? entry, along with Roger/W7VV and
Ralph/VE7XF, in the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th) probably using
a special callsign (TBA). Outside the contest look for the group to be
signing VP5/homecall on all bands/modes 160-6 meters. QSL via home

26/11/2009:  Look for Bud, AA3B to be QRV November 26th to December 1st
from Gunthorpes, island of Antigua (NA-100 WLOTA L 1118) as V26K.
Activity will be on all HF bands, CW only, including the CQWW DX CW
Contest (November 28-29th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. QSL
via home call, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

28/11/2009:  Bernie, ZS4TX will be active from Danhof, Republic of South
Africa, during the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 28-29th) as a
Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via LotW. [NG3K]

27/01/2010:  Laci, HA0NAR will be in west Africa end of January to end
of February, 2010 visiting Senegal and Guinea Bissau. Dates QRV from
each country are as follows: Senegal as 6W/HA0NAR from January 27th to
February 10, 2010; Guinea Bissau as J5NAR from February 11-21, 2010.
Laci will be activating IOTA groups AF-078 and AF-093 when there. More
details to follow. [DX World]

01/08/2009:  In 1609, Henry Hudson, exploring for the Dutch East India
Company, discovered the island he named 'Manna-hata' and laid the
foundation for the Dutch presence in America (
Four centuries later, the island is still known as 'Manhattan', and many
more reminders of Dutch heritage live on in the area (think of Harlem
[Haarlem], Brooklyn [Breukelen], Wall Street [the wal built on the
northern boundary of New Amsterdam, now New York City], and Staten
Island [Staaten Eylandt]. This year marks 400 years of uninterrupted
friendship between The Netherlands and U.S.A. To help celebrate that
important milestone, the B.I.G. amateur radio group has
launched the special callsign PC400BKL from August 1st until the end of
2009. The participating B.I.G. members are: PC2LR, PA7JB, PE1EZU,
PE2BER, PA7ML, PC2F, WP3UX, PE1PGA and NL-13405. PC400BKL will also be
operated by Frans, PC2F from August 31st until September 27th. QSL-cards
via the bureau we also use Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. If
QSL direct is needed plesse send SAE + 2$, 1Euro or 1 (new) IRC to PC2F.
If no SAE and postage fee the QSL will be sent via the bureau. [PC2F]

09/09/2009:  GB1WT will be on the air from Wickham, Hampshire, England
(EU-005, WLOTA L 1841) to commemorate over 200 years of the Admiralty
Shutter Telegraph System. The event is scheduled to start at 2pm on
Wednesday 9 September and will finish at 9am on Saturday 12 September.
Operation will be on the HF bands including 40m. QSL direct to M0XIG, or
via the RSGB bureau. Full details of the event are on

10/09/2009:  The Radio Society of Harrow will once again be operating
from the former RAF station Bentley Priory as GB80RBP from September
10-13th for the Civic Trust's Open Heritage Weekend in Stanmore, Harrow,
NW London, England (EU-005, WLOTA L 1841). They are planning to
demonstrate various modes including HF, RTTY with Creed Teleprinters,
ATV, SSTV, PSK31 and Morse code to the visiting public over the weekend.
There will also be some WW2 military radio kit on display. QSL via the
RSGB bureau or direct to G0ACK. [GB2RS]

11/09/2009:  For the Radio Open Doors, in Prix les Mezieres (North East
France), look for the special event callsign TM8POR, to be active
September 11-13th. Operators will include F4FVW, F4DCG, F4FNS, F8EMH,
F8ADJ, F5IVX, F8AHO and F5SE. HF and VHF bands, CW, SSB, ATV, APRS and
other digital modes. On Sunday September 13th, the well known EME
specialist Frank TONNA, F5SE will conduct lectures and EME tries all the
afternoon long. So will be conducted also lectures and shows on ATV by
Pierre, F5XG. QSL via F0DTB, direct or via the French Ref-Union bureau.

11/09/2009:  Mike, W0YR, will once again (as for the past several years)
be active as W0YR/911 on September 11th, to honor/commemorate those
lives lost in a terrorist attack at the Twin Towers of the World Trade
Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and the
plane that crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA. He plans to
operate as much of the day as possible. Mike states, "I just wanted to
do it to remind those I work on the air of what this country endured
because of hatred -- and also remind those who want to minimize it or
forget it, that this WAS an Act of Terror and, even though they would
like to revise history, the memory of those (among them, two of my
friends) who perished on September 11th, 2001, will NEVER be forgotten
or sullied." A special QSL will be issued. QSL via his home callsign.
[OPDX Bulletin]

12/09/2009:  BAFARA special event station ON30NTM will be QRV all HF
bands at the NATO Tiger Meet 2009 (, Kleine Brogel
Airbase, September 12-13th and September 16-18th. QSL via operator
instructions. [UBA HF News]

12/09/2009:  Churches and Chapels on the Air is on Saturday 12
September. To see those participating look at and click
the CHOTA 2009. [GB2RS]

12/09/2009:  GB0CAS for Campton All Saints church (WAB TL13, WW Loc.
IO92TA) will be operating on 80 meters in the CHOTA event (Churches and
Chapels on the Air) that will be on air during the annual Historic
Churches Trust Bike 'n Hike sponsored cycling and walking fundraising
event on September 12th. It will be on the air between 10am and 6pm.
QSLs to G3JNB. [GB2RS]

12/09/2009:  Members of the Gloucestershire Amateur & Electronics
Society (G4AYM) will be running GB2GHW for Gloucester Heritage Weekend
on September 12th and 13th. St Michael's church tower has recently been
refurbished as a heritage cultural centre thanks to Lottery funding. The
tower is right on the city cross and they plan to erect a dipole antenna
from the top of the tower and will be working from 10am to 4pm. QSL
manager Ian G3TDT via RSGB or direct as QTHR. [GB2RS]

12/09/2009:  GB2RAF will be active September 12th from the Air Defence
Radar Museum, RAF Neatishead (WAB: TG 31, WW Loc. JO02RR). RAFARS
frequencies SSB or CW on 80m, or 40m if conditions are poor. QSL via the
information at [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

12/09/2009:  To celebrate the 21st edition of The Night of Shell, annual
accordion festival which takes place in the town of Tulle (Corrèze
Department/19), special callsign TM2NN will be active from September
12-22nd. QSL via F5KTU. Tulle is famous for the accordion factory
'Maugein', making accordions in Tulle since 1919. [F5NQL]

12/09/2009:  Vuurtoren -Lighthouse- Day of Monuments - Monumentendag
Noordwijk aan Zee. On September 12th there will be held the
"Monumentendag", European Heritage Days in the Netherlands. During this
day the Noordwijk Lighthouse (ARLHS NET-019) will be open to the public.
Also from this lighthouse special event station PA09MONUMENT will be
active on all bands/modes. QSL only via Dutch QSL Bureau to PA7DA.

12/09/2009:  The Hoover ARC will be operating as GB0BHR for the
Blaenavon Heritage Railway on September 12th and 13th from the platform
of the station. This is to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the
building of the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway, south Wales (EU-005,
WLOTA L 0453, WW Loc. IO81KS). QSL: direct to 2WOLAC or 2W0MJA, via the
RSGB bureau and eQSL. [GB2RS]

13/09/2009:  The Antrim & District Amateur Radio Society (MN0GFE/MI0GFE)
will be active again this year using the special event callsign GB2STI
(Steam Trains Ireland). Unfortunately the station is unable to take part
in the Railways On The Air (ROTA) weekend this year, but will be on-air
from the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland base in Whitehead,
County Antrim, Northern Ireland (EU-115, WLOTA L-1439) on Sunday the
13th of September. All QSLs via the bureau to Brendan, GI0KPF. [GB2RS]

18/09/2009:  Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of
Rijkevorsel by the British 49th Infantry Division (the so-called "Polar
Bears"), club station ON4NOK will operate special callsign ON65POL from
September 18-27th. QSL via ON7YX, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

U.S.A. Special event station information can be found at:

10/09-15/09  5B/LZ2HM: Cyprus Island WLOTA:0051 QSL LZ2HM (d)
10/09-22/09  CT8/DK5FT: Ilha de Sao Miguel WLOTA:2016 QSL HC (d/b)
10/09-15/09  CT9/DJ8OG: Ilha da Madeira WLOTA:0053 QSL HC (d/b)
10/09             IC8/DJ2OS: Isola di Capri WLOTA:2466 QSL HC (d/b)
10/09-13/09  GB80RBP: England, Main Island WLOTA:1841 QSL G0ACK (d/b)
10/09-16/09  PJ4/PE2MC: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL HC (
10/09-16/09  PJ4/PG4M: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL HC (
10/09-16/09  PJ4NX: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL
10/09-13/09  TK/DL2JRM/P: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
12/09-20/09  5R8UO: Madagascar Island WLOTA:2455 QSL DF8UO (d/b)
12/09-13/09  C4I: Cyprus Island WLOTA:0051 QSL LZ2HM (d)
12/09-13/09  CR3L: Ilha da Madeira WLOTA:0053 QSL DJ6QT (d/b)
12/09-13/09  GB0BHR: Wales, Main Island WLOTA:0453 QSL RSGB Buro
12/09             GB0CAS: England, Main Island WLOTA:0453 QSL G3JNB
12/09-13/09  GB2GHW: England, Main Island WLOTA:0453 QSL G3TDT (d/b)
12/09             GB2RAF: England, Main Island WLOTA:1841 QSL
12/09-18/09  GM0HIK: Islay WLOTA:1826 QSL G0HIK (d)
12/09-18/09  GM3IZD: Islay WLOTA:1826 QSL G3IZD (d)
12/09-18/09  GM7MRL: Islay WLOTA:1826 QSL G7MRL (d)
12/09             OZ7AEI/P: Roedvig E Mole WLOL:DEN-175 QSL HC (d/b)
12/09             PA09MONUMENT: Noordwijk WLOL:NET-019 QSL PA7DA (b)
13/09-26/09  CT8/DL2MDU: Ilha de Sao Miguel WLOTA:2016 QSL HC (d/b)
13/09             GB2STI: Northern Ireland WLOTA:1439 QSL GI0KPF (b)
14/09-02/10  SV8/PA1FJ/P: Nisos Samos WLOTA:4163 QSL HC (d/b)
16/09-03/10  TK/DF6ZY: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL HC (d/b)
18/09-30/09  ZL7/N7OU: Chatham Island WLOTA:1627 QSL N7OU (

10/09-15/09  5B/LZ2HM: @ 5B4AIF Cyprus Grid:KM64HV 6M 1kW 6ele
                            quad+2M QSL HC (d)
11/09-08/10  FT5GA: Grande Glorieuse Grid:LH38PK 6M multi-mode
                         QSL F5OGL (d/b)
12/09-13/09  Arkansas QSO Party 6m & 2m included
12/09-14/09  ARRL September VHF QSO Party Phone/CW/digital
                         50MHz-2.3-GHz (or higher)
12/09             OSPOTA contest 1600z-2400z 50.145USB+FM included+2M
12/09-13/09  QRP ARCI VHF Contest 6M & Up/Any Mode
12/09-14/09  K3OQ/4: Nags Head, NC Grid:FM25 ARRL VHF 6m/100w,
                          2m-70cm/50W QSL HC (d/b)
12/09             K8QYL/P: OSPOTA at GLM Grid:EN70TM 6-2M 50.145USB
                                QSL WB8FNB (
12/09             N8EQJ/P: Kelly's Isl. + OSPOTA Grid:EN81PO 6M
                                100w QSL HC (d/b)
12/09             N8O/P: OSPOTA at GEN Grid:EN91MV
                              QSL N8OFS (d)

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:  (Updated September 07, 2009)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX
portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:

N4PJ - Art - 9/14/2009 to 9/15/2009 - CW Only
North Florida Counties - 20M, 30M, 40M - All CW Anticipated order:
9/14 - Seminole, Brevard, Volusia, Flagler, St. Johns, Putnam, Clay,
Bradford, Union, Baker, Charlton. GA: Nassau, Duval, Columbia, Hamilton,
Suwannee, Madison, Jefferson, Leon and Gadsden. 9/15 - Gadsden, Jackson,
Bay, Calhoun, Liberty, Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor, Lafayette,
Dixie, Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion and Citrus. The six remaining
counties will be picked up at the beginning of our Mississippi trip on
the afternoon of Sunday 9/20 - Washington, Holmes, Walton, Okaloosa,
Santa Rosa and Escambia. I typically start out on 20M in each county,
then to 30M, then to 40M. [County Hunter Web]

J79PAK: The QSL management for HB9CUA who sadly passed away lately has
taken over by EA7FTR with immediate effect.
QSL routes have been announced for the XR0Y DXpedition to Easter Island
between October 31st and November 15th.
Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania - direct/bureau via SQ8X.
North, Central and South America - direct/bureau via Radio Clube de
Chile (CE3AA).
Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL after the DXpedition in several
months in 2010. [PY1PDF]
The online log for EH1SSL (Holy Week 2009 in León, Spain) is available
QSLs received Bureau - 1A0KM, 3XM6JR, 5R8IC, 5T5DC, 6W/RW3TN, A5100A,
Z29KM and ZL7/KH0PR.

QSLs received Direct - 3D2AG/P (via, 5K0T (via HA7RY), 7P8R
(via UR9IDX), 7Q7S (via JA1PBV), HU1M (via DK7AO), OH/JA5AQC (via
JA5AQC), OJ0J (IBRS via OH0RJ), OJ0J (SASE via JA5AQC), TM5EL [EU-094]
(via F5RAB/F6KHI), V51AS (via, VK9GMW (via HA7RY), YL2BJ (via, Z21SI (via JA1PBV), ZS1REC (via OK1DOT) and ZX8A [SA-016] (via

QSLs received LoTW - 3DA0TB, 5V7PRF, 7P8DA, C6APR, CN3A, DV1JM, EA1AKS,

Dennis T. Connors, KD2S (SK)
The first president of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
<> Den Connors, KD2S, of Pepperell, Massachusetts,
passed away September 3 from lymphoma. He was 58.

FT5GA - Official press release:

Hi friends

  291 kg of gear on the scale (transceivers, PA’s, power supplies,
antennas, masts and miscellanous..) have been picked up by Didier/F5OGL,
Yves/F5PRU and Franco/F4EVR.

  They gave it to Mr Alain LEFELLEC, Export freight manager of the
LOGFRET Society, located at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. We thank
him for his kind reception and his help to make this expedition a

  Two pallets will flight tomorrow to the Reunion island, were they will
be got back by the Airforce base 181, freight service.

  We now have in hand the authorisation to transmit on the Radioamateur
Service bands, from Grande Glorieuse. This permission is being shown on
the Glorieuses 2009 webpage at:

Didier, F5OGL, team leader,
through Maurice/F5NQL, in charge of internet Communicationfor FT5GA.
4W6AL log online updated till 8th Sep 20:47 UTC on:
Also available RX video from 4W6AL recorded by Japanese HAM on same
Algarve STAR DX Team
National Railways on the Air Weekend (September 26-27, 2009)

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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