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Главная » 2011 » Октябрь » 28 » Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1034
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1034
The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 1034
BID: $OPDX.1034
October 31, 2011
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX
Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters
Network, K1XN & GoList, NJ1Q & ARRL DX, NG3K & ADXO, W3UR & The Daily DX,
News), N0AT, 9M6DXX, AT International, DK8JB & The DX News Letter, DL1SBF,
DL6KVA,, DX-World.Net, EA5RM, ES1CW, F5NQL, F6AJA & Les
Nouvelles DX, G3ZVW, HA1AG, HA5PP, I1HYW, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News,
OH2BN, OZ6OM & 50 MHz DX News, Pete's-DX-Newsdesk, PY7XC, RSGB IOTA Web
Site, SM3CVM, TA1HZ, VA3RJ & ICPO and VHF-DX-Portal (MMMonVHF) for the
following DX information.

*** EDITOR'S SPECIAL NOTES (by Tedd, KB8NW): This week's bulletin was
    sent out earlier than normal to accommodate the late CQWW DX SSB
    Contest announcements. Also, we wanted to provide the readers with
    a consolidated listing of the CQWW DX SSB Contest participants.

DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the
week of Friday, 21st-October, through Friday, 28th-October there were 252
countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3D2, 3D2/r, 3DA, 3V, 3W,
3X, 4J, 4L, 4O, 4S, 4U1I, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5V, 5W, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y,
7P, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9X,
9Y, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C2, C3, C5, C6, C9, CE, CE9,
CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, CY0, D2, D4, DL, DU, E5/s, E7, EA, EA6, EA8,
EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FH, FJ, FK, FM,
FO, FO/m, FP, FR, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4, H40, HA, HB,
HB0, HC, HH, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J5, J6, J7,
J8, JA, JT, JW, JX, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX,
LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA,
PJ2, PJ4, PJ5, PJ7, PY, PY0F, PZ, R1FJ, S0, S2, S5, S7, S9, SM, SP, ST,
SU, SV, SV/a, SV5, SV9, T32, T5, T7, TA, TF, TG, TI, TJ, TK, TL, TN, TR,
TT, TU, TY, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK,
VK0M, VK9C, VP2E, VP2M, VP2V, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP8/h, VP9, VR, VU, XE, XU,
XX9, YA, YB, YI, YJ, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZD7, ZD8,

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or
  more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work
  First Worry Later" (WFWL).

3V, TUNISIA. Operator Hrane/YT1AD, Dragan/YT3W, Dimitri/RA9USU, Carlos/
EA1IR and members from the 3V8BB Club (Loutfi and Alea) will be active
as 3V8BB or 3V0A during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a
Multi-Single or Multi-2 entry. QSL via YT1AD.

3V, TUNISIA. Look for 3V8ST, the club station at the headquarters of the
Tunisian Scouts in Tunis, to be active for the first time during the CQWW
DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). QSL via the Bureau or direct to: Amateur
Radio Club Station Tunis, P.O. Box 339, Tunis El-Mahrajène 1082, Tunisia.

3XY, GUINEA. The 3XY1D team is now active until November 1st. Activity
will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. As of 0638z,
October 27th, the 3XY1D operation has made 35601/QSOs (9113/SSB, 25833/CW,
89/PSK and 566/RTTY). Online logs are available at:
QSL via DL7DF, direct or by the Bureau.

4O, MONTENEGRO. Tonno, ES5TV, will be active as 4O3A during the CQWW
DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. Activity
will be from Ranko, 4O3A, superstation. QSL via 4O3A, direct or by the
LoTW            .

4W6A FINAL PRESS RELEASE (dated October 24th). "The 4W6A DXpedition is now
history. The team of Stuie, VK8NSB (team leader); Oliver, VK8DX; Bernd,
VK2IA; Ant, MW0JZE; Tim, M0URX (also QSL manager); John, 9M6XRO; and Steve,
9M6DXX; plus pilot Col, MM0NDX, and assistant QSL manager Kev, M0TNX,
would like to take this opportunity to thank all the DXers who made a QSO
with 4W6A for their patience during the big pile-ups.
  Copies of the licence and other validation material have been sent to
both the DXCC desk and the RSGB IOTA Manager and 4W6A has been accepted
for DXCC and as OC-232 for IOTA. Logs were uploaded to Logbook of The World
a few days after the end of the DXpedition. QSL cards have been ordered
and we are awaiting the final proof of the QSL design from the printer. As
of 23 October, QSLs for over 11,000 QSOs – 27% of the total log – have
already been requested either direct or by OQRS. And this less than a month
after the end of the DXpedition! These requests have already been processed
and the direct QSLs will be sent as soon as the cards are received from the
printers. Bureau cards requested by OQRS will be sent out soon afterwards,
with direct mailings to the major QSL bureaus of the world.
  A report on the DXpedition with a few photos and videos can be found at
<> while 150 more photographs have been uploaded to:
More videos taken by VK8DX and MW0JZE can be found on YouTube - search
'4W6A' and look for the videos uploaded by 'mw0jze'.
  Finally, we would once again like to publicly thank all the DX groups,
companies and individuals that so generously sponsored this DXpedition.
All are listed on the 4W6A website at:
We look forward to seeing you from the next location – wherever that may
be............ 73,Steve, 9M6DXX, 4W6A Team Member"

5R, MADAGASCAR. Eiki, JH8JWF, will be active as 5R8A from Antananarivo
during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). QSL via his home

5Z, KENYA (Update/Date Change). Sigi, DL7DF, will be on holiday with his
XYL Sabine in Kenya between November 23rd and December 6th. He plans to
be active as 5Z4HW and operate on all bands, 160-10 meters using CW, SBB,
RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV as often as possible. The location is the Diani Beach
at the coastline of Kenyanear Mombasa. QSL via his home callsign, direct
or by the DARC Bureau. For more details and updates, visit:

7Q, MALAWI (Update). Operators Rob/GM3YTS and Gav/GM0GAV will be active
as 7Q7GM between October 31st and November 13th. Activity will be CW only
with a focus on the low bands, especially 160/80m. They are hoping to
have an online log available. Look for all QSOs to be uploaded to LoTW as
soon as they return home. QSL via GM4FDM. They now have a Blog page for
this operation with news and updates at:

7U, ALGERIA (Special Event). Members of the Algerian Radio Amateurs
(ARA - 7X2ARA) will activate 7U1MA during the month of November. Activity
is to celebrate the opening of Algiers new subway (Metro Algeria - suffix
of the callsign). Operations will be on HF bands (modes not provided).
QSL via the Bureau or direct to: Amateurs Radio Algériens, PO Box 1,
ALGER RP 16000, Algeria. No eQSL and LoTW. Visit the ARA Web page at:

9H, MALTA. Zoltan, HA5PP, will be active as 9H3PP during the CQWW DX CW
Contest (November 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. He will be
there between November 24-29th. Activity outside of the contest will
be on 80-10 meters mainly on CW (possibly some SSB) while testing out
the antennas for the contest. QSL via HA5PP.

9TH AAW ACTIVITY. Frank, IZ7AUH/AK1CQ, announced that he will be active in
the 2012 9th Antarctic Activity Week (AAW), which will take place February
20-26th, once again using both of his special callsigns II7ANT (WAP-12)
and IR7ANT (WAP-74). QSL via IZ7AUH, either direct, by the Bureau or via
OQRS at:            
He reports, "After a long busy time, I'm now answering the QSL received
during my past AAWs activities. Everybody who did send me a card for my
past activities will get the QSL via Bureau, while for those who have
not still made a request can do it directly through my OQRS system."

AH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. Kazuo, JH8PHT, will be active as AH0KT from Saipan
on Northern Mariana Island (OC-086) between November 24-28th. QSL via
his home callsign. PLEASE do not QSL to Saipan.

BX5, TAIWAN (AS-020). Jimmy, BX5AA, from Changhua City, Taiwan (WLOTA
0022), will be active during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th)
as a Single-Op/Single-Band (10m)/High-Power entry. Jimmy states that BX5
is a rare prefix for Taiwan (CQ 24). QSL via BX5AA, direct (see
Visit his Web page at:

CY0, SABLE ISLAND (Update). Operators Ron/AA4VK, Jeff/N1SNB and Murray/
WA4DAN are scheduled to be active as homecall/CY0 between December 29th
and January 6th. It is confirmed that the Aircraft has been chartered.
For more details and updates, watch the Web page at:
ADDED NOTE: Since this operation is going to take place, the planned
July 2012 operation is no longer on the calendar.

DP0, ANTARCTICA (AN-016). Operators Felix/DL5XL and Las/DL1LLL will be
at Neumayer III Station (WAP DEU-08) in December. They will be using the
club station's callsign DP0GVN. A new amplifier (Acom 2000A) has been
shipped to Neumayer Station, so they hope to have a good signal on the
bands. DL5XL will return back to Germany at the end of February 2012,
while DL1LLL will remain over the winter at the Neumayer III Base until
February 2013. Felix was asked about a possibility to activate some
special spots such as Palaoa Observatory or Neumayer/SANAE Emergency base
(both "New One WAP"), while down there. Felix said, "I will not promise
any portable activities, but I am aware of the WAP chasers' interest in
these new locations and will try to do my best if there is free time."
TNX DL5XL @ WAP website <>

E5, SOUTH COOK ISLANDS. Oliver, W6NV, is now active as E51NNV from the
Island of Rarotonga (OC-013, WFF E5FF-002); his length of stay is unknown.
Activity has been on 10 meters CW/SSB. QSL via his home callsign. Reports
indicate that Oliver is part of a Multi-Op team which will be active during
the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as E51Z. Operators mentioned
are Bill/WB6BFG (E51BFG), Oliver/W6NV (E51NNV) and Dick/N6AA. QSL E51Z
via K6VNX, direct or by the Bureau. QSL also via LoTW.

EA6, BALEARIC ISLANDS. Juan, EA5BM, will bw active as EA6FO from Ibiza
Island (EU-004) during the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th); the
category TBA (not yet decided). QSL via's instructions.

ED9, CEUTA & MELILLA. Operators Paul/DF4SA, Jorge/EA9LZ, Axel/DL6KVA,
Zoli/HA1AG, Laszlo/HA3NU and Robert/N5KO will be active as ED9M from
Ceuta during the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th) as a Multi-Single
entry. The team will use Spiderbeams and vertical antennas. QSL will be
via HA1AG. Log will be automatically uploaded to  LoTW "AFTER" the CQWW
log submission deadline.

ER4, MOLDOVA. Serge, UT5UDX, will be active as ER4A during both the CQWW
DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) and CQWW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th)
as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via RA4LW direct only.

FM, MARTINIQUE. Gil, FM5FJ, will be active in the CQWW DX SSB Contest
(October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (20m)/Low-Power entry.
QSL via KU9C.

IOTA NEWS..............
  AS-191.  (Update to OPDX.1033) The 7Z7AA activity from Jabal Al Lith,
          Saudi Arabia, between November 17-25th, now has Web page
          available at:
          This is a rare IOTA. QSL via 7Z1CQ.

  SA-046.  A group of Brazilian operators will be active as PX7C from
          Itamaraca Island, Brazil, during the CQWW DX SSB Contest
          (October 29-30th) as a Multi-Single entry. Operators mentioned
          are Cristovao/PY7GK, Antonio/PY7OO, Benedito/PY7VI, Cicero/
          PY7ZY, Jemesson/PY7XC and Andre/PY0FF. QSL via PY7CRA.

J6, ST. LUCIA. The "Buddies in the Caribbean" DXpedition group which
specializes in 100 watt or less low power radios and the Buddipole
portable antenna systems will be back again to St. Lucia between December
4-12th. They state that the north shore Villa location was magnificent
on their first visit in February 2010, and they want to demonstrate
"ultralite" DXpeditioning into magnificent "vista" locations, operating
a field portable battery-only radio with backpackable, lightweight
antennas and most of all "having fun" with a new group of operators
who have never experienced the "other side of a pileup!" The eight
operators mentioned are: Budd/W3FF, Guy/N7UN, David/WD9CMD, Joe/N7BF,
Steve/WF2S, Tom/K9CJM, Bill/AA4OC, and Barclay/WU1B. There will be 3
villa stations in operation on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, and RTTY
or PSK. At the same time, several teams will be battery-only, field
portable either from St. Lucia beaches or scenic mountain tops. The
group will participate in the ARRL 10m Contest (callsign: J68UN) between
December 10-11th. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or mail to the operator's home
callsign (SASE required). For more details, see the following Web site

KH6BZF PROPAGATION FORECAST/REPORT (October 31st- November 6th)....
Oct/31st  AN      Nov/03rd  AN      Nov/05th  AN
Nov/01th  AN      Nov/04th  AN      Nov/06th  AN
Nov/02nd  AN

    NORMALITY              GEOMAG      K Values    Alpha
  -----------------        ------      --------    ------
  AN  - Above Normal      Quiet        K=0-1      0-7
  HN  - High Normal        Unsettled    K=2        8-15
  LN  - Low Normal        Active      K=3        16-29
  BN  - Below Normal      Minor Storm  K=4        30-49
  DIS - Disturbed          Major Storm  K=5        50-99
  VRY DIS - Very Disturbed Severe Storm K=6-9      100-400

NP4, PUERTO RICO. Felipe, NP4Z/KP3Z, will be active during the CQ WW
DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power
entry. QSL via N4AO.

PJ4, BONAIRE. Peter, PA8A, will once again be active as PJ4B from Bonaire
(SA-006) between Janaury 8-22nd, 2012. Activity will be holiday style
on the HF bands. QSL via PA8A direct only (w/2 USDS and SAE).

QSL INFO AND NEWS.....................
  9N1AA QSL STATUS. Carl, N4AA, Editor of "QRZ DX", reports: "I am pleased
  to report that Satish is back on the air after a very long time of
  inactivity. I have agreed to resume acting as his QSL Manager. I now
  have his logs for the first few days of his operation in mid-October
  2011. *PLEASE*.... I do not have ALL of his old logs. Many of those
  were lost when his computer was confiscated and are no longer available.
  If you want me to check for any OLD contacts, E-mail me the data and
  I'll look, but it is doubtful that I can confirm many, if ANY, of
  those old contacts. *SAE with adequate postage is required for direct




release sent out by Jarmo, OH2BN, from Helsinki, dated October 25th,
  "It is that great time of the year when the Northern folks typically
    head South but now increasingly also allow their own hardware to
    speak for Nordic supremacy.

    MARKET REEF, OJ0X -- Challenging the soon-to-be freezing sea, they
    try to activate Market Reef for the first time as a CQWW SSB Contest
    multiplier. If lucky on this week's Thursday landing, OJ0X will be
    aired by Timo/OG9X, Olli/OH0XX, Martti/OH2BH, Harri/OH6VM and Teemu/
    SM0W in the Multi-2 category. You can follow their adventure at:

    AZORES ISLANDS, CR2X -- Early Tuesday morning, Toni, OH2UA heads to
    Radio Arcala's Atlantic outpost to see how improved 10M propagation
    can push his score to new heights. The Azores station is now furnished
    with a new dual FTdx5000 setup, with OM Power auto amps at all Radio
    Arcala stations.

    ALAND ISLANDS, OH0X -- The world renowned OH0W site in Brando, Aland
    Islands, is now integrated into the Radio Arcala station network as
    OH0X, and an old warhorse Pertti, OH2PM, will be shooting for Northern
    Europe SOAB honors. Here the old wisdom is to face the challenge of
    young energy. OH0X cut the finish line first in the recent Polar Battle
    (CW) - the Scandinavian Activity Contest - with Toni, OH2UA, at the

    NORTHERN FINLAND, OH8X -- The Radio Arcala mother-ship on the Arctic
    Circle is to be manned by Kim, OH6KZP, amid good prospects for openings
    with polar propagation on all three higher bands. The station recently
    won the SSB Polar Battle (SAC) with Tonno, ES5TV at the controls.

    SOUTHERN FINLAND, OH2BH -- With a slightly different propagation out-
    look to North and West, Pasi, OH6UM, will try to maneuver somewhere
    in between, aiming to show up as a dark horse in this battle and ride
    the Northern Lights to another mathematical marvel while Martti is
    seaboard at OJ0X, now in his 50th consecutive CQWW.

    You have five runners from the Polar Region to look for and nail down.
    Following the CQWW, these serious stations will present their 'clean
    sheets' - their success of staying up for 48 hours, without touching
    their bed sheets! All four are true all-band single-ops committed to
    following the newly promoted Contesting Code of Conduct due to be
    released after the race in the upcoming Contest Club Finland's PileUP!
    magazine, themed 'The Last Blast'.

    All CQWW QSOs, SSB and CW, by Radio Arcala stations will be confirmed
    on a single X-rated QSL card and via LoTW.  It is contesting time again
    at Radio Arcala."

SI9, SWEDEN (Special Event). Special event station SI9AM from the King
Chulalongkorn Memorial in Ragunda, Sweden, the largest Thai Pavilion in
the world outside Thailand, will be active once again between October 27th
and November 2nd. Operators will be Marcel/ON6UQ and Jef/ON4ACA.. They
plan to be an entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). Outside
of the contest, activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW and SSB.
Suggested frequencies are:
  CW  - 1817, 3517, 7017, 10117, 14017, 18077, 21017, 24897 and 28017 kHz
  SSB - 1840, 3760, 7060, 14210, 18160, 21310, 24960 and 28510 kHz
QSL via SM3CVM, direct or by the Bureau. For more information, visit the
SI9AM Web page at:

S0, WESTERN SAHARA (WFWL). Operator Mahfoud, S01MZ, has been active this
past week on 20/15 meters usually between 1230-1800z. No other details
are known about this station, so "Work First Worry Later". He states to
QSL via EA1BT.

T32, CHRISTMAS ISLAND. The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) group
is now QRT as T32C from Kiritimati. The T32C operation has made 213169/QSOs
with 48914 Unique Callsigns (88416/SSB, 102216/CW, 13/PSK31, 1506/PSK63,
19225/RTTY and 1765/FM). They believe there are at least 10 new world
records in the totals, plus there is the possibility that some of the
6m QSOs were 'firsts'. Logs are available on ClubLog at:
For more details, visit their Web page at:

T32, CHRISTMAS ISLAND. QSL Manager Stan, KH6CG, reports on October 24th:
"I just spoke to Nobby (G0VJG) one of the ops at T32C, he informed me
that the Team left Tov, T32TV, four vertical antennas ands tons of coax,
and a NEW Yaesu FT450D transceiver!!!!! They said Tov was so very grateful.
I am so happy for him. I really appreciated the generosity of the T32C
team, and Yaesu to do this for my good friend Tov, T32TV. Now that's what
Ham Radio is all about!!! :-) "

T7, SAN MARINO. Operators Manfred/DK2OY, Helmut/DK6WL and Sandy/DL1QQ
will activate the Amateurs Radio Republic of San Marino (A.R.R.S.M.) club
station T70A during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Multi-
Single entry. QSL via T70A, by the Bureau. All QSOs will be confirmed
via Bureau. No cards needed. Also via  LoTW            .

TC3, TURKEY. Operators Can/TA3GO and XYL Elif/TA3YE will be active as
TC3EC during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Multi-Op/
All-Band entry. QSL via TA3GO direct only.

TC88, TURKEY (Special Event). Look for members of the Giresun Radio
Amateurs and Nature Sports Club (GITRAD) and Special Wireless Activity
Team (TCSWAT) who are now active as TC88TC until October 30th. Activity
is to celebrate 88th anniversary of the "Foundation of Republic of Turkey".
Operations will be from Istanbul, Edirne and Giresun. Look for activity
on the HF bands and on CW, SSB, PSK31 and SSTV. A special QSL card will
be sent out. A list of operators will be updated in QSL via

TO5, FRENCH GUIANA (CW Op Needed For IOTA Op!). Operators Tonio/F4ACR,
Christophe/F4CRE, Denis/F4DNU, Jean-Paul/F5OQK, Jean-Pierre/F6AIM and
Jean-Pascal/FY5LH will be active as TO5G from Royale Island, Salut Islands
(SA-020), between January 2-7th, 2012. QSL via F5KDR, direct or by the
Bureau. The team is looking for a CW operator very quickly, as the DX-
pedition team will leave from Paris on December 26th. For practical
reasons, they looking for an operator that is able to speak a little
French. An updated Yellow Fever vaccine is mandatory. The final personal
budget is about 1200 Euros. If interested, write immediately to Jean Paul
Jolly, 6 Chemin des Chaignées, F85200 FONTENAY LE COMTE, FRANCE or send
an E-mail to <>.

TT8, CHAD. Phil, F4EGS, will once again be active as TT8PK from N’djamena,
as of October 23rd and will be there until December 23rd. Activity will
be limited due to his work schedule and spare time. Operations last time
were on 40-10 meters using CW, SSB and some RTTY. QSL via F4EGS, by the
Bureau or direct (see for details).

TX5/TX7, MARQUESAS ISLANDS (Update). The international team of operators
are now active as TX7M from Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva (OC-027) until November
1st. Just a reminder that the TX7M team will use TX5M during the CQWW DX
SSB Contest this weekend. They plan to be active on 160-10 meters
(including 30/17/12m) using CW, SSB and RTTY, with 4 stations on at the
same time on different bands and modes. As of 0230z, October 28th, the
TX7M operation has made 67844/QSOs with 20335 Unique Callsigns (26552/SSB,
38097/CW and 3195/RTTY). For more details, visit the TX7M Web page at:

UA2, KALININGRAD. Dmitri, UA2FB, will be active as UA2KK from the Keeper
Telecom LTD Club Station during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th)
as a Single-Op/Single-Band (40m) entry. QSL via direct to: Ulrich Mueller,
13 Kreutzacker Str, D-35041 Marburg, Germany. No German stamps please!
All cards are replied from Russia. No IBRS please! Bureau QSLs go to the
UA2 QSL Bureau.

UK, UZBEKISTAN. Fedor, UK9AA, will be active during the CQWW DX SSB
Contest (October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (160m)/Low-Power
entry using a 5 elemnet full size yagi on 160m (Boom is 153m). QSL via
his home callsign direct.

VI6, AUSTRALIA (Contest And Special Event). John, VK6HZ, will be active
as VI6XX during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/
All-Band entry. QSL via VK6XX. ADDED NOTE: Over the contest weekend, the
VK6 amateurs can use the VI prefix to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads
of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth and a visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

VP2, MONTSERRAT (Update). Ron. N0AT, sent out the following on October
25th (edited): "Beginning November 18th through December 6th, look for
Gregor/DF7OGO, Tom/K3WT, Ron/N0AT, Vlad/N0STL and Bill/W0OR operating as
VP2MGO, VP2MWT, VP2MTA, VP2MTL and VP2MOR, respectively. During the CQWW
CW DX and ARRL 160 Meter Contests the group will be signing VP2MWG.
Before and after the contests, activity will be on CW, SSB and RTTY on
160 through 6 meters. QSL VP2MWG via N0AT, and all others via their home
callsign. Further information and updates can be found on their web site
In 2009, the same core group of operators finished 2nd in North America
multi-single from El Salvador as YS4U and have previously participated
in CQWW CW contests as 5J0A (San Andres), CP6CW (Bolivia) and TG0AA
(Guatemala), holding scoring records for each country. Stories about the
above operations can be found in past issues of The Gray Line Report, the
official newsletter of the Twin City DX Association.
To read about YS4U (2009)
To read about 5J0A (2007)
To read about CP6CW
To read about TG0AA (2003)
Team members N0STL and N0AT also operated from Utila Island, Honduras,
in the 2006 ARRL CW DX CONTEST as HQ9H. The story can be found at:

VP9, BERMUDA (NA-005). Paul, W4/VP9KF (G4BKI), is once again active as
VP9KF from Baileys Bay, Hamilton Parish, between November 2-16th. Activity
will only be CW on all bands. Paul states, "Operation will focus on the
higher bands where 11 previous trips in the last 5 years have resulted
in very few QSOs." QSL via W4/VP9KF: Paul Evans, 6809 River Road, Tampa,
FL 33615. Please, DO NOT send to the VP9 bureau. Visit his Web page for
more information, including logs, propagation and operating times, at:

VU***/F1, INDIA (Special Event). Amateur radio operators from India have
received permission from the authorities to use the suffix /F1 at the
end of their callsigns to mark the first-ever Formula 1 race in India
this weekend. They are allowed to use the suffix until October 31st. PLEASE
NOTE: This may cause some confusion on the air as stations may think that
they might have worked a station from France. Each operator is responsible
for his/her own activities and QSLs will be as per operator's instructions.
For more details about the Indian Grand Prix, see:

YB, INDONESIA. Members of the ORARI Daerah Jawa Tengah Contesting Team
will be active as YE2R from Semarang on the Island of Java (IOTA OC-021,
WLOTA L1660), during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Multi-
Multi entry. QSL via EB7DX. Operators mentioned are: Fan/YB0AI, Djoko/
YB1TJ, William/YB1WR, Bobby/YB2BBY, Hans/YB2DX, Seno/YB2LSR, Jon/YB2ECG,
Dani/YB2TJV, Deta/YB2VTO (YL), Buntoro/YB3PXF, Adhi/YB3MM, Imam/YB4IR
and Joni/YB9WZJ. For more details, look at:

YB, INDONESIA. Members of the ORARI Local Subang will be active from their
YE1ZAW club station on Mt. Malang (+1050m ASL) on West Java during the
CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Multi-Single/High-Power entry.
Operators mentioned are Yon/YB1CCF, Joz/YD1JZ, Heri/YB1KAR, Nyoman/YB1NWP,
Budi/YB1EME, Terry/YC1KAF, Danu/YD1GCL, Rizal/YD1ORG, Kasmuri/YD1MRI,
Jimi/YC1OO, Aris/YD1ARM, Yayan/YC1BTV, Herry/YC1HQQ, Nana/YD1LUX, Sutrisno/
YD1OLG and Jo/YC0LOW. QSL via YE1ZAW direct only ( address). No
LoTW              or eQSL.

XV9, VIETNAM. Mike, OM2DX, will be active as XV9DX from Hanoi, and is
working for the Embassy of the Slovak Republic. He will be in the CQWW
DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (15m) entry.
QSL via OM3JW.

        The following stations are expected to be active in the
        CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th, 2011)
      Thanks to Bill, NG3K, for providing OPDX readers with the following
consolidated listing of the participants in the 2011 CQWW DX SSB Contest.
For a more detailed listing (and up-to-date changes/corrections) in HTML
format, please visit Bill's Web page at:
 (By call sign)
 (By entity)
 (By zone)
  Contest        DXCC      CQZ    Class        QSL
  Callsign      Entity                          Route
3D2T &/or 3D2A  Fiji      32                    QSL 3D2T via VK4FW and
                                                  3D2A via VK4AN
3V8SS            Tunisia    33      SOAB LP      LoTW
4L0A            Georgia    21      SOSB 40M      LoTW
4O3A            Montenegro 15      SOAB          4O3A
5B/HA5PP        Cyprus    20      SOAB          HA5PP
5Z4EE            Kenya      37      SOAB HP      NV7E
6V7Q            Senegal    35      SOAB          LoTW
6Y9X            Jamaica    08      SOAB HP      KQ1F
8Q7DV            Maldives  22      SOAB HP      UA9CLB
A51B            Bhutan    22      SOSB 10M      W0GJ
A52AB            Bhutan    22      SOSB 15M      UA3AB
A52IR            Bhutan    22      SOSB 80M      K0IR
A52PC            Bhutan    22      SOSB 40M      W0BM
A52PP            Bhutan    22      SOSB 20M      W8AEF
A73A            Qatar      21      M/M          EA7FTR
AC2AI/KH2        Guam      27      SOAB          LoTW
AH2R            Guam      27      M/S          JH7QXJ
AH0BT      Mariana Islands 27      M/2          7L1FPU
B3C              China      24      M/?
B7P              China      24      M/M          BD7IXG
BV100            Taiwan    24      M/?          BV2KI
BX5AA            Taiwan    24      SOSB 10M      BX5AA
C37N            Andorra    14      M/?          EA4URE
C5A              Gambia    35      M/M          OM2FY
C6ARW            Bahamas    08      SOAB LP      LoTW
CE1A            Chile      12      M/?
CN2R            Morocco    33      SOAB          W7EJ
CN3A            Morocco    33      M/S          LoTW
CQ7A            Portugal  14      M/?          CT1DSV
CR2X            Azores    14                    LoTW
CR3A            Madeira    33      M/?          LoTW
CR3L            Madeira    33      M/2          DJ6QT
CR6K            Portugal  14      SOAB          CT1ILT
CR6P            Portugal  14      M/S          CT2HKN
CS2P            Portugal  14      M/?          CS2P Buro
CW5W            Uruguay    13      SOAB HP      LoTW
D4C              Cape Verde 35      M/?          IZ4DPV
DR1A            Germany    14      M/M          DL6FBL
DR2W            Germany    14      M/?
E2E              Thailand  26      M/?
E51Z    South Cook Islands 32                    K6VNX
E7DX  Bosnia & Herzegovina  15      M/S          E77E
EA5URT          Spain      14      M/2          EA5URT
EA6/AA5UK  Balearic Islands 14      SOAB LP      LoTW
EA8ZS        Canary Islands 14      SOAB LP
EB1WW            Spain      14      M/M          EA1AZ
ED1C            Spain      14      M/S
ED1R            Spain      14      M/2          EA4RCH
ED1WW            Spain      14      M/S          EA1FCR
ED5T            Spain      14      M/S
ED7C            Spain      14      SOSB 10M      EA7HMD Buro
EE2W            Spain      14      M/S          EB2AM
EE7L            Spain      14      SOAB          EA7HLU
EE9Z        Ceuta & Melilla 33      M/?
EF7W            Spain      14      SOSB LP      EC7KW
EF8R        Canary Islands 33      SOAB          LoTW
EF9A        Ceuta & Melilla 33      SOSB          EA5FL
EI8GQB          Ireland    14      SOAB LP      ON4EI Buro
ER4A            Moldova    16      SOAB          RA4LW
EY8MM            Tajikistan 17      SOSB          K1BV
FM5FJ            Martinique 08      SOSB 20M      KU9C
FP/KV1J St Pierre & Miquelon05      SOAB          LoTW
FY/F5HRY      French Guyana 09      SOSB 10M
FY5KE        French Guyana 09      SOSB 15M      FY5KE
GJ2A            Jersey    14      M/S          LoTW
GM7R            Scotland  14      M/S          LoTW
HB9H            Switzerland 14      M/S          HB9CXZ
HB0/SP7VC    Liechtenstein 14      SOAB HP      LoTW
HQ2W            Honduras  07      SOAB QRP      OK1DOT
HU1YS          El Salvador 07      M/S          EA5GL
I2ADN/IG9    African Italy 33      SOSB 10M      I2ADN
IF9A            Sicily    15      M/S          IT9ATF
IG9R          African Italy 33      TBD          IK8HCG
IH9YMC        African Italy 33      SOSB          eQSL
II9K            Sicily    15      M/S          IT9HBT
II9P            Sicily    15      M/2          IT9CHU
IO5O            Italy      15      M/S          IK5RLP
IR2C            Italy      15      M/S          IR2C Buro
IR5A            Italy      15      M/S
IR7R            Italy      15      M/S          IZ7GXB
J28RO            Djibouti  37      SO            F8DFP
J48CM            Greece    20      SOSB 80M      YU7CM
J48OV            Greece    20      SOSB 40M      HA5OV
JT5DX            Mongolia  23      M/2
JW5E            Svalbard  40      M/S
KG6DX            Guam      27      SOSB 10M      LoTW
KH7X            Hawaii    31      M/M          K2PF
KP2B        Virgin Islands 08      X/M          LoTW
KP2MM        Virgin Islands 08      SOSB          LoTW
LN3Z            Norway    14      M/S          LoTW
LP1H            Argentina  13      M/M          EA5KB
LS1D            Argentina  13      M/?          LW9EOC
LX7I            Luxembourg 14      SOAB          LX2A
LY7A            Lithuania  15      M/M          LY2ZO
NH2T            Guam      27      SOAB          LoTW
NH7A            Hawaii    31      SOAB          F5VHJ
NH0S        Mariana Islands 27      SOAB HP      JF2SKV
NP4Z            Puerto Rico 08      SOAB          N4AO
OH0X          Aland Island 15                    LoTW
OH0Z          Aland Island 15      SOAB HP      W0MM
OJ0X            Market Reef 15      M/2          LoTW
OP4K            Belgium    14      M/S          OP4K
OZ5E            Denmark    14      SOSB 15M      LoTW
P40A            Aruba      09      SOAB          WD9DZV
P40P            Aruba      09      SOAB          LoTW
P40W            Aruba      09      SOAB HP      LoTW
PJ2T            Curacao    09      M/M          W3HNK
PJ4T            Bonaire    09      M/?          KA2AEV
PJ6T    Saba & St Eustatius 08      M/?          LoTW
PJ7X          Sint Maarten 08      M/2          F6EXV
PS2T          Brazil      11      M/?          K3IRV
PT5T          Brazil      11      M/2          PT5T
PX7C          Brazil      11      M/S          PY7CRA
PU5FJR        Brazil      11      SOSB 10M      PP5JR
PZ5MM          Surinam      09      SOAB          DK1MM
RC0F          Russia (Asia) 19      SOAB          LoTW
RM3F        Russia (Europe) 16      SOAB HP      LoTW
RN3F        Russia (Europe) 16      M/2          UA3DQK
SI9AM          Sweden      14      M/?          SI9AM
SJ2W          Sweden      14      M/S
T46A          Cuba        08      M/?          EA5GL
T70A          San Marino  15      M/S          LoTW
T8AA          Palau        27      M/?          JH1WXT
TA2/DL7BC      Turkey      20      SOAB          DL7BC
TC3EC          Turkey      20      M/?          TA3GO
TF3CW          Iceland      40      SOSB 20M      LX1NO
TI8M          Costa Rica  07      M/2          TI2KAC
TK5KP          Corsica      15      SOAB HP      TK5EP
TM2S          France      14      M/S          TM2S Buro
TM7X          France      14                    F5BSB
TO5A          Martinique  08      SOAB HP      LoTW
TX5A          Marquesas    31      M/?          OQRS
UA2KK          Kaliningrad  15      SOSB 40M
UK9AA          Uzbekistan  17      SOSB 160M
UT7X          Ukraine      16      SOSB 80M      UT7XX
V31            Belize      07                    Home Call
V47JA      St Kitts & Nevis 08      SOAB          W5JON
VC2Z          Canada      05      M/S          VE2BR
VC3R          Canada      04      SOAB HP      VE7VR
VE2IDX        Canada      02      SOSB 40M      VE3ZF
VE2IM          Canada      02      SOAB          VE3DX
VI6XX          Australia    29      SOAB          VK6XX
VP5T        Turks & Caicos 08                    N2VW
VP9I          Bermuda      05                    N1HRA
VQ5X        Turks & Caicos 08      TBD          LoTW
VU2PAI        India        22      SOAB HP      VU2PAI
XV9DX          Vietnam      26      SOSB 15M      OM3JW
YE1ZAW        Indonesia    28      M/S
YE2R          Indonesia    28      M/M          EB7DX
YE0X          Indonesia    28      M/?          YE0X Buro
YP9W          Romania      20      SOAB HP      YO9WF
YV5AM          Venezuela    09      M/?          YV5AM
Z36W          Macedonia    15      M/S          Z37M
ZA3WW          Albania      15      TBD          LZ2HM
ZA20QA        Albania      15      M/?          HA0NAR
ZD8O      Ascension Island 36      SOAB          OH0XX
ZK2X          Niue        32      SOAB HP      N3SL
ZM4T          New Zealand  32      M/2          ZL2AL

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