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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 29 » Ohio/Penn DX Special Bulletin #1042.1
Ohio/Penn DX Special Bulletin #1042.1
The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Special Bulletin No. 1042.1
BID: $OPDX.1042.1
December 28, 2011
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)
Relayed from Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX
Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet
Clusters Network G3SXW, K3LR, LU9ESD, N7NG and WA4DAN for the following
DX information.

CY0, SABLE ISLAND (Update). Murray, WA4DAN, sent the following:
  "Greetings From Halifax, Nova Scotia!
    Ron AA4VK, and Murray WA4DAN, arrived safely in Halifax, Nova Scotia
on Tuesday, Dec 27th, around noon local time (AST) in preparation for the
Sable Island DXpedition. All gear appears to have arrived safely at the
Maritime Air Charter terminal. We drove over to Maritime Air later in the
afternoon and delivered additional gear. We purchased additional food items
and have those boxed and ready to load onto the plane just before the
    The weather is not looking good for a flight on Wednesday, Dec 28th.
VFR conditions must exist at both Halifax and Sable Island for the flight
to occur. Ceiling heights are critical as well as wind and wind direction.
It looks like the ceiling heights will be below the criteria for a flight.
It also appears that the wind speed will be above the limits. Al Wilson,
the current Officer-in-Charge on Sable, will be checking the beach landing
conditions at first light on Wednesday morning. Currently, we are most
concerned with the wind direction and the possibility that the strong winds
will push water onto the sand 'runway'.
  The CY0 DXpedition team has full confidence in the OIC on Sable and
Maritime Air to make the correct GO/NO GO call. These are really good
people to work with and are true professionals. If we are unable to make
it to Sable on Wednesday, the same sequence of events will take place on
Thursday in attempting a flight.
  This will probably be the final e-mail notification before the flight.
Please check our website for the latest updates. <>

  Thanks and 73,
  Ron AA4VK
  Murray WA4DAN"
Update afternoon Wednesday, December 28th:
  "Hi Everyone-
      We just got an update from Al Wilson, the Officer-in-Charge on
Sable Island. Waves this afternoon and evening will approach levels
that may breach the dunes and cause significant flooding of the landing
area. Al will do a visual observation tomorrow morning at 1200Z.
  We met with Debbie, our pilot with Maritime Air this morning. We
did a weather assessment for the period Wednesday - Friday.
  The winds are very strong in Halifax. It is very difficult to walk
outside with this strong winter gale. Rain and snow are blowing side-
ways! A commercial airline crew is staying at our hotel and they commented
on how rough it was even in a large airliner. No doubt the right call
was made today.
    Since we have a lot of free time, we will keep everyone posted.
    Ron AA4VK
    Murray WA4DAN"

HK0, MALPELO ISLAND (HK0NA - The advanced team arrives at Malpelo).
The following was provided by Manu, LU9ESD: "Four members of the team
(HK1N, HK1T, HK6F and HK1MW) has departed from the Pier of the Navy
Base BAHIA MALAGA aboard the Patrol Boat JOSE MARIA PALAS on Dec 12.
The team arrives safe to Malpelo today at 1400z.
  The target of this advanced team called THE FANTASTIC FOUR is to set
up all the 11 stations, in 2 camps, wireless network and safety stuff
in order to have everything ready when the main group arrive on Jan 21,
2012. To this 4 brave mens who are going to spend 43 days on the island
and have sacrifice the Holidays away from his families, we want to say
our admiration and gratitude.
  We still need the help of the HAM community to achieve the sucess of
this difficult and expensive DX-pedition.
  Please visit: <>
  We appreciate your help."

2012 DXU (Press Release). Roger/G3SXW and Wayne/N7NG provided the following:
  DX University
  First Session: The Holiday Inn, Visalia, California
  Friday 20 April, 2012

  Press Release Nr 1
  For Immediate Release
    Enhance your DXing adventure!At last, here is your opportunity to
  directly benefit from the skills and experience of some of the world's
  best-known DXers.
    We all know about the wonderful success of Contest University (CTU),
  developed in recent years by K3LR and others, and rolled out inter-
  nationally. Over 1,000 contesters have attended. DX University (DXU) is
  the twin, providing high-caliber offerings for beginning and experienced
  DXers alike.
    The all-day program will take place on the Friday of Visalia weekend,
  20th April 2012. Among the lecturers are AA7A, G3SXW, K4UEE, K9LA, N7NG,
  W3UR, W6OAT, W9KNI and XE1KK, many of whom are inductees of the CQ DX
  Hall of Fame. Learn the secrets of operating techniques for working DX,
  optimizing stations & antennas for DXing, about propagation, information
  sources, awards, and ethics, remote operating, QSLing and much more. You
  will also get the DXpeditioner’s view of how DXers should operate to get
  into the log.
    Student places are limited. The early registration fee is only 50 USDs,
  including lunch and breaks. Sign up beginning January 2, 2012 at:
  Further information from Wayne Mills, or Roger Western,
        Main Sponsor -- Elecraft
  DX University - International DX Convention,
  Visalia, California - April 20 2012

2012 DAYTON CTU. Tim Duffy, K3LR, states, "I am pleased to announce
that early bird registration (lowest fee until Jan. 31, 2012) is now
open for 2012 Dayton Contest University ("CTU") to be held on May 17,
2012, at the Crowne Plaza in Dayton, Ohio.
  Five different countries hosted CTU in 2011. USA, Germany, Italy,
England and the newest CTU in Brazil. Nearly 1000 students attended
these five CTUs with more than 50 Professors sharing their contest
  Contest University started as a small gathering by the Yankee Clipper
Contest Club (KC1F & others) many years ago. Then the Potomac Valley
Radio Club held a Contesting Seminar in 2005. Dayton CTU started in
2007. It is truly amazing to be a part of the explosive growth in contest
knowledge sharing.
  2012 will be the sixth year for CTU Dayton. The 2012 topics are listed
on the CTU web site at:
  There are several excellent 2012 CTU Professor's that will be presenting
for the first time this year - N6TR, K3NA, K7NV, XE1KK, W5WZ and K2RD. Also
past Professors - who will give new papers this year are W3LPL, K1DG, W0YK,
NC0B, W5ZN, W8WWV, K3LR and N6TV.
  Details and early bird discounted registration information is on the web
site at:        
  Important - as mentioned at CTU Dayton last year - if you want to sign up
for CTU 2012 Dayton and you have given (or will give by Dayton 2012) a talk
about Amateur Radio Contesting to any club, hamfest or group since May 20,
2011 - you qualify for a $10.00 registration fee discount. Please choose the
'Registration w/Discount' option above to get the $10.00 discount. Spreading
the word about contesting is lots of fun and can save you money!
  Thanks to all of the CTU sponsors for making CTU possible. Icom America,, DX Engineering, CQ Magazine and INRAD. Special thanks to
Scott, KA9FOX from for hosting and constructing the CTU web site.
  Happy New Year and Very 73,
  Tim K3LR"

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