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Главная » 2016 » Сентябрь » 23 » Результаты IOTA contest 2016
Результаты IOTA contest 2016
Thank you for submitting your log for the 2016 IOTA Contest. We are pleased to announce that the Provisional Results, subject to appeal, are now available.

The 2016 RSGB IOTA contest concluded with 2469 entries, which is a very slight increase on 2015. They were made up of approximately 690 island logs, 1500 World logs and 230 checklogs. There were 120 Dxpedition stations , 21 Multi 2 stations, and 21 Newcomers.The certificates awarded have been expanded to include the Multi 2 and Newcomer stations.

Logging and Adjudication:
This year we received 2469 logs, including checklogs, and there are  527,000 QSOs in the database .We have received photographs from about 270 stations, which can be viewed at the image gallery tab, and the majority of entrants have entered their location using Google maps.  Most logs were received directly onto the website and activated correctly, but with about 500 needing intervention to activate, and some 15 or so received as paper logs for typing up.  A few stations entered the 12hour section but operated for well over this limit. In some cases the overrunning contacts were moved to checklog status, but big overruns were moved to 24hrs status. Comments or queries can be sent to

Should you have any queries/disagreements about our adjudication please let us know by October 6th. We hope to finalise the results by October 9th.



Official IOTA contest page:

Your UBN report (in plain English):  

To update your location on google maps:

You can contact us by email:

CU next year...
Mike Franklin G3VYI and the IOTA contest team MM0BQI G0WWW/5B4WN

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